Chek Hup Kokoo - The Best Hot Chocolate Drink I've Tasted By Far!

Salam and Hi lovelies! 

Alright, so who doesn't love hot chocolate / hot cocoa, right? I mean, it's the best drink ever that we can have anytime, yet especially, during this such cold weather, right? The hot cocoa taste's preferences are of course, depends on your own variety, but mine is definitely something that is rich with the chocolate taste - the cocoa, the dark / bitter and a lil bit nutty from it's cacao taste, roasted and blended to perfection, along with a lil bit of sweetness added to it on top of the creaminess of the drink. Do you feel me? 

Mmhmm look at that thick and creamy chocolatey drink!

Already feel the loveliness even without the tiny marshmallows! 

Yes I preferred more chocolatey, than too sweet chocolatey. You know, usually we can taste the chocolate but mostly it's too little of chocolate taste but too sweet from the sugar added in it, right? Hence that kinda bummed me. As for me, the most important in a hot cocoa / hot chocolate drink is the richness of the chocolate in the drink, as that's how I measured a great cup of of hot cocoa / hot chocolate, hehe. 

So, when I first tasted this Chek Hup Kokoo - the Hot Chocolate drink, I gotta say that I am indeed, instantly fall in love with it! Not just that the chocolate taste is super rich, thick and creamy, but it's also have the sweetness balance to it too, whew what a perfection in a cup! I did have posted about this Chek Hup drink on my Instagram as well actually, but wanna share a lil bit into depth here with you guys hehee. 

Can you see how rich and creamy it is? Oh yass!

No need to add any other sweetener hehee

Warm up and let's have a cup! 

As I've stated on my Instagram post, this Chek Hup Kokoo drink are made from rich Malaysian cocoa blended with fermented cocoa beans, along with low GI rock sugar, as well as no artificial flavouring too.  It's also easy to make as we only need to add hot water (for hot drink) or add water and ice cubes (for make it cold drink), and it's great to be enjoy either way! Gotta tell you that me and my kids already been hooked up to this Chek Hup Kokoo drink now that I need to restock for more haha! 

Eventually, there are 2 variants that we can choose from this Chek Hup Kokoo drinks series, which are the original Chocolate Drink, and another one is Chocolate Drink with Hazelnut. OMG I'm indeed super excited when I found out about the one with Hazelnut, because I already imagine how awesome it'll taste as I am a fan of hazelnut-based drinks as well haha! 

Click HERE  to check out for this combo! 

The Chek Hup Chocolate series 

Since I want to stock up for the Chek Hup Chocolate drink, and yes excited to try the Chocolate with Hazelnut one too, hence I choose to order the combo of these two variant which only costs RM28 at Shopee and can't wait to taste the Chocolate with Hazelnut hehee. Perhaps I'll update you guys on my IG (IG story maybe) later after I received my order and try okayy? Anyway, you can check out these links for the Check Hup drinks in case you're interested too okay : 

Chek Hup Shopee's Page : feast your eyes HERE 

Chek Hup Kokoo Combo : Combo deals here! 

FYI, aside from chocolate drink series, there are also coffee and tea series that you can choose and yes most of them seems interesting too, but I haven't tried all yet so far, so I can't say much about those okayy heheh. Yet I do totally recommended the chocolate drink here because it is literally taste oh so yummy! 

Click HERE to check out Chek Hup's Shopee page 

So yess feel free to check out their Shopee page as the link above and perhaps try them yourselves and see if you'll loves it too hehe. This blogpost here is not sponsored by Chek Hup nor Shopee, but merely just sharing my fav items and also I think my best buy from Shopee as usual okayy hehe. 

May my sharing here is somewhat beneficial to you all too especially those whom are looking for a great cup of hot chocolate drink to enjoy. Thanks for reading guys and take care okayy! Happy holidays too!

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