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How are everyone doing? I hope you are all fine and feeling good these days. Indeed it's been like a couple of month now since my last post, but yeah I still regularly update on my social medias. Actually there are lots of things that I wanna share with you guys here but it's okay I'll make some time later for that I guess. As for starters now, I actually wanna share my review and more about this latest gear from Sudio, which I happened to get my hands on them recently and try hehee. 

To be honest, these past few months I've been in a hunt for a new earphones / earpods, since my last earpods kinda not doing so great so I think it's time for a change. I do still have my earphones - the old, regular, non-wireless one, but yeah sometimes I do like to use the wireless earphones to escape from the getting tangled business, yeah you know haha. Well, I came across this new Sudio wireless earphones range - the Sudio Nio, and indeed I'm excited to try them! *You guys can watch my mini unboxing video HERE or on my IG too okayy*

FYI, this Sudio Nio range offers 4 colours which are White, Black, Green, and Sand. I chose Sand colour as it attracted me the most hehee. You guys can see all the pics I feature around here for close up look of the Sudio Nio but first, let me pointed out to you some of their features here okayy : 

  • Adaptive dual-microphone technology that filters out unwanted background noise while on a call 
  • Easy to use touch controls 
  • IPX4 waterproof rating 
  • Up to 20 hours play time 
  • 4 interchangeable wing tips which designed to provide the best and comfy fit 

Here's the full set of Sudio Nio in Sand colour, including free Sudio Care Kit 

Those are indeed sounds great right? Well, now that I've tried them for around a week now, I can tell you that they definitely checked those key features successfully! I love how I can go on using this Sudio Nio earphones for dayssss without the need to charge them. I usually use it at night the most, so I guess that gave me more perks in their long standing hours of play time. I've been using them for hours each time and day, and it still great to go without charging up until the moment I wrote this review hehe. 

Besides that, their accessories include 4 pairs of silicon wing tips, which I can choose which one fit me best and the comfiest for me. That's great right? Especially when you have such sensitive ear or if you need adjustment preference in wearing earphones - like my hubs for instance, he can't wear earphones much as usually it hurts his ear and doesn't fit comfortably, so indeed with up to 4 pairs of wing tips to choose as included accessories, that shows a lot upon how much Sudio focused on their user's best, right? 

A lil close up of my recent favourite work out and daily companion 

I can run, dance, lie down, rolling and everything while wearing my Sudio Nio and still be truly comfortable to listen to my favourite tracks or even chilling watching movies etc hehee. It doesn't fall out, and it doesn't hurts my ears as well. Not only it's sweatproof and waterproof, the audio are sharp and clear too, suitable for any moment, be it indoor or outdoor. Oh on the side notes, for me, the bass sounds for this Sudio Nio aren't the bomb but I think that's fine as it's satisfying enough since I can hear the audio sharp and clear. In case you're looking for more into bass, or other specific part, you can always find which Sudio range is the best model for you with their product guide menu on their website okayy.

The easy to use touch control does comes conveniently even without my phone nearby as I can pause/play, next, volume control, as well as call assistant. Thanks to it's adaptive dual microphone technology, my phone calls or zoom / meet meeting can be more focus and clear as it filters out unwanted background noise. From my experience, the touch control is not too sensitive so no worries regarding any accidental touch or whatnot okayy. In addition, it's super easy to pair with device for the first time, and after that it'll be automatically and swiftly paired the moment I open the case and pick up the buds. No hassle hehe. 

Worry not as it comes in complete guide with manual, precautions and all 

Overall, I do like this Sudio Nio and it's presence does helps a lot in my daily activities and works. I think it's a good grab since the quality are great and I am happy using this Sudio Nio earphones daily. In addition, it comes with 3 years warranty with Sudio Sphere along with free worldwide shipping! Not only that, Sudio will give 1x Sudio Earbuds Care Kit for FREE (worth RM119) for any purchase of Sudio earphones from 15 February 2021 until 21 March 2021. Believe me that this Sudio Care Kit is a worthy grab as you can easily clean your Sudio in order to take a good care of it from time to time. 

Sudio Care Kit, such convenient and a must!

Okay in case you guys are interested to try this Sudio Nio or wanna check out their other earphones model / products, you guys can go to their website as below : 

ANDDD special gift for my followers and readers!! 

Save and use my code here ---> RAINBOWNIO for a 15% off discount on your purchase on their website yassss! This discount code valid for all products including this Sudio Nio, and it has no limit of validity too okay, so yesss feel free to use it yayyy. As in for this Sudio Nio, it's originally costs RM359, but if you use my code [ RAINBOWNIO ] there, it'll be around RM309 only. Now isn't that great as you can manage to save more?! 

Alright, I guess I have covered much regarding this Sudio Nio and all Sudio promo / deets for you guys right? I hope my sharing here could help or beneficial somehow to all of you, especially if you're in the hunt for earphones or gadgets as well hehe. Till then, thanks a lot for stopping by yea guys, stay safe and may you all have a great week ahead! 

16 bubblynotes :):

  1. so nice of them to include cleaning kit. my earphones always get dirty and dusty.

  2. Cantik la warna sand ni. Saya pun akan pilih warna ni. Ada cleaning kit tu best la sebab kadang2 barang yang dibeli mana ada cleaning kit ni. Kena beli asing.

  3. Love the colourway of this Sudio Nio earpod. The price is reasonable too given its top notch quality. Thanks for the included discount code.

  4. Cantiknya Sudio Nio Earpod nih lama tu siap ada care kit dan boleh bertahan sampai 20jam. Memang berbaloi dengan harganya.

  5. bestnyaaa. suka sangat design sudio no. dah la siap bagi care kit. bestt

  6. Cantek warna dand ni.. i suka sudio wireless earphones. Selain smart sangat praktikal

  7. Ala bestnya ada Sudio Care Kit. Bella beli aritu takde. Huhu. Tp sound dia mmg power. Suka sgt.

  8. Sis suka laa sebab ada care kit dia, jarang sangat terjual siap care kit kann, so kalau orang lain nak guna pun, kita boleh bersihkan..

  9. This looks like such a beneficial and good earphone brand. Can’t wait to buy one for myself!

  10. Oh these are so cute. I have yet to make the switch from earphones to earbuds. Maybe i should!

  11. Cantiknya earpod sudio ni. lagi best sebab ada care kit. kalau saya tak ada lagi earbuds, mungkin saya akan beli sudio ni. :)

  12. Suka sudio ni sebab warna dia semua menarik tapi tak beli lagi. Dah masuk wishlist nanti nak beli yang pink

  13. Wahhh ada cleaning kit tu yang best sebab kadang-kadang barang yang dibeli mana ada cleaning kit ni semua. Kena beli asing-asing.

  14. Produk yang menarik.. warranty pun lama .. saya pun berhajat nak beli earpods.. brand ni akan dipertimbangkan..

  15. Menarik this round sebab Sudio dah keluarkan cleaning kit. Sebelum ni takde lagi kan... Boleh grab la mcm ni...

  16. I have a unit of Sudio Nio mine is black, love the sound quality and design.


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