Surfing through the Faith : inspired by Soul Surfer (movie)

Another inspiring movie - based on a true story. 
The moment i read it's synopsis, it tend to caught my soul to watch it.
Ok soul is too far maybe, but really, it's awesome and there's a lot of things 
that we could talk about from it.
The possible and the perspective, self-confident / believes, faith,
excelsior, everything. Just a lot of things.

This movie is about the story of a surfer girl named Bethany Hamilton.

She was born in a surfer's family, where everyone in her family does surfing.
After she won the 1st place for the Turtle Bay Juniors, she's then 
considered the favourite as they're headed to the Hawaiian Island Regionals,
a step further, altogether with Alana Blanchard, her best friend.

One fine day, they both, around with Alana's father and brother, went to a beach 

so that they could done some training for their regional.
As when they're relaxing on the water surface, suddenly 
there's a big shark showed up and bites Bethany's left hand.
Alana's screaming for help and they all helped Bethany while at the same time
quickly headed to the shore as fast as they can.
Bethany was shocked, and she didn't even cry or anything.

Bethany was fine - but to get used to live with one hand.

Still, she didn't cry or anything. All she did was just trying and trying.
At first yeah she felt the odd to do things and dealing with people
who stares, talks, etc, but she just stay strong and face it.
She's also had made up her mind that she wouldn't missed the regional.

On the Regional, she had tried her very best but unfortunately she couldn't beat it.

She was so frustrated, yet almost gave up. Still, there's National championship
ahead. But she's just felt really bad, so down, and it feels like she couldn't cover
how she was actually felt anymore, as she's crying while having some 
conversation with her friend, Sarah.

So, as for the next and the end of the movie, i think it's better that u watch it

yourself. Hehe. Chill there, u ain't regret watching this beautiful, inspiring movie.
Here's the link if u wanna watch it online : watch soul surfer online  
where at the end of the movie u could watched the real Bethany, her life moment, etc.

So, back to the point, u may find many, right. and here's my favourite parts : 

( yeap despite of amazed how strong and calm she was while dealing with her loss, etc)

1) She said, "What happened to 'i can do all things' ?"

                      "Why? Why did this happened?"
                      "Why did i have to lose everything?"
   Then her father said, "...that shark didn't killed u. U're still alive. With family that loves u."

~ of course, when it came to bad things, it's commonly acceptable for the questioning thingy.

It's normal. As we, only the human being, when we're too frustrated, being hardly tested, etc,
we tend to asked "why". Especially when we're tend to have not much faith. Neither 
it's believes in ourselves nor the faith in god. but, as me, as a Muslim, and for those
all Muslim readers, we've been thought by our deen that any tests are some way of
improving ourself, yet to life and upon Him. It's also seen as His love towards us, 
which He didn't ignored us or neglected us. He always had His own way of giving 
what we really need, and He knew greater than we do, ourselves. Excelsior and faith, 
remember what had i said bout it on my previous post? Well here's likely the same.

2) Her dad conversation with her mom on the day they'd brought she home from the hospital, 

     Dad : " do we do? how do we deal with this?"
     Mom: "..remember when the first time we take Bobby home from the Hospital?
                 He was our first baby, we didn't knew what to do, how to take care of a baby, etc,
                 but we just knew. It's the same this time. We just deal with it day by day, ok?"

~ I find it awesome and cute. The way they thought. And it's true. I am a mom and just having my first baby scene almost 12 months ago. Everyone will face it and knew it ( having your very

own first child, and day by day u just knew it how to deal with the situation, how to handle
and care for your baby, etc ). In Islam, it's called 'ilmu Laduni' where it's the knowledge
that we've got straight from god. For another example of this knowledge; the newborn were just knew how to drink their mommy's milk (breastfeeding), right away after they're born.

3) The perspective from Sarah, as she said:

      - "So, u see how hard it can be to make sense of things when u're looking at them 
          really close? The same thing is true in life. So if u guys are dealing with anything 
          that's just too hard to handle or doesn't make much sense, get a new perspective."

~ It's such a great way how Sarah bold it. I love the picture comparison way as at first,

she shows the close-up look of a half hazelnut, which looks like a brain.
Then, she showed the full image of the hazelnut in order to make us (& them) realized
bout the perspective thingy and to have greater understanding with it. Cool. :)
Another thing is, as she's refers to Timothy 29:11, we, for the Muslim,
we could refer to our Quran, 29:3 and 29:10-11. ( Surah Al-Ankabut )
Where it stated there that faith isn't enough with just saying it, when we're truly 
in faith ( imaan) we'll just let it be and be patient with all of the tests that come to us.
Again, as a Muslim, we should knew that all of those tests were just to strengthen us,
to shape us, to make us better than we did, to purifying our heart, and lots more
great thing that hidden beneath it. We should knew.

So, that's the beauty of it. This story however reminds me of an inspiring guy 

where he had almost the same condition. Remember Nick Vujicic?
Ok here's the link to refresh yours : click here to know Nick

Well, that's all for this entry. May u'll find something good in this post.

Thanks for your time reading this and have a nice day :)

** Here's some extras for u guys : click to know about the real Bethany and below is her shark attack's story video. Enjoy!

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