Red Velvet Lava Cheese Cake Recipe - No Oven Needed!

Salam and hello lovelies!

Okay who remember my instagram post 
about the Red Velvet Lava Cake before? 

Hehee since it was super tempting 
yet unfortunately most of you guys couldn't 
grab one for yourselves to try and taste 
the delishness yourselves, 
hence, here it is, the RECIPE so that you guys 
could finally try and bake it on your own! 
Fret not, it's easy peasy 😁 

Let’s go through it step by step yea :-

1 cup of fresh milk / evaporated milk 
(temperature room)
1 tbs of cooking vinegar
1 tbs of red colouring (if you go for organic 
you can try those from beetroot)
- Mixed all of this ingredients in the mixer, 
let it sit for about 10 minutes 
without whisking or anything yea.

2 1/2 cup of flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 tbs of cocoa powder
- sieve altogether

250g butter (temperature room)
1 1/4 cup of fine granulated sugar 

- Mixed these two ingredients, whisk for 10 minutes
until it changes in texture (expanding) and colour to white

- Add 3 eggs (one by one at a time), 
mix it for about 5 minutes 

- Then, add (B) and (C) alternately, 
mix for about 3 minutes before turn off the mixer.

- Mixed 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda 
and 1 tbs of cooking vinegar (if you tend to bake it 
in the oven then you don’t have to add any)
Let it bubbly then pour it into the batter, 
stir until it’s well blended

- Now, prepare the baking tray/container 
with baking paper at the bottom of it
(use the round container with the hole in the 
middle - or ring shape kinda container) 

- Meanwhile, prepare your steamer, 
and then steam the cake batter when it’s 
fully hot / ready to steam.

Note that :

For a 6x6 container : 
30 minutes with high flame

For a 350/bigger container : 
15 - 20 minutes with high flame

- After the cake is cook, take it out and 
put it in upside down directly and 
let it cool, then cut it to 2 parts 
(upper & bottom parts)
because you need to spread in the cream cheese 
in the middle of the cake later.

Now, preparing the holy mother of megazone 
of the cake! - THE CREAM CHEESE πŸ˜ƒ

The Cream Cheese Lava & Spread
250g cream cheese
1/2 cup of condensed milk
1/2 cup of dairy whipping cream

- mixed all ingredients until it texture become 
expands and thick

- separate it to 2 parts :

1 part is for the center lava part 
(inside the hole of the cake),

And for another part 
(the spread and on top of whole cake) :
Add 1/4 cup of evaporated milk 
or fresh milk and mix in a bit 
then you’re ready to go

Okay here’s how prepare for the finishing : 

- Take 1 part of the cake that you’ve cut 
separately earlier, spread the cream cheese 
on top of it all around.

- Then, put another cake part on top, after that, 
spread the cream cheese all around and 
don’t forget to fill in the hole with the lava 
cream cheese part. 
Be generous with the cream cheese yea hehe.

- Last but not least, sprinkle the grated cheddar 
cheese on top of the whole cake, 
yes please be generous as well with this. 
You can also add another topping that suits 
your taste - like fruits, chocolate bits or so. 

Nowwww waaallaahhh, 
your Red Velvet Lava Cheese Cake 
is now ready to boom in your mouth! 
YASSSSS send some to me! hahaha

Thank you for stopping by and have a great one yea!

23 bubblynotes :):

  1. Wow..looks tempting..suddenly craving with the Red velvet lava cheese bake by myself its impossible..hehehe..i only expert cooking malay cuisine..baked failed..

    1. hehe no don’t say that, who knows you might be great at baking too right. perhaps someday u can try and it’ll turns out great too πŸ’ͺ🏿😁

  2. Oh my gawd! This is so sinful (while copying the recipe). With your permission, I will share it with my sister, the baker! Looks yummy that I am salivating here

    1. haha oh yes it’s sinful indeed! aha yes please no worries feel free to share the recipe, it’ll be great to share such happiness right hehee. may you guys will enjoy eating it then! 😁

  3. TB tak pernah lagi makan kek Red Velvet Lava Cheese.. teringin nak rasa.. kalau ada masa nak try buat lah.. thank you atas resepi ye!

    1. oh yekee, hehe this one is one of my fav ni hehee. sure no biggie, nnt try laa, spread the happiness hehee.

  4. Sdapnyee.. Bahan2 pun mudah rasa boleh buat ni.. Nak try la resepi ni.. Tq for resipi..

    1. hehe indeed mmg sedapp & bahan2 pon boleh kata sng cari kan hehee. alhamdulillah moga bermanfaat 😁

  5. Thanks for recipe sharing. Lepas ni boleh la try buat

    1. hehe okayy no biggie. yes mmg should try insyaAllah puas hati 😁

  6. oh my.. really lava wei... i wanna try to do that also.. hahaha...
    now looking through again for the recipe...

    1. hehe yesss lava of happiness! πŸ˜† oh yeah sure it’s my pleasure, feel free to try it later yeaa 😁

  7. This is really easy! I should try this one day for my kids birthday hehe. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    1. hehe yes indeed! aww that’s very sweet of you. yeah feel free to try it, may your kids will love it too 😁

  8. Wah, tekak i tengah nak makan kek ni..this cake look much cheese..thanks sharing recipe

  9. Wow. I've never seen a red velvet lava cake before. Tak payah oven also!

  10. dah la mmg suka red velvet wuaaa kne try

  11. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful recipe. Always wondered how it is done, now I can try my own!!

  12. Wow you are making me crave for a choco lava cake! You are so good in baking, thanks for sharing your talent and recipe!

  13. look like easy recipe... so tempting.
    Janji Kita


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