Trip to Paris : Yeayyy I’ve Made it to the Malaysian’s Finalists!

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Hehe okay yes indeed I meant to 
update the news in here earlier but 
haven’t got the time to update my blog 
until now. 😅

To be honest I even found out about the 
news a little bit late, like after a week 
after they announce it. 
Oh for those whom haven’t followed me 
on my instagram or fb you guys must 
have wondered what the heck am I 
talking about eh? hehe okayy yes actually 
it’s about this Loreal Paris - the 
Parisian Makeup Look competition 
that I’ve joined a month or two earlier. 
You guys can check out my ig entry 
HERE  okay 😘

So this contest was easy really, since you just 
have to do a Parisian makeup look, take picture 
of it be it selfie or whatnot, then upload it 
on instagram along with tagging and 
include the required hashtag. 
This contest being held across regions 
as there will be other finalists from other 
countries to be chosen as well in order 
to compete for the one and only Grand Prize, 
which is a trip to Paris for two! 

Mmhmm let’s have some sneak peek of Paris, 
shall we? 😍

Ohhh my and these are just a pinch of Paris! Seriously dear Loreal Paris please let me win! hehehee 🤞🏼🤞🏼😁

Of course, since I’m totally obsessed with Paris, 
and Paris being the first place on top of my 
travel bucketlist since I was a kid, 
besides this contest being about a makeup thingy - 
my other favourite, so yes without a doubt 
I’m joining and trying it, hoping to win it hehe.

This is the screenshot of my entry on ig 😁 Indeed, caption literally comes from my heart! ❤️

FYI, to achieve a Parisian makeup look, 
you gotta focus on simplicity - which indeed 
emphasising your best feature, along 
with a healthy and glowing skin.
It’s more like a natural or no makeup 
makeup look, more like a ‘I woke up like this’
kinda vibes and the ‘Less is More’ mantra. 
You guys can take a look at all those 
French gals, or you can read and find 
their beauty descriptions from lots 
of beauty experts, portal or magazines and so on.

Since I am indeed love to do this kind of 
makeup look and to be honest I do 
focus upon my skin more now than to 
put on lots of makeup, hence, I think it’s 
just perfect for me to try and join. 

Then when I found out that I’ve made it 
to the next round as finalist, of course 
I’m ecstatic! I know it’s not like I’ve win the 
grand prize yet but well, this is still huge for me! 
It’s the best chance too, though I’m not gonna 
put my hopes high since yeah, competing with 
other finalists from other countries, not sure 
where I stand exactly there haha but babysteps, 
I’m happy that I’ve made it to the 
next round at least, right, hehe. 

this is the finalists announcement on Loreal Paris facebook page (the edited edition from my igstory) 😁

Well, there are still no updates upon the final 
winner for that Grand Prize yet, so, 
all I can do is just keep on praying, 
fingers cross that the odds are with me haha. 
Perhaps you guys can pray for me too hehe. 

Well, indeed of course I’m prepared 
for any of the results. 
If I’m not the chosen one, 
perhaps there’ll be other time for me, 
far greater, right. Yet if I win, of course 
that’s a huge bonus for me hehe. 
Whatever that is, I still am just 
will keep calm and moving on. 
So, yeah, I think that’s it for now 
for this sharing hehe.

Thank you for all the best wishes and praying
upon this to all whom either already commenting
or even ones without me knowing. 
May all the best wishes comes to you all as well. 
Thanks for stopping by, reading my 
excitements sharing and all hehee 
and may you all have a 
great week ahead yea lovelies! 

20 bubblynotes :):

  1. Waah.. Bestnya..
    Rezeki tu... Seronoknyaaa..
    Bestnya kalau dapat ke Paris..
    Dah la satu kota yang indah kan.
    Satu rezeki kalau kaki boleh jejak ke sana. 😀

  2. wah tahniah menang contest tu. Seronok kalau dapat pergi Paris. Lagi seronok kalau disponsor..hehee..hope you dapat ke sana

  3. Wah...
    Moga sukses ke Paris, qeela.
    Moga ada rezeki tau.

  4. Hope impian menjadi kenyataan..bestnya kan kalau dapat pergi Paris.Btw cantiklah look qeela tu<3

  5. OMG bestnya dapat trip to paris kita lama nak pergi nak juga jalan-jalan nak pergi sendiri tak adalah kalau dapat sponser macam ni memang best gilerrr kita akan ambil sebanyak mungkin gambar...

  6. Wah bestnya dapat sponsored trip tu. Tahniah sangat. Mesti seronok rasa dia kan

  7. This is so exciting, so happy for you babe, hopefully you're able to fulfill your childhood dream, all the best xoxo

  8. i too get excited lol..anyway, good luck Qeela dan wishing you the best and may your dream come true

  9. Wah.. . Tahniah..!! Seronoknya dapat pi Paris. Kota romantik yang sesapa pun teruja dapat pegi. Di Sponsor lagi laaaa seronok! Nanti snap picture banyak-banyak cecantik eh... Tak sabar nak tengok

  10. Wahh tahniah. Untungla dapat ke Paris. Rezeki kan dengan Parisian make up look yang gorgeous tu. Kita kene make up tebal sebab skin tak flawless. Hehe. Dreams come true kan! Tahniah again.

  11. Wah bestnya dapat pergi Paris. One of my dreams. If ada rezeki nak nuga pergi Paris. Tempat yang cantik dan menarik. Tahniah sebab daoat pergi Paris

  12. Goodluck!Wish your dream come true. Paris is one of my dream place too..Hope to see you there as u wish and your workhard.

  13. good luck ya for the contest !! i'm rooting for you. may your dream to visit Paris becomes reality. indeed, Paris is a very nice n lovely place to visit. would love to be there someday

  14. All the best tau. And please ambil gambar banyak-banyak kat sana ye. And kalau dapat pergi, nak pesan tumblr Starbucks ye. Hehe.

  15. Congrats Qeela. Tak sabar nak tahu if u menang nanti... i pulak yang excited nak tahu...dpt pergi paris tu mmg best

  16. Wah!! .. all the best kak Qeela ... Kalau jadi pergi tolong buat mini love kat menara Paris nanti

  17. never been to paris but theres no doubt that paris is such a beautiful city. it offers so many things to tourist! good luck

  18. Wah!! Bestnya!! Tahniah awak.. enjoy ur trip.. moga dipermudahkan segala urusan d sana.. selamat bercuti..

  19. Wahhh bestnye. Top3 pon dah dikira hebat taw. Makeup pon fresh look. Wahhh jeles la xtahu. Kalau x mesti nak join contest jugak.

  20. wah bestnya!! tahniah sis, harap dapat ke Paris


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