Season of Giving by DiGi

It's holiday, Year End Sale, Season of giving, Thank You Sale and everything, 
all in this month! 
I was so grateful and much luckier because
I could always celebrate it with my dearest family, mostly my dear husband - the one who always there for me and love me as who i am. 

We're started off as friend way back in our high school. It was funny because at first we're not into each other, till one day we've learnt how we couldn't live without each other around. 

Of course a lot of things came up in our way but thank god, we've made it through and yet, we're still counting and live happily together with our baby girl, Eva.
The thing is, dear hubby, I'm so grateful that I met u and have u in my life. I really am.

I still remember the moment we bought our DiGi Easy prepaid years and years ago yet still using it up till now. DiGi and us, well we're legendarily connected! 
We decided to just stick with Digi because they always have the best plan and sales even promotion etc for their loyal customers like us. Hehe. 
Seriously guys, oh like for this month of giving, they're going to reward everyone with the Biggest Year End promotion with awesome offers and plans! Weee!

This time, u get to reward yourselves and your loved ones with FREE smartphones, FREE tablets, FREE internet and FREE calls!
With DiGi Thank You Sale, u can reward yourself with a Sony Xperia C 
or Sony Xperia Z for FREE!
Excited much?! Uhhuh wait till u hear this:
They're also giving away 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 and 1 HTC One smartphones to their selected lucky winners as their way of appreciating DiGi users for making DiGi as widely preferred network here in Malaysia!
Of course I'm hoping that I'm one of the lucky ones! Hehe.

Okay then, for more info just visit HERE :) 

Have a great week lovelies! 
Wassalam :)

2 bubblynotes :):

  1. Teringin nak pakai DIGI . Asyik celcom je . Kekadang celcom jadi mereng jugak kan ;')


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