Aquaria KLCC Fast Lane Tips and Deets!

Olla lovelies! 

Hehe okayy so our mini staycation details continued here for the Aquaria KLCC visit. Seriously, what I did literally made our visits easier and smooth upon that day, which was on weekend. To be honest, the queue is like crazy upon our arrival that day, well, it's weekend right, gotta expect that. My hubs literally thanked me for get it settled smoothly so that we can just directly enter without any hustle and worries hehee.

Shark wefie! Weehuuu

Not sure if you guys know, but since from our observation, and there are also some friends that asks, hence I think it'll be great to share the deets here regarding how and where to get the cheaper entrance tickets without the need to queue to enter as well. 

Alright, so upon planning our mini staycation, we decided to buy Aquaria KLCC tickets online. I've search for the best price offered across lots of platform, and finally found this agent on Shopee which I think is okay to try based from their great reviews. FYI, they are not only selling tickets for Aquaria, but various other fun attraction that you can get at promo price too! Gotta say that it definitely worth it to save / like and followed them for future vacay activities and staycation hehe. You guys can check them out via these links below here yea : 

Aquaria KLCC ticketsCLICK HERE 

Seller's PageCHECK IT OUT!

They offered the entry tickets for only RM21.70 for children (instead of RM39 per pax), and RM31.70 (instead of RM49 per pax) for adults. Those got us saving much right! Indeed they're trusted agents as upon purchasing, they promptly replied my chats and after I made my payment, they emailed me the tickets within just few minutes! I love how fast they assist their customers and they even suggest to us to make a booking at Aquaria so that we can get in for sure at the time and date that we want without worries and everything. 

So basically, the trick to get in without the need to queue and to be sure that you can enter at that preferred day (because do note that Aquaria KLCC only open for 400 visitors per day, so yes first come first serve especially on weekend) is that, after you buy your tickets via your preferred platform (mine is definitely this agent, which I totally recommended), and then you go to Aquaria booking page HERE to book your preferred visits. 

On that booking page, you can choose your preferred date and time to visit, along with how many of you guys that will come. There'll be selection of time at each hour for each day, so be sure to choose which is the closest that suits you to go. After you submit your booking, the Aquaria KLCC team will email you your booking confirmation, so yasss you're good to go! 

This is the booking confirmation email from Aquaria KLCC team

These are some of tickets example, as you can see there are unique QR Code for each tickets that you purchased. These examples consist of Child entrance ticket and Adult entrance ticket

Upon arriving there, all you need to do is just show your booking email, and then show them the e-tickets that you've bought earlier for them to scan the QR code on that e-tickets, in order for you to enter. Yes, just that, easy and smoothly in hehe. Seriously it's super convenient and saving lots of time (and money when you buy the cheaper price tickets hehe) even on weekend, where there are packed with people there. They did followed the SOP there no worries, but personally I think if you can go on weekdays, that'll be much better, since it's kinda too packed on weekend which make you not satisfied enough to roam around inside freely within your own time. You know, when there are less people, you doesn't have the urge to get out fast, get away, right? Feel free to check out some of these pics below that I've took while we're in there :

Please remember this! Huhuu

These are the shark's life cycle, with it's live condition. Interesting!

Jellyfish life cycle

It's truly fun inside, as you can learn and see lots of things, especially live Aqua animals, their life cycle, what's dangerous for them, yeah, it's great to spend time there. My kids definitely love their visit to the Aquaria as they do loves animals and sea vibes too. They always get fascinated whenever they can watch and get close to those habitants, and get to learn some things too. Indeed yes, it's such a great place to visit and bring your kids, as they'll definitely enjoy it hehee. 

Some of cute gifts you can get there

The sharks are sleeping hehee

King Crab just chillin

Let's swim with them hehee

Well, I guess that's it for my sharing. Hopefully this can be beneficial for you all too. In case you haven't check out my sharing regarding my staycation at nearby Tamu Hotel & Suites, feel free to click and read HERE okayy hehee. Thanks a lot for stopping by yea, may you guys have a great week and ahead, take care okayy lovelies! 

12 bubblynotes :):

  1. Dah lama teringin nak ke Aquaria. selalu tengok tengok je tiket dekat google. nanti boleh pergi :)

  2. dulu dah pernah pergi tapi harga masa tu tengah mahal lagi around RM70 per head. Sekarang dah boleh masuk dengan harga RM20 hahaha I patutnya kena bersabar hshshs

  3. Yes good to buy online as it will cater you first since you have paid for it and have chosen the date n easy for them to plan..

  4. Cantiknya gambar tak ramai orang. Masa iena pergi sebelum PKP memang ramai orang. Nak bergambar pun susah.. Murah tiket RM31.70, boleh la beli kat sini nanti.banyak jimat

  5. Seronoklah anak2 dpt gi Aquaria...harga tiket pun dah murah so bolehlah ramai2 pergi

  6. Lamanya tak masuk dalam Aquaria KLCC ni walaupun kerja berdekatan sahaja.. Your Shark Wefie really nice lorh... Will try to spend sometime to visit this attraction again.

  7. Selalu beli dekat kaunter je tiket Aquaria ni. Next time boleh beli dkt shopee plak. Lagi murah harga dia haa.

  8. Last pi aquaria masa anak sulung sekolah darjam 6, sekarang dag umur 26thn..erghh lama gilerr tak pi .... dah macam best oklah yee,,

  9. Hari tu baru pi Aquaria. Suka cara mereka mengendalikan keadaan ketika kita sedang dalam tempoh PKPP. Kita pun jaga penjarakan fizikal.

  10. Murahlah harga tiket. Last masuk rasa 15tahun lepas. Mesti dah banyak perubahan kan. Ank ena suka tempat cmni

  11. best yer bawa anak-anak pergi Aquaria. thanks kongsi tips menarik dan menjimatkan

  12. Tak ingat bila last time pergi akuaria KLCC


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