Blazin' Raya Makeup Look + Quick Unboxing of W7 Cosmetics

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Okayy so in this post I'd love to share with you guys
more deets & review of W7 Cosmetics Malaysia
that I happened to got the chance to first tried them
at #GuardianGayaSquad makeup session event earlier.
Hmm I think if you guys remember my teaser posts
on my INSTAGRAM previously, which I'd post about
whom I wanna be for Raya, and also sneak peek of
these cosmetics items along with the Kocostar masks,
remember? Ahahh that's it guyss hehe!
To those whom are still blur, you guys can scroll on
to my IG page later okayy, this POST HERE is one of it yeah.

Alright, so about this brand, it's actually originally
all the way from London, yet now they're here,
exclusively available at Guardian Malaysia!
With their "Who Will You Be Today?" tagline, they
definitely opens up opportunity for the consumer
to express themselves using W7 Cosmetics, which are
now has grown over 500 products, which none
are tested on animals! Great right?!

Some of the W7 Cosmetics Malaysia's items

So, I've got the opportunities to try some of their
products such as primers, foundation, eyeshadow,
blusher, and girl, it's really are not bad and kinda

I really love their eyeshadow palette selection,
because they got variety of all beautiful colour
selection in each variant of palette.
And what matter the most is that they're all
really pigmented! I've tried the W7 Delicious
palette and in this video below I tried another palette,
which are Blazin'. Both are really good,
definitely worth the buy seriously!

W7 Delicios eyeshadow palette in one light swatches. 
Only RM59.90 per palette ohh yass!

Some of the beautiful nude colour selection of Mega Matte Lips.
RM26.90 each and I lovesssss them!

Other items that I love is their Mega Matte Lips liquid lip matte
and their Duo Blusher. The Mega Matte Lip comes in various
exquisite colour selections (especially the nudes ones really!)
and it's really light, not sticky at all, no funny smell,
no chappy look upon wearing, overall, it's really great.
I definitely look forward to stock up more colours later I guess haha.

Duo Blusher selection with Banana Dreams (Loose Powder) and 
Puff Perfection (Compact Powder)

While as for the Duo Blusher, it's pigmented as well and got nice,
beautiful tones that will suits us right up I think, but it'll be very
powdery if you use their little brush that comes with them.
So my advice, use your own, usual blush / powder brush okay love?
Because I've tried both, and honestly you better put on the blusher
with other brush since the little blush is too small and not that soft
for an even spread of blush on your face. It's nice for contouring though hehe.
So since I'm not into brownish blusher, so I use the brownish tone
of the Duo Blush as my bronzer, ohhh girl it works well too.
You guys can see my video below okay upon applying these.

As for the other items, it's not bad as well, I've tried several more of them
but I think it depends on your skin condition yea.
It seems to work really amazing on some of my blogger friends
at the time we tried it, yet as for me, I think it's nice, yet yeah
I have to try their other foundation range I guess to compare
which are better for my skin. But the Duo Contour Stick is not for me huhu
sorry guysss yet yesss the highlighter of that Duo Contour Stick is good to go.

There are literally lots more that I have yet to try,
so yeah I think it's great if you guys could go and try them
yourselves too, then we could perhaps share the results together here, yeah?
hehe ohh and not to worries as their prices are all really affordable.
You guys can go to their pages as listed below for more details
and products view, okay?

Facebook : W7 Cosmetics Malaysia

Instagram : @w7cosmetics_malaysia

Alright now, let's see my makeup video of Blazin' Raya Makeup Look
using the items that I got from W7 Cosmetics Malaysia along with other
items as well. There's a quick unboxing as well yea before the makeup tutorial.
Andddd this is actually my very first full makeup video so sorry if anything
turns to be not that good, I know there must be lots to improve yet do show
some love and support yeah? TIA heheeee.

Product Use :

Primer : Fenty Beauty Soft Matte Primer
Foundation : Chriszen Match Matte Serum in Natural Beige
Loose Powder : dUck Cosmetics Loose Setting Powder
Eyebrow : Cybercolors in Grey Brown
Concealer : The Saem Tip Perfecting Concealer from Althea Korea
Blusher, Bronzer, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Eyeliner, Mascara, Highlighter & BB :
all by W7 Cosmetics Malaysia
Lipstick (addition) : Huda Beauty #HudaBeautyPowerBullet in Interview

Well, that's it for this post I guess. I hope my sharing here are somewhat beneficial
to you all yea and feel free to follow me on my social medias for more
beauty and other interesting / motivating updates heheee.
Till then, thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead lovelies!

15 bubblynotes :):

  1. wow !!!!! pandai nya qeela mekap.. cantik je akak tengok.. em.. kalau akak tak tau lah ape rupa.. hahahahah~ nanti ajar akak mekap ya..

  2. aah dear Duo Contour Stick bkn sng nk dpt yg kena dgn kta sy try yg maybelline tu pun x kna ngn sy hahaha x jd lnsg contour nya

  3. First time dengar tentang produk ni - iyalah kita mana pernah guna. Haha. Yang penting sangat suka dengan prinsip tak diuji ke atas haiwan. Brand baharu ke ni? Tapi dah ada sampai 500 produk tu. Banyak! Boleh suggest kat kakak lepas ni kot-kot dia berminat kan.

  4. Ok.
    Gonna get myself that contour stick, the eye palette and the nude lippie.
    Argh. Why do I need to see this now?
    #SejenisMudah Terpengaruh

  5. first time dengar produk ni,eh...harga dia mampu milik laa..kebetulan akk baru nak belajar makeup2 ni..bolehlah terjah ig dia nnt

  6. Bolelah try belajar make-up nie..harga pun nampak ok

  7. wahhh cantiknya lps mekaup..suka dengan koleksi make up w7...semua ada blh dapatkan complete set. harganya pun still affordable lagi...and paling best produk ni blh dapatkan kat guardian

  8. Makin banyak pilihan makeup di Guardian sekarang ya. Ni yang buat sis nak terjah ke sana aje ni, dah lah sis ni suka kumpul make-up.

  9. fuhhh makeup raya look memang cantik! Syok la nak pergi Guardian lepas ni sebab dah ada banyak pilihan untuk makeup.

  10. AM suka yg Foundation cenggini sbb Kulit muka akan kelihatan flawless n nmpk meletop.. AM nak cuba juga produk lain di Guardian nnti

  11. Cantik qeela makeup ni, nampaknya dah siap sedia nak raya dah ni! Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri dengan cantik!

  12. Suka jenama W7 ni. Senang nak dapat di Guardian. Mekap range pun banyak. Nanti nak tengok foundation mereka. Nampak matte. I likeee

  13. wahhh dah boleh start buat tutorial raya look untuk raya nanti. tak sabarnya nak tengok pelbagai jenis make up yg akan dibuat oleh para wanita di hari raya pertama nanti.

  14. Wah...excited pula tengok semua makeup produk ini. I should try buy this brand too.

  15. Wah wah. Banyak btol barangan kosmetik dr brand ni ya. First time dengat berkenaan brand ni


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