Dec 10, 2013

The Big Fat Weeks

Salam and hello guys.
Finally, here i am again :)
For those who were dropped by here of all this while, thanks a lot, really.
And i'm sorry for my silence this several weeks. Insyaallah i'm going to get to u guys back one by one soon.

These several weeks were filled with big, fat flavour of life. It's kinda everything, u know. From the ward - family thingy to anniversary, experiences and memories, issues and difficulties, yet happiness, well, it such a big fat weeks to me.
Alhamdulillah for all that.
Anyways, as for the sponsoring thingy, no worries cz nothing is on hold.
It all been going on as usual.
The winners get their prizes etc.
Every posting thingy is all clear.
Now i just waiting for the next claimers :)

Well, till then, insyaallah there'll be more from me just as how it was before. More exciting infos etc will be right up soon, insyaallah. Have a great week ahead readers! Wassalam. :)

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