Yayy I got featured as a fashion influencer across the globe!

Salam and hello lovelies!

Indeed I’m happy as this email 
from LookVine.com peeking 
through my inbox,
asking for an interview. 
As a fashion influencer, 
of course I’d love to help 
and cooperate as best as I can!

TBH it’s kind of shock me a bit 
as usually it’s not easy 
for ones with hijab to be featured 
even in such fashion site / blog community 
that celebrates fashion / style across the globe.
Of course unless you’re a really 
well known someone, but yeah
since this isn’t that kinda huge pic either,
but more like a starter (as for globally) 
so yeah I think that’s still nice though, right. 

As I can see from their website, 
it’s hard to find ones with hijab in,
hence, I’m thinking that this 
could be a great thing for those 
hijabista out there too,
whom not an artist or whatnot but 
as long as they have their love, 
passion and sense in fashion, 
at the same time practising 
modest etc as well, they can just go 
expressing themselves with confidence 
in fashion in their own unique style. 
When you’re doing something with 
love, you’re doing it for yourselves. 
You’ll make yourselves happy. 

So, I’ve been asking with 6 series 
of questions as well along with the 
permission for photos and be featured 
and all for their website. 
After few days since I’ve replied them,
they’ve submit me my first featured there!
Feel free to click HERE 
to take a look yea lovelies!

Well, that’s all that I wanna share 
with you guys for today, hehee,
thanks for reading! 
I hope there’s something beneficial 
as well in this happy sharing of mine 
for you guys yea. 
Till then, may you all will have 
such a great week ahead! ❤️

24 bubblynotes :):

  1. Congrats on the feature sis! There will be more... ;)

    1. Hehe aww thanks dear! aamiinn insyaAllah haha! Would love if there’s more too hehe 😁❤️

  2. waaa, thniahhh. seronokkan bila kita buat sesuatu dengan passion dan orang hrgainya.

    1. hehee thanks! haah betul, tak sangka jugak actually hehe but yeah hopefully ada benefitnya jugak for others especially hijabista mommies or so out there kan 😊❤️

  3. waaa...best la...good for you dan bukan senang- senang nak dapat opportunity to get featured kat mana- mana platform..congrats and keep up a good work

    1. aww thanks! betul tu, especially untuk sahm with hijab heheh..alhamdulillah, moge more good things to come insyaAllah 😊

  4. Congratulations on this global recognition as fashion influencer. I hope more doors open for you after this!

    1. aww thanks a lot! i’m looking forward to it as well 😁❤️

  5. Congrats! This could be a start to a beautiful new career and prospects ahead of you.

  6. Wah...bestnya..Congratulations. bukan senang orang nak hargai dan nilai fesyen yang kita pakai. Memang terbaik boleh jadi sumber inspirasi pada yang lain

    1. hehe thanks! insyaAllah, mudah-mudahan beneficial to others jugak kan ni hehe..

  7. Great job! Congratulations on your achievement. Keep it up and let the world know Malaysia can get in the game and come out on top

    1. aww thanks! yeah may there’ll be more great opportunities from time to time 😁

  8. Congratulations! I agree, i rarely see hijab fashionista being featured in fashion spread, and we must change that. We need to feature many style across the globe because everything is beautiful.

    1. aww that’s sweet, thanks a lot! yes indeed, it’s not easy for us hijabista being spotted in fashion or everything else in global entertainment world. May there’ll be more chance for the every rare in the future 😁

  9. bonda mengucapkan tahniah kepada anda kerana telah terpilih sebagai fashion influencer. tidak mudah mendapat peluang seperti ini...semoga anda terus berjaya...

    1. hehe thanks bonda, memang tak sangka boleh dapat ruang cmni..insyaAllah aamiinn mudah-mudahan more great things to come 😊

  10. Congratulation babe for being featured!!! nice of it to know this as for sure this could encourage more people to do more ootd and sharing...

  11. Congrats dear! I haven't been share about my lookvine feature too, show off more of your style in the future too in your blog =P

  12. Wow! Congrats for the featured! Hard work pay off.

  13. Tahniah..singgah sini


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