Exploring 20k Pinwheels and more at Iringan Bayu

Salam and hello lovelies!

Do you guys remember about my previous post on Playground of The Wind, ones that featuring the 20k pinwheels and all? Yesss so here it is, the event that's happening! I went there earlier, yes a bit early but here's the perks for you guys - the sneak peek before you guys could have fun and explore them yourselves! Well, who doesn't love a little bit of sneak peek right? 😁


Indeed I must remind you all that this unique event had already started from 27/1/18 (Saturday) till 11/2/18 from 10am to 5pm yea guys! Just waze - Iringan Bayu Show Village - and you can be there in no mess. For those whom been missed out the details, no worries you guys can read my previous post upon this event - just CLICK HERE to check it out in a bit. πŸ˜‰

Okay so, since it's kind of a continuos weekend hang out that we could look forward to, here's a bit of the event's pinpoint for each / every weekend yea. 

27-28 January : Official launch of brand new township
for this weekend, we can learn and take a look at their Sistawork Workshop and the DIY Paper pinwheel workshop. We also can take part in their Wooden Block Games and Hand Artsy. As for the foodie highlight, there are various food trucks that we can choose from and most importantly, the special treat for the weekend is the Yummy Fluffy (cotton candy sculpture). Niceeee πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜

3-4 February : Hunting ground
There are 3 interesting workshops that you can join for this weekend, which are Dream Catcher Workshop, 3D Artwork Workshop, and DIY Paper Pinwheel Workshop, besides the Bubbly Bobble and the local food store around.

10-11 February : Wind Festival 
Ahh this week is a little bit different, as it's highlights more into performances. You can enjoy the acoustic / folks bands and solo performances, magician showcase, and buskers performance as well. Not into just sit there and listen? Well you can explore the Handy Art section or play the giant kite that's available this weekend! 😁
P/S : Don't miss out the Lucky Draw on 11 February!

25 February : Chinese New Year Highlights 
Here's a little extra for us! There will be fun and festive-like activities for this day, such as Lion Dance & Firecrackers, Chinese Caligraphy, Handmade Chinese Clay Doll, God of Prosperity Mascot & Angpau giveaways, and not to forget, the Angpau Packet Art and Craft. 

So that's about the weekend highlights. Now, who's up for the 20k pinwheels sneak peek?! Hehe. Seriously it's beautiful and lovely, we all can go crazy taking wonderful photos here and there, it's totally insta worthy guys! (Don't forget the instagram contest!) There are 10 section that you can explore for the pinwheels area as I mentioned in my previous post about this pinwheels event (you guys can click the link above in paragraph two to read again too yea)
I've compiled the pics and videos that I've took there so you guys can easily watch the sneak peek here, just kindly click play below 😘

So, how do you feel watching those pinwheels and all? It's wonderful isn't it! Somehow it's reminds us of our childhood as well. Well, guys should come here and explore these 20k pinwheels yourselves, around with the various activities / stalls and all, it will be great for the family and fun time. Hopefully you guys enjoy watching this video and feel free to subscribe! πŸ˜‰

Till then, stay tuned and follow me on my social medias for more and instant updates upon various topics and entertainment! 
Thank You and may you guys have such lovely weekend ahead! 

2 bubblynotes :):

  1. yes. i miss my childhood when the only thing on my mind was to go out and play

    1. true indeed! this one kinda brings out the childhood happiness in us! 😁


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