It's Kind Of A Funny Story - My View

Salam and Hello lovelies!

So, it's been a while I'm not doing this right - talk about a movie that I've watched, 
what I get out of it that I think might benefits us all, 
from my point of view. 

Those whom been following me here might know what I'm talking bout, yeah? 
hehe mehh I don't know if anyone remember though. 

Okay so for this post, 
I'd like to talk about the movie 'It's Kind of a Funny Story' - it's actually kinda funny at some part, 
but to be honest, 
I do like it as what it delivered - the messages that it gave us, to think, to be thankful for, 
and mostly, to live. 
(aside from Emma Roberts starring in it as well hehe.)

πŸ‘‰πŸΏ this movie scored 7.1/10 on IMDB guys! 
Those movie nuts like me out there must know what that means right! πŸ˜ƒ
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ it's amazing how their shooting period was only about 6 weeks! 

πŸ‘‰πŸΏ It's an adaptation from Ned Vizzini's 2006 novel of the same title, 
where the book was inspired by Vizzini's own brief hospitalisation for depression in Nov 2004. 
In 2013, Vizzini committed suicide at the age of 32 by jumping off the roof of his parents's buidling. 

I know, as human, we all have our own kind of stress, depression and all. 
That includes how we manage it as well, 
some shows, some confused, some just fragile, etc. 
To thought about suicide, 
I think it's already became a common thing in certain area, 
yet at some place, 
I believe they're hiding - hopefully getting help as well (I really do hope so).

So, yeah, this movie is about a teenage boy, Craig, whom thought of (and on his way to) kill himself but went to the hospital for help instead. 

Since he insisted for help, 
the doctor admitted him to the psychiatric ward, 
but, since the teen psych ward is on renovation, 
he have to join the rest of them in the adult psych ward! 

Craig (left) and Smitty. Is it just me or that Smitty (Jeremy Davis) really looks like Neil Patrick Harris?! Haha

Now here's the fun begin, 
since after a few moment that he arrived there he saw how awful and messed up those people are, 
he just realised that he doesn't wanna be there at all, 
but problem is, 
he couldn't go home as he have to stay for at least 5 days minimum. 

Indeed, he have to adjust himself and starting to blending in. 
This guy Bobby, being good and helping Craig blending in though it's not in a regular way, 
hmm how should I put it, let's just say it's in a really casual, not straight forward way - and yes I do think he's (Bobby) a wise man there indeed, 
aside from all of the sadness that I saw in him. 
Despite his meltdown scene and all. 

Somehow, I think this Bobby character was Ned's (the author) projecting himself at some point, creating another version and illusion of himself a little bit, 
yeah idk how to put it. 
Well, that's another story. 

Okay so then, Craig started to feel fine and belong, 
and this and that happens, other plot and all, 
well I'm not trying to be or sound cliche here, 
but despite the moment he started to feel well, 
there's up and down, well, 
that is when you get the wisdom from it the most. 

And it's plot, is happen to be enjoyable, 
it's not really make me feel like 
'okay he's getting better then this and that or oh that, 
then must be that' kinda thingy you know, 
but, it's all enjoyable to watch till the end of the movie. 

Of course, you guys should watch it yourselves if in case you're not watching it yet, hehe. 
Oh I watched it on Netflix, 
when it was just in at the moment 
yet it's not the latest movie out there yea guys, 
so yeah I think you can find it around somewhere too.

Okay, so, my point from this movie is, 
firstly, I really love the scene of when Bobby and Craig playing the basketball. 

What Bobby had deliver that moment is just deep, 
and it's true, of what he said. 
The moment that really get to me, really touched me is when Bobby finally answered to Craig that he's there, because he's suicidal. 

He actually tried to kill himself 6 times before. 
Then, Craig said to him that he was actually 
trying to kill himself too but he went there instead. 

So Bobby ask, 
'What stopped you?'. 

Craig answered, 
'My family, I think. 
You know, my parents, and my sister. 
Just knowing how bad it will messed them up.' 

Then, Bobby replied, 
'See, that's the part I don't get, Craig. 
I mean, you're cool, you're smart, you're talented, 
you have a family that loves you,'...

okay see these snapshots below, captured a bit of this moment for you guys to see and get the feel a bit I guess πŸ˜…

If you've been watching this movie from the start, 
I believe you might feel the extra-ness in this scene, 
deep down, at least. 

Somehow, it makes me feels like, 
to always remember on how important it is to live, 
just live, in the moment, no matter what I've been facing through or what my future might holds. 

Familiar with those talks about how everything gonna be alright, how to be thankful since there's always someone out there whom experiencing far worst than us now, how, what else? 

well, those everything in between, you know, 
those kinda talks that sometimes could get through you but sometimes it just makes you feel like 
'yeah easier for you to say when you got everything, 
when you're this, when you're that, yada yada', right? 

Yet this scene right here, just kinda absorb everything - those kind of talk thingy - into me. 
Sometimes I do think that, 
if someone is in a bad place or worst place than me, 
then those kinda talk could work much better than those whom like already get everything, 
whom life seems greater than me, 
whom luckier in every ways and all, you know,. 

Yeah I'm not sure if you guys could get that since sometimes it kinda twisted a bit, but, point is, 
look at this Bobby character, and compare it with you, your life. 

I bet we're much like Craig here, averagely, 
than to Bobby. 
I mean, our problem, or what we've been stressing out or worrying or so, 
isn't that much of a hell, 
I mean, it usually could be solved, 
or it does have it perks someway, 
it's just that we just need to sit back, reflect, and chill. 

As a Muslim, 
we surely believe that He knows greater, too. 
So either if we're not in our desired path, 
or if we've been facing some difficulties, 
or something heavier happened to us that seems like we couldn't take it, 
we gotta remember, 
always remember and believes, 
that, He truly are knows best, 
and just give in time to adjust ourselves due to whatever situation we're in. 
Just live. 
Make what's best in every of our breath. 
live like it meant something, 
because it does! ❤

Another one is that when they quoted Bob Dylan's 
'He not busy being born, is busy dying'. 
In this movie though, it seems related enough and deep, really, of that sentence. 
It just kinda powerful - well more like right place right time but watching all those plots, 
reflecting your own life and all, 
it kinda give an impact a bit. 

It could be vary, 
depends on your own situation, 
of that born and dying word could mean. 

Some people, might have to stop feeling sorry for themselves and start living by doing whatever that could brings out the positivity in them, 

some people might have to kick away their self doubt 
and adapt confidence in every other way by perhaps doing what they're good at, 

while some other people, 
being born by helping or putting others before them, 
in order to make sure those people will be doing just fine, 
and by doing that, 
helps to feels good about one's life and perhaps, 
finding their purposes as well. 
Indeed, it just vary, yet, could be applied to all. 

There are lots of other points that could be learn / reflect in our life or self from this movie, and since I do think this movie is enjoyable as well, so yeah feel free to watch it yourselves and let me know what do you think too, yeah? 

I just wish they could extend a bit at the end upon how's Bobby gonna be after that um but nevermind, 
I guess perhaps they think it's better that way then, letting us to decide which far to think. 
Overall, this movie is great πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜Š

So, that's all for this movie thoughts slot of the day hehe. 
Hopefully it'll be beneficial in any way for you guys as well. 
Remember, to just live, because I believe it really does worth it in many other ways. 
Spread the love and have a lovely week ahead! 
Till next time, thanks a lot for reading! ❤

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  1. i need to watch this movie

  2. Haha.. really make me laugh lah.. Thanks for sharing it.. Made my days!

    1. hehe my pleasure, thanks for stopping by! 😊

  3. Kind of movie that I would love to watch. Overall this is a good review.I stop feeling sorry or whatsoever to myself. I just live the way I want as long as within my capability and affordability.

    1. It’s great to hear that! Thanks for your time reading here, wishing you all the best in every angle of your life! 😊

  4. this is the movie genre that i will watch at cinema. thanks for sharing. will watch it later.

    1. Sure, my pleasure. You can watch it on Netflix or I think you can find it in other streaming sites, since this is not the latest movie yea 😊

  5. Tq for sharing , jalan cerita yang sangat menarik ..

    1. My pleasure 😊 yes memang menarik, and for me, boleh reflect ourselves as well while watching 😁

  6. nampak macam menarik filem ni kena tonton ni

    1. indeed I do think so too hehe..try la tengok nanti yea 😁

  7. Haha.. tengok review macam best je ni.. terasa nak tengok je filem ni..

    1. hehe thanks, yeah for me movie ni memang menarik & boleh reflect ourselves at the same time 😊

  8. lol... laughing here and there while reading this... really nice thou... wanna watch this soon


    1. hehe thanks, may it’ll be beneficial as well 😊

  9. Looks interesting.. I'm gonna watch this movie too. Thanks sharing :)

    1. indeed i do think so, hehe thanks for stopping by yea 😁

  10. good review. i need to watch this movie too. love movie or story about love

    1. hehe thanks! yeah feel free to watch it later 😁

  11. Interesting and nice story. Want to watch this movie too.

    1. hehe yes indeed, yeah feel free to watch it later yea 😁

  12. Like how you share your review and thoughts on this movie! The ratings is really high and it makes me wanna watch too.

    1. aww thanks! ahaa yeah that’s right, and indeed thecrating doesn’t lie, because i do think it’s great too hehe 😁

  13. Seem like the movie not bad. Gonna find this movie soon.

    1. yeah i do like it hehe..feel free to watch it later yea 😁

  14. Looks like a great movie 😍 will definitely check out

    1. hehe yes indeed! feel free to watch it later 😁

  15. I have not heard of It's Kind Of A Funny Story before but after reading your review, I am keen. It sounds like what I can do with passing time. Thanks for your recommendation.

    1. aww thanks! yeah I think that’ll be great, may you’ll like it 😁

  16. This seems an interesting movie. Hope i could get it download online soin :)

    1. hehe yeah i do like it and it does have such high rating 😁 feel free to watch it later 😊

  17. Seems like a really good movie! definitely gonna check this out!

    1. yeah indeed i do think that it is a good movie hehe. feel free to watch it later yea 😁

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