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Tuesday - 230413:1652

It started to rain heavily.

I'm surfing the internet, scrolling and scrolling
through this and that. Then, I've remembered bout 
a video that my sister posted last night.
It was about an accident on early dawn, at 
the Federal Highway if I'm not mistaken,
which happened on last Sunday.
So, I've found her post then I play it.
God, it was , extreme---terrible--
ohh idk the exact words to say it.

But yes, 1 thing for sure, I agreed and prayed too-

which according to my sister, she'd prayed 
may we will not lead to that kind of accident nor
experienced those extreme moment and loss.--
Dear god, I prayed for that too!
It was, Ya Allah, it such a great - another great
reminder that He gave to us from other's tragedy.
Great reminder. 

It just pop-up from my mind,

of how we should really appreciate those things
that we have, those that He have and always gave us, 
be thankful that we still lived now, thankful of 
our health, our life, everything.
We often hears / watch people / even ourselves 
grumble and grouch over something nor our life,
but truthfully, our life were far better than others.
We're far luckier than those poor victims.
We're far luckier than those poorer and unluckier than us.
Can u ever imagine, even a bit?
Try to put yourself in their shoes. 
Can u ever imagine it?
And most important is, Him. Do we remember Him?
Have we do what we needed to do upon him?
On our daily life? Are we still stick our feet
on the right path? Are we prepared for our death and 
for the Hereafter? Dear Lord. Dear Allah.
I feels like crying, deep inside, 
while I'm watching the video and thinking of 
those reminders that came up from the terrible tragedy.
Those little reminders that He gave us.

Yes, indeed, thinking of death.

Ask yourself, how u wanna be like on your death?
I mean, of course, we all wanna die in a good ways.
In a good shape. etc.
And most importantly of course, as a Muslim, 
we all wanna die in Islam.
So when I looked at them, the victims, 
I feels so much pain, and quickly kinda referred it
to myself, and suddenly thinking of my beloved family.
Dear Lord I never want them neither do my own self
to face that kind of death nor experiences. That pain.
That kinda unprepared - Oh Dear Lord I know U know what I meant.
It's painful. It's so painful.
Yeah u must have said, "death is painful."
only if u can get it what am i exactly talking about, 
then u'll know it. It's not that I'm saying death isn't painful,
but, the unprepared thingy, the inner us, 
our preparation,- u know.
Dear people, I don't have any intention to talk bad bout it /
them (the dead / the victims) or even make it / them look
bad / awful / etc, or inoculate any negative elements.
All I have in mind were just a frankly reminders 
that just pop-up and what I've felt deep inside.

Him. The One, the Almighty.

He who gives us the lives and death.
He who controls, planned, forgive, who knows,
everything. Everything.
Allah the Almighty, Allah the Merciful.
Only from Him we come and unto Him we will return.

always, remember Him.
Seek upon Him.
This world isn't lasts forever,
but the Hereafter.

Always, remember Him.

**I'm sorry I don't think I could feature the video here.
  I think it may ignominious them. (the victims/body/etc)


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