Jalan Jalan Japan takes Seremban!

Salam and hi lovelies!

Okay, as I’ve been mentioning about 
this on my social medias, so here it is, 
my update upon the deeds that 
I wanna share with you guys, 
especially those Serembanian 
or ones whom live nearby!

Before I proceed, for those whom are 
not familiar with Jalan Jalan Japan, 
either never heard of it, never been 
there or whatnot, here’s a brief detail :
Jalan Jalan Japan is a preloved store 
which their items are all the way 
from Japan, with super cheap 
prices that you can bargain for!

I’ve blog about them before actually, 
upon the opening of their 
Cheras - Shamelin Mall’s outlet.
You guys can read more details about 
them or that previous opening 
on my previous post HERE yea. 

So, for this time, they’ll be open at Seremban!
I must say I’m kinda shock at first, but then 
after looking back, it’s kinda make sense 
that they choose Seremban as their third outlet. 

As from my point of view, it suits the 
lay low, chilling and relaxing lifestyle 
of Serembanian fellows, not to mention those 
lovely mommies (read : geng mak-mak hehee) 
who would love to have these kind of 
and everything kinda things with 
the craziest #hargagiler which 
super cheap price range to choose from! 

It’s good for fellow Serembanian 
and nearby having this kind of 
shop / outlet to shop here, 
you know, kinda refreshing 
and fun as well, despite the 
major saving that we can get! hehee.

Jalan Jalan Japan Seremban is located 
at Level 3, Seremban Center Point
True Serembanian used to called it 
as ‘The Ocean’, before 
‘The Pacific’ as well, hehe. 
This outlet will officially be 
launch and open on 
2nd June, 2018 yea lovelies. 
So yes do mark your date! 

On the bloggers/medias soft opening earlier, 
I’ve manage to take a look around 
and shop there as well. 
Not much of a difference with their 
other two outlet, so yes it’s great! 

Literally a lot of things that you can find here, 
from clothing, sneakers, kids toys, luggage, 
snorkeling gear, handbags, kitchen appliances, 
oh well I must say it just everything there, 
literally everything you just name it, 
that you can find there with great bargain 
that comes as low as RM1!!! 

Feel free to check out my video 
compilation below to see more closer 
upon what’s in this store and 
my JJJ haul as well hehe. 

Overall, I am again satisfied 
buying and shopping here at JJJ Seremban.
I got lots of toys, 2 pair of jeans, shoes, 
action figurines,mini cars, kids guitar and all 
including a set of kitchen thingy 
all for only RM104! 

Can you imagine, great and branded jeans 
and shoes that costs only RM3 to RM20 each?!
Not to mention those Fisher Price toys and all. 
So yeah, it’s super saving for me. 
As a mom, of course, again, I spend it all 
on both of my sugarbugs more haha!

So, yes guys get ready for their official 
opening & launch on this June 2nd yea. 
I must say, you gotta take hours in there 
once you’re in, hehe!
Seremban CenterPoint, 2nd June 2018.
JJJ Seremban is at Level 3. 
Feel free to spread the news around and 
don’t forget to use their hashtags on your 
posts - #HargaGiler , #JalanJalanJapan , 
#JJJSeremban yea lovelies. 

Till then, may this post is somehow 
beneficial to you guys. 
Thank you for stopping by. 
Feel free to follow me here and all 
my social medias for more interesting 
and latest updates of exciting things around!
To those who would like to collaborate 
for reviews / event, kindly reach me via 
my email : qeelaaini@gmail.com.

Have a great Ramadhan all!

37 bubblynotes :):

  1. Replies
    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by! will return the favour in a bit yea 😊

  2. Hye sis! BW here :D


    1. Hi, thanks yea bw sini! nnt i bw back ❤️

  3. Memang berbaloi sangat kat sini. Kasut converse nampak baru lagi boleh dapat harga RM50/sepasang. Kalau pandai godek2 barang kat sini kita boleh dapat yg berjenama pada harga yg murah. Memang berbaloiiiiii!!!

    1. yes betul tuu mmg sgt2 berbaloi kann! hehe kalau pandai cari mmg dapatlah brg2 yg branded etc 😁

  4. Now so easy to get the Japan quality product and the price quite nice and avoidable to buy for Malaysia people. At there no GST right hehehehe...

    1. hehe yes indeed, we can even get the rare item as well in there! it’s great to shop with variety of choices 😁

  5. Bestnyerr..murah sungguh harga kat sini. Sy belum ada kesempatan nak ke sana..kalau pergi mesti terborong sakan..πŸ˜‚

    1. hehe haah mmg best shopping kat JJJ ni, super saving sgt berbaloi2 hehe. Haah mmg kemungkinan besar tuu haha πŸ˜†

  6. banyak jugak barang awak beli ek, siap gitar comey bagai ekkk

    1. hehe haah, layankan my kids and I sendiri pon geram pulak tgk toys, baju and all murah2. 😁

  7. I always go to jjj at subang jaya. My kids love it so much. They can be in jjj more than 1 hour only searching their fav toys

    1. Ah I see, good to know that! Yes haha we can drown in our own world there for hours, just looking at those items πŸ˜†

  8. Banyak juga shopping. Saya tota 13 barang. Memmag happening snagat bila shopping di JJJ. Banyak prelobed item yang dijual..murah murah..rambang mata nak pilih

    1. hehe woww bnyk jugak tuu, haha best kann sbb murah2 belaka brg2 kat sana 😁

  9. Nasib baik kat Seremban, dekat dgan rumah dan boleh repeat..akak beli banyak gak..total RM106..hahaha..terlebih 6 hengget..ada lagi barang akak dh aimed, nanti nak beli lagi...terjebak sudah

    1. haha kann, mmg bagus sgt diorg bukk kat seremban pulak, sng org seremban nk bershopping sakan jugak hehe 😁

  10. Waahh... recomended nih jalan jalan plus belanja di tempat ini. Harganya murah ya. Klo punya kesempatan serasa mau borong aja nih barang barang yg dijual di tempat ini hehee.

    1. hehe yess totally recommended JJJ ni tau, banyak pilihan ada dan kualiti pon masih bagus-bagus di sini. 😁

  11. Macam banyak benda je boleh disambar di jalan jalan japan nie. Harga pulak murah. Walaupon barang2 preloved tp nampak mcm baru. Okay nanti nak pi terjah

    1. hehe haah betul tuu, mmg macam-macam ada kat JJJ ni. Barang2 pon semuanya still ok, ada yg still new lagi jugak, just kena pandai cari jee pilih yg plg best dgn kita kan hehe.

  12. Seremban is far for me. Haha. Belum pernah shopping kat jalan2 japan. Tapi duk tengok jgk member2 pakat beli kat sana.

    1. Oh I see, hehe perhaps you can go to their other two outlet, located at Cheras & Subang. Mana2 yg plg dekat laa kan hehe. Berbaloi2 shopping kat JJJ ni harga mmg murah2 😁

  13. Wow they have expanded to Seremban! Great! I love that they offer good quality for cheap prices. Especially those who needs to travel, tak payah spend so much for the whole family.

    1. yess u got that right! all of their items are such a great bargain, loves it hehe

  14. dah ada another outlet dahh.

  15. Oh my. I will be the first person that will be escorted out from JJJ for not going back past its operation hour. There are so many beautiful things at such bargain prices there.

    1. haha that’s cute Rawlins! indeed that’s right! definitely can go crazy in there wanted all items that we can grab as they’re all such a great bargain 😁

  16. this is my weekly visit place at shamelin mall. now using my second room's wardrobe to keep my dresses... lolz...
    my top 1 favorite place now...

    1. wow it’s great to hear that! haha yess it absolutely can be our top favourite haha 😁

  17. wah jalan jalan jepun. dulu kalau nak cari winter coat selalu datang sini. skang dah jarang dah kesana

    1. oh i see, hehe nice. winter coat and all pon mmg murah2 kat sana, mcm2 style hehe 😁

  18. Bestnye murah plk tu mau sambar byk brg kalau dtg sini.

    1. hehe haah betul tu, mmg jd geram tgk mcm2 ada dgn harga yg murah2 😁


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