Fernleaf Milk : What Makes It 100% Trusted Goodness?

Salam and Hello lovelies!

As you guys can see from my INSTAGRAM posts, 
I’ve shared some sneak peek of the Fernleaf parcel 
that I’ve received earlier, which consist of 
Fernleaf Limited Edition (and super cute!) 
Cooling Bag, Fernleaf UHT Milk in two flavours - 
Full Cream Milk and Chocolate, along with some 
other cute and unique props as well. 

I am indeed super excited when I received those 
babies, hence here it is, more detailed sharing 
to you guys about Fernleaf and how you can 
choose a great quality milk. 

you can checkout my unboxing video on my instagram ok lovelies 😁 

I believe everyone knows the benefits of milk 
generally, and how it’s good to consume 
for all ages, right? 

Yet what makes that certain milk different 
from one another? I mean, what makes it better? 
What makes you wanna choose it?
Indeed this is how I choose my milk in order 
to make sure that I get the best quality :

1) High Quality Grass Fed Dairy Cows 

- In order to choose a great milk, I tend to choose one 
that farm the way nature intended, which they let their 
dairy cows grazing freely outdoors on lush pastures, 
without being confined to cubicles, yet being fed with 
high quality fresh grass so that those cows can produce 
a high quality nutritious milk happily. 
Indeed, these are what Fernleaf have to offer! 

In addition, as Fernleaf being made with 100% 
milk from New Zealand, you guys must know that 
New Zealand is one of the best places in the world 
to produce milk - with it’s fertile soil, excellent 
rainfall, and abundant of sunshine, hence, they 
succeeded in making their dairy cows produce milk 
with a higher levels of Vitamin D, apart from the 
richest natural food source of bio-available calcium, 
high quality protein, and Vitamin A as well!

2) Produce Milk Naturally with Dairy Expert 

- Referring from  my first point above, 
I believe you guys can already see or imagine 
that their dairy cows been producing 
milk naturally, without the need of any kind of 
milk booster. Not just that lovelies, FYI, they have 
over 140 years of experience in dairy farming, 
which that kind of heritage and expertise have made 
New Zealand a world leader in dairy today. 

Their dedicated farmers totally ensures the highest 
quality of milk production at every single stage, 
be it from the clean water, to high quality grass, 
and all the way to the finished products! 

So, these are the kind of high quality milk that 
you can get. It’s already sounds great, isn’t it? 
Hehe Fernleaf is not only packed with 100% 
trusted goodness from New Zealand, but it’s also 
definitely 100% Mmmmm! So good! 

I’ve tasted both Fernleaf UHT Full Cream Milk 
and Fernleaf UHT Chocolate Milk, I do love 
both, as those two tastes great! 
It’s creamy, rich in milk & full of flavour kinda 
milk and chocolate taste! 

Drinking these two are definitely satisfying, 
and my kids does loves both too. 
It could be drink by it’s own just like 
that - right out of the pack, or you can paired 
the full cream milk with cereals, or even add it 
up in batter and make such delicious, 
full cream pancakes of your choices as well! 
Seriously yummy and everyone’s loving it too! 

I’m making these pancakes using the full cream milk, 
ohh sooo good! 😍

yeah we’re definitely having fun with the 
fun straw and prop πŸ˜†

If you guys interested to know more updates 
about Fernleaf Malaysia wether upon events, 
products, contests available and all, you guys 
can head on to their official Facebook page 
HERE  okay πŸ˜‰ 

Feel free to try these Fernleaf UHT milk range 
yourselves! I bet you guys would loves them too! 

Thank you for stopping by! May my sharing 
here be somewhat beneficial to you guys. 
Till next time, have a great week ahead! 

35 bubblynotes :):

  1. wah sedapnya pancake pekena pagi-pagi masa sarapan ni ek, siap pulak dengan sekotak susu fernleaf terus jadi awesome... good luck tau..

    1. hehe betul tuu, mmg one of fav breakfast jugak tuu pancakes hehe. yess betul tuu, complete package tuu pancakes + susu kotak Fernleaf yum yumm hehe. Thanks tauu! ❤️

  2. hehe.. now we can drink milk in style. Too cute the straw, we love using it too. We like drink this brand milk too.

    1. hehe yess that’s true indeed! having fun and in style! yes it tastes good we loves it too 😁

  3. seriousla buat pancake guna fernleaf ke, i siap buat air susu letak susu segar fernleaf tu kot memang enak gila rasanya rasa macam nak stock up lagi susu fernleaf ni..

    1. hehe yess babe mmg sedap tau buat pancakes guna full cream milk Fernleaf ni hehe..yess betul I pon kena stock up lagi dh hbs dah ni haha 😁

  4. minuman milk based gini adalah feveret anak2 aida.
    fernleaf otai brand kat malaysia. confirm sedap lemak manis.
    elok utk gigi & tulang kan.
    ha ha ha viral dah lembu dgn straw mata ni :) ha ha...
    kalau kedai tak prepare kat straw nanti, senang, bwk straw ni :) hu hu
    dari mata masuk ke tekak... nyaman...

    1. waa good to know! haah betul tu, dr zaman budak2 dulu lagi pon mmg dh familiar dgn nama brand Fernleaf ni kan hehe, mmg legend-dairy gituu hehe. haha haah, suka spec straw ni so fun πŸ˜†

    2. eh. done komen la, qeela :)

  5. Pancake tu nampak yummy lah. Terlapar pulak hujan2 ni ye. Susu Fernleaf memang berkhasiat untuk kita. Kuatkan tulang kerana penuh dengan kalsium.

    1. hehe mmg yummy lemak berkrim rasanya bila guna susu full cream Fernleaf ni. Mmg puas hati hasilnya 😁

  6. Kalau fernleaf kan..akak suka susu choc...anak akak kalau dapat siap buat eskrem..susu ni bagus untuk kalsium dan kekuatan tulang kan...bagus untuk semua umur

    1. hehe yekee, comelnyaa hehe. haah susu chocolate dia sedap! qeela dan anak pon suka yg chocolate tu tak muak minum kan 😁

  7. Wahhh buat pancake guna susu Fernleaf ke tu. Menyelerakan sungguh tu

    1. hehe haah, sedap buat pancake hehe..anak qeela siap pair minum jugak dgn susu full cream tu suka betul dia & kekenyangan 😁

  8. Milk has always been one of my favourite drink and I love the fact that we could sip it just like that!

    Thick and creamy – That is how I like to describe Fernleaf milk..absolutely delishhhhh

    1. yesss definitely agreed with you! love the thick and creamy, yummy taste! 😁

  9. susu ni kalau buat puding roti sedap jugak ni.lemak2 manis je rasanya nanti kan hehe
    Nanti tryla qeela mesti sedapp heee

    1. hehe haah betul tuu, suka jugak buat puding roti mmg berlemak sedap betul jadinya hehe. budak2 pon suka makan tu πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜

  10. Nasib i sejenis blh telan susu .nanti nak belikan utk anak bini sama la susu ni.
    nampak ada byk pilihan tu.

    1. waa yekee baguslaa mcm tu hehe boleh minum sama2 seisi keluarga, mereka pon mesti suka nanti 😁

  11. KIta memang sejenis kena minum susu pagi2 time breakfast. first time tau pasal susu ni, next time aida nak try laaaa~ thank u ya sharing especially idea buat pancake tu :D

    1. waa yeke, good to know that! haa kalau cmtu nnt bolehlaa try kot2 suka jugak Fernleaf UHT ni nnt kan hehe 😁❤️

  12. Fernleaf mmg susu feveret sy dari dulu lagi. Tambah2 yg UHT coklat. Serious sedap sangat ! Selalu makan dengan cereal tiap pagi. Tak pernah missed

    1. hehe yekee, haah mmg sedap kan! yess best jugak tu mkn dgn cereal, mau bertambah mkn tu nnt xcukup semangkuk hehe 😁

  13. sedap kan susu fernleaf ni? i dpt masa tu pun tak sampai berapa hari habis dah susu tu semua diminum. haha

    1. hehe yekee, mmg laku keras susu ni kat rumah kan haha. both full cream and chocolate ni mmg sedap 😁

  14. Boleh eh buat pancake guna susu fernleaf? Tak pernah tau pun before this. Tapi memang nampak macam sedap. Lapooo la plak haha

    1. hehe haah boleh jee, sbb pancake kalau nk buat mmg guna susu actually. Untuk yg ni qeela guna susu full cream Fernleaf UHT, mmg sedap hasilnya hehee 😁

  15. Sedapnya pancakes tu.. tapi mmg sedap if pancake campur susu.. lagi ummphhhh.. susu bagus utk tumbesaran terutama anak-anak..lgpun ada kandungan vit yg boleh membantu anak-anak fokus

    1. hehe haah qeela mmg buat pancake guna susu..kalau xde susu jadi lempeng laa kan pon boleh laa tp lain rasa & texture nya 😁

  16. Sedapnya pancake dgn kombinasi bersama susu fernleaf uht. Memang bagus utk kesihatan. Am pun memang galakkan anak2 AM minum susu di waktu pagi dan sebelum tido.. bagus utk tumbesaran anak2..

    1. hehe betul tu AM..lagipun mmg favourite budak2 ni jugak kalau mkn pancake paired kan dgn air susu hehe 😁

  17. yeah agree! I too buy fernleaf for my son...i loved the chocolate milk =)

  18. First time juga rasa Fernleaf memang sedap. Best sebab dia pekat. Fav coklat pulak tu, lagi la best.


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