Ramadhan Baking Project : Double Lion Baby Macaroons Recipe and Video Tutorial

Salam and Hi lovelies! 

So in this post, I want to share with you guys the baby macaroons recipe 
that me and my sister made earlier this Ramadhan. 
If you follow my instagram you must already knew about my baking project, right?
Okay, for those who didn't know, 
I did a baking project with my sister in order to join the KHH Double Lion 
#khhdoublelionxraya #khhdoublelionrecipe contest to win the gold bar hehe. 
You guys can read more details of the contest HERE okay ;) 

Alright, so we baked and modified ourselves this baby macaroons 
and turned them to what we called as Double Lion Baby Macaroons!
Simply because obviously, we used the KHH Double Lion in our modified 
baby macaroons recipe. Seriously, they turned out awesome and definitely 
perfect for munching after breaking fast, or even as raya cookies! Heheee. 

There are two flavour of this baby macaroons that we made here, 
which are Lychee (the white ones) and Sweet Corn (the yellow ones), 
both flavours are with buttercream + cream cheese filling, ohh so yums! 
It's easy peasy to make guys, really. Check out my video tutorial below 
upon how to make it step by step yea : 

Made this video especially for you! hehee

Okay here's the recipe yea. Basically you'll need : 

For the Coque

50g Almond Powder 
40g Icing Sugar 
40g Egg Whites 
40g Castor Sugar 
1 tsp KHH Double Lion Flavour

For the Filling

250g SCS Butter  
50g Icing Sugar 
100g Cream Cheese 

  1. To make the coque, beat everything in a mixer. You can refer to my video for the step by step details yea.
  2. Do note that I separated the coque’s portion into 2 portion in order to make 2 flavour, which are Lychee and Sweet Corn. You can see that in the video as well. 
  3. Bake these babies at 160 degree Celsius for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure you let it rest around 30 minutes first (until it doesn’t sticky when you touch it) before you put in the oven to bake. 
  4. As for the filling, beat everything as well with a mixer till it becomes thick yet soft and creamy. Kindly refer to my video for details. 
  5. Fill the filling using piping and you’re ready to go ohh so yumss! 😍 

May this sharing will be beneficial to all of you! 
Feel free to join the #khhdoublelionxraya contest too okayy. 
Just click on the link I've given to you earlier to go directly 
to the post about the contest. 
I've also uploaded the video tutorial of this baby macaroons 
on my IGTV as well, so if you don't prefer Youtube you can 
head on to my IGTV there okay. 
Anyway, all the best yea if you already planning upon joining. 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Ramadhan ahead lovelies! 🌸

10 bubblynotes :):

  1. Comelnya macaroon ni! Mesti rasa dia sedap sebab guna KHH Lion ni

  2. Bole try nie...cantik..dah tentu sedap nie

  3. Alalalala comel nya rasa pun mesti sedap. Tq tau share nanti boleh la try

  4. sedapnya, kuih feveret ni. comel je saiznya, nampak senang nak buat, bolehla cuba juga nanti

  5. Wow hebatnya dapat buat Baby Macaroons hehehe kita sendiri tak pandai nak buat nak cuba lah hehehe bestnya guna produk Double Lion ok juga tu...

  6. Wow kreatifnya , jadi elok kejadiannya nanti boleh try buat

  7. Nampak macam mudah. Kalu syira memang tak pandai bab ni. Hehe kreatif btl ye buat macaron. Nampak sedap

  8. Alaaaaa, so cute la macaroon tu. Nampak macam sedap. Nak try buat jugalah nanti. Thanks for sharing

  9. Wah. .. Selalu tau buat air jer. Nampak menarik dan sedap yang ni!
    Step pun senang, nanti nak try laaa

  10. Alahai nampak sedapnya. Thanks atas perkongsian ini nanti nak buat gak la


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