Chriszen Match Matte Serum Foundation : Launching and Review

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Okay so last Thursday on March 25, 2019,
I went to #ChriszenMatchMe makeup party,
which their new foundation range
- Match Matte Serum Foundation -
been launched as well.

As you guys can see from my instagram
updates of the event, I bet you guys wanna
know more about this foundation range right?
Like what’s the hype of this?
Alrightttt here I am spilling the beans hehee.

Ms Mandy Leong, Managing Director of Chriszen Malaysia 
along with other models on her left and right 
holding the new Chriszen Match Matte Serum foundation 
at the launching

FYI, this new Chriszen Match Matte Serum Foundation
are part makeup and part skincare - because it is a
foundation that comes with the consistency and
benefits of a serum. It provides a smooth and in depth
coverage on the surface and at the same time it’s also
will penetrate deep into the skin, delivering those great
and active ingredients in order to nourish, heal, flaw
improvement and colour correction as well.

11 Powerful ingredients with it's benefits!

I really like the fact that it’s packed with 11 powerful
ingredients that provides the essential benefits that a skin
needs such as hydration, skin whitening, as well as antioxidants
for protection against free radicals and anti ageing properties.
Those ingredients are bearberry extract, oat kernel extract,
red sea algae, liquorice root extract, Vitamin B3, frangipani,
trehalose, fucogel (biosacharide gum - 1), aloe vera extract,
manuka honey extract and also witch hazel extract.

Not to worries as this serum foundation are suitable for all
skin types. It comes in 5 distinctive shades which were created
especially for the Southeast Asian skin tones. Those marks are
as below :

Natural Ivory - for light medium skin with cool undertones
Light Beige - for light medium skin with neutral undertones
Nude Beige - for medium skin with neutral undertones
Natural Beige - for medium skin with warm undertones
Rich Honey - for tan skin with warm undertones

THE Chriszen Match Matte Serum Foundation!

I must say that I really love it’s lightweight formula, totally
smooth and really easy to blend as well as I do enjoy the
flawless effect and coverage that it gave me upon application.
I did literally fell in love upon trying it earlier at the event!
Not just me, but my other fellow influencers as well okayyy hehe.
In addition, who doesn’t love a single product that can provides
such even complexion as well as the benefits of a skin serum
that packed with beauty benefits, right?!

Me, during the makeover. TBH I fell in love with 
this serum foundation right away upon this moment!

Now here's the close up. Ohh how flawless this 
serum foundation had made me look right! 

So far I only managed to tried it for few hours during
and after the event, and it’s not even been set, prime
or anything okay guys, yet so far so good ohh yasss hehe.

I definitely will try it on again with proper makeup steps
and let it like long hours, under different state like testing it
outdoor, hot weather and all, then let’s see again
what will I achieve for the full verdict of this
product, yeah? hehe.

In the meantime, let's see our happy faces of feeling
so beautiful & flawless right after getting our makeover
using Chriszen's product, yes including this new
Chriszen Match Matte Serum foundation as well!

We both fell in love with this serum foundation right away ohh yess!

Manage to meet and greet with my favourite MUAs as well there!
Definitely ecstatic to meet Aizat, Liana & Ayang Kamell!!

As for the price, I think it’s really affordable, which it’s
retailed at RM56.90 for West Malaysia, and RM65.90
for East Malaysia. It is also exclusively available at
Guardian Malaysia stores nationwide.
For more info or updates, you guys can check here :

Website :
Facebook Page : ChriszenOfficial
Instagram : @Chriszen_Official

Got it in my shade MW230 Natural Beige, along with 
Color Matte lipstick in Coral Apricot & Kohl Kajal 
eyeliner in 01 Extra Black. Happy to get the makeup pouch as well yayy!

Feel free to follow and check out more videos and pics
on my instagram igstory of this event which
I’ve already highlighted them on my profile under
QeelaxBeauty section okay lovelies.
Kindly subscribe to my youtube channel too tho I’m
still budding there hehe.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and may this somewhat
be beneficial for you guys especially all beauty addict
out there hehe. Till then, may you guys will have such a
wonderful week ahead!


20 bubblynotes :):

  1. wahhh ada serum foundation ni sejenis boleh makeup and jaga skin juga..ada 11 kandungan yg boleh menjaga kecantikan wajah juga..fuh interesting..nak cubalah..i pun suka fd yang lite2

  2. Wow.. Gorgeous... Mesti best p sana untuk cuba foundation yg terbaru. Wanita diluar sana mesti suka ni.. Info yang sngat menarik

  3. Saya memang pakai jenama Chriszen tu. Tapi yang roll on. Tak tau plak ada foundation baru. Boleh la cuba nanti

  4. cantiknya hasil lepas guna produk chriszen ni. terus jadi lawo. sesuai sangat pakai foundation sebelum sapu mekap, baru tahan lama mekap kat muka kan. boleh la beli satu untuk kakak, mesti dia suka

  5. Wah, produk baru dari criszhen yea. Memang cantik la lepas guna serum foundation tu. 2 in 1 yea produk ni sbb ada serum juga kan dalam foundation ni. Kena cari la lepas ni serum faundation ni. Sangat menarik...

  6. i suka produk ni. bila try pakai memang terasa flawless nya heheh..paling penting dia memang ada uv protection yang sangat bagus untuk penjagaan wajah

  7. Sy suka tengok org pakai produk criszhen nih, nampak cantik sgt.. Teringin nak cuba juga.. Foundation tu nampak best sangat.. Nak belilah nanti... Pakai time raya he he he

  8. konsept serum foundation ni bagus juga kan? bukan shj jadi bedak asas tp boleh jaga kulit jgk.. warna pun nampak sesuai dengan kulit dan nampak flawless.

  9. Looking really good, babe. I also like the formula of Chriszen Match Matte Serum Foundation. It's light weight and easy to blend well to the skin.

  10. Wah chriszen dah keluarkan produk baru iaitu foundation. Ermmm foundation ni one of my favourite makeup. Suka try foundation yang pelbagai sebab boleh tahu mana yang sesuai dengan kulit muka.

  11. pernah guna brand ni yg golek sampai molek tu....memang best guna....nanti nak cuba jugaklah yg baru nihh

  12. wahhh nampak macam best je foundation dari chriszen nie. nanti nak recommend pada ibu dan adik beradiklah. dorg pon tengah mencari2 foundation yg best2.

  13. Looks the Chriszen foundation blend nicely and suits your skin colour. Will check it out at Guardian stores. Thanks !

  14. Love that they ha e quite a wide range of shade and also those goody ingredients in them ! Think i'mma check them out really soon!

  15. Dah lama cx tahu chriszen ni sangat nagus produk dia. Rata² suka menggunakannya . Sepupu cx pon guna chriszen . So cx tahu serba sedikit tentangnya. Sekarang ni pula ada keluarkan produk baru? Memang baik sangat ni. Complete! Ada foundation, serum semua ni. Warna² dia pon cantik je. Cx dahlah jenis memilih kalau bab foundation dan serum. Nanti kena try ni

  16. Amboi.. qiela.. syoknya dapat join event Chriszen Match Me Makeup Party, Dapat try The New Foundation range - Match Matte Serum Foundation lak tu ye? best kan? TB rasa jenama ni dah lama terkenal dipasaran.. cuma TB belum berkesempatan lagi nak emncuba.. nanti nak cuba usha-usha dulu.. hehe

  17. I am in the phase of buying any beautiful and new foundations on sight - and I am certainly eyeing this one too. And the price is affordable too. Take my money!

  18. Wahh.... Produk baru ya. Tergoda lak kita ngan Chriszen Match Matte Serum Foundation. Gabungan serum dan foundation tentu lagi best hasilnya

  19. Ena suka botol serum foundation tu comel saje. Serum foundation yang banyak manfaat baik pada kulit. Keluar rumah wajib pakai untuk cover muka. So ena akn pastikan foundation tu ada kandungan yg baik untuk merawat kulit dalam masa yg sama

  20. Wow Aizat Abd Razak is there! hehehe. By the way, since i'm a man so not really know about makeup thing but i know what is foundation and what is the purpose. For me sincerely look this i love with their packaging. Look premium! I love to share with my girlfriend too.


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