Naelofar X Guardian New & Exclusive Summer Collection Tote Bags for Ramadhan

Salam & Hi lovelies!

So last Thursday on May 2nd, 2019 I went to Mama San, KLCC,
for the launching of Naelofar exclusive Tote Bag.
These tote bags were designed and inspired by our talented actress,
TV Presenter, Model, and successful entrepreneur which happened
to be one of my idol as well, Miss Neelofa.
If you're already following me on my instagram or if you're
one of Neelofa's fan as well then you must
already knew what am I talking about, right, hehe.

Happiness, is when you finally met and greeted with one of your fav, 
talented, successful, and beautifully inspiring woman!

Neelofa, her talent, ideas, and success definitely inspiring me!

Okay for those who doesn't have any ideas
upon what it is, let me tell you now.
FYI, Neelofa's brand - NAELOFAR, one of Malaysia's leading
contemporary fashion brand, have collaborate with Guardian Malaysia
for this Exclusive Summer Collection tote bags as their special way
to welcome the Holy month of Ramadhan with their customers as well.

There are 3 variation for these tote bags, each one shares
and carry Neelofa's inspiration behind :


A vibrant colour of Iris flowers designed with golden rectangle geometry
to lead the eye from one design element to the next.
Exclusively design to look bold and elegant.


Designed to go beyond the norm towards modernizations. The use of clean,
irregular shapes with tropical colours emphasize on the beauty effect 
of the design. 


Flowers and butterflies symbolize grace and beauty, with a touch of vibrant 
colours to give more festive-like feelings. Designed exclusively for those 
whom embrace elegance. 

Here's some of the pics of these three tote bags live at the launching earlier yea :

Lovely, aren't they?! 
For more close up pics and videos of these tote bags and the launching party, 
feel free to head on to my instagram posts starting HERE okay. 
You won't regret it I promise heheee.

Those whom are ready to grab these tote bags, you guys can do so by going 
to the Guardian stores near you, make any purchase of sponsor's products 
worth RM20, or RM30 of non sponsor's products, and you get to purchased 
this tote bags at 40% discounts which is only for RM17.90
You guys better hurry though because this Guardian Exclusive Summer Collecion 
of Naelofar Tote Bags will be available from now till stocks last okay, 
which stocks are limited.

In addition, Guardian Malaysia stores will also have a special
theme called "Seiring Ramadhan" during the month of Ramadhan
where there will be the best deals offer for all customers throughout
this Ramadhan season with discounts up to 50% on some products!
So, it definitely are a great time to shop at Guardian and carry our
Guardian's haul home in this must have and beautiful
#NaelofarXGuardian tote bags, right!

I've already collected mine, what about you?

got exclusive Neelofa's signature as well on each tote bags!

hehe till then, don't forget to follow me on my social medias
for more and instant interesting updates which covers
mostly about beauty, fashion, food, movies/entertainment,
parenting, gadgets,
ohh so many beneficial things just for you lovelies!
May my sharing this time is somehow beneficial to you all
as well and I would love to wish everyone Happy Ramadhan too!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead okay lovelies.

21 bubblynotes :):

  1. it looks ordinary yet so beautiful. i dont mind having one.

    1. yes indeed, i love the design and it definitely great to be as my shopper bag or as extra bag to put things when gotta travel & stay anywhere too 😁

  2. Wow... Look nice for all design
    Must have atleast one

  3. I love the design so much. It look trendy and inspiring. I can feel Nealofa vibes through the bag. I wish to have one.

  4. wahh,... nice tote bag and i wanna have one with her signature too!!!!!

  5. wahhh ! Jarang2 neelofa collaborate dengan brand lain nie. kalau dia collab tu maksudnya eksklusif lah tu. cantiklah koleksi tote bags neelofa nie. teringin nak ada satu.

  6. cantik koleksi tote bag guardian x nealofar ni, rasa nak beli ketiga-tiga sekali lah. Simple yet elegant

  7. Cantik beg macam ni kita nak beli untuk hadiahkan kat mak kita sebab beliau suka bawa telekung pergi masjid beg macam ni mudah dan besar saiznya...

  8. cantik semua design tudung nealofar ni, tote bag tu anak-anak akak mesti suka untuk buat beg diorang pergi school, wajib beli semua untuk koleksi tudung kan

  9. Bukan senang nak dapat barangan eksklusif siap ada signature Neelofa! Tote bag corak Floral Serenity tu cantik sangat, suka tengok!

  10. Cantiknya beg dia. Dalam banyak banyak beg yang ada tu, Fadzi prefer yang warna biru tu. Nampak lagi menyerlah

  11. Cantik la beg-beg tu. Teringin nak satu gak. tapi nnt kene bising ngan husband sbb duk kumpul tote bag tapi x pakai huhu

  12. Cantik-cantiklah beg tote nelofar tu... nanti nak belilah satu.. dekat guardian, haihh untung dapat bergambar dengan nelofar macam adik beradik pula hi hi hi

  13. kemain seronok dapat selfie denga hajah neolofar tu. senyum sampai ke pipi ye. cantik betul design tote beg guardian tahun ni, boleh la isi telekung tuk pergi terawih. erm rambang mata nak pilih mana satu sebab semua nampak cantik

  14. cantiknya nealofa erk..wah beg tote tu corak dia cantik ..boleh guna untuk pergi mana-mana kan..tak tau nak pilih mana ni ..nak terjah guardian la..ehhee

  15. Ada nampak totebag ni dekat Guardian. Untung nya awak dapat selfie dengan Neelofa. Kita minat dia jugak tau.

  16. wah cantik-cantik bag dia. bawak pergi masjid letak kain sembahyang bagus ni. beli untuk bagi hadiah kt anak sedara pun ok jugak ni.

  17. Cantik cantik ekk beg dia. Nampak gaya kena dapatkan jugak ni. Minat yg biru tu tapi yang lain pun cecantik gak. Ummm tak leh jadi ni..kena dapatkan semua koleksi jugak ni..hehehe

  18. I went last weekend but SOLD OUT - I want the Nature Beauty as I can bring it anywhere - even to office. Alahai. Awat la cantik sampai I teringat-ingat nie.

  19. Beruntung awak dapat bergambar laga laga pipi ngan neelofa. Cantik lak tote bag tu. Semua design lawa... Nak cari laaa

  20. Memang suka sangat koleksi tote bag ni, especially the NATURE BEAUTY. I like the design and color combination.


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