World's First : Mindful Muslim App (Review)

Salam & Hi lovelies! 

How are you guys doing? Hopefully all is well despite any of the hardness that we face these days. Indeed this time, I would like to share with all of you one of the app that I’ve just installed and tried for few days, which is the Mindful Muslim app. 

To be honest, as far as I know, this is the world’s first Islamic app that meant to improve our mental and emotional well beings throughout guided Islamic talk down audio - which include variety of Duas, stories from Al-Quran, Ruqyah, and more. It got 4.8 stars rating with more than 1900 5 star reviews on Google Playstore, which is impressive, isn’t it? Don’t worry it’s also available on Appstore as well with by far have 5 star rating!

What drawn me to try this app is that I did have insomnia - it’s always hard for me to try to sleep in the early night, hence, I’m open to try many ways to sleep, especially if it’s into Islamic. I did look up for Islamic app that contains stories from Al-Quran, and I can say that this Mindful Muslim comes with bonus as it’s include other beneficial reciting, all in one app. 

Newspaper article regarding Mindful Muslim app

Before this, I have to open several apps to get to hear what I seek for, ie Quran recites, stories, Duas and Zikrullah, but now I only have to make a playlist on my Mindful Muslim app and I’m good to go, ready to drift to such serene sleep. 

FYI, the stories and hadith in their guided talk down are taken from the references of works, talks & lectures from well known Islamic speakers such as Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Menk, Omar Suleiman, Yassir Qadhi and Wahaj Tarin. 

While the compilation of Duas are extracted from the ‘Hisnul Muslim’ book by Sa’eed Ibn Ali Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaani (14th Century) which it’s original text with translation are available at 

As for the compilation of Duas before sleep, including the Ruqyah, they cross reference it with Islamqa, which are according to the sunnah that are referenced from Dr Abu’l -Mundhir Khaleel Ibn Ibraaheem Ameen. So from all these credible references, I think we can be confident enough to listen to it, right. 

Below are several of my screenshots from the app, which shows some of the choices / varieties that are available in the app. Indeed those are truly helpful, as upon listening, it able to calm me down, raise my motivation and also to reflect myself in order to strengthen my connection with The Most Merciful, Allah SWT and also my deen, Islam. 

These are some of the Duas and Ruqyah available

There are 4 reciters to choose from & also several verses from Al-Quran

These are my fav sections as well, variety of talk down to choose from

Based from my experience upon exploring this apps, I find that the guided talks and stories are lovely, in addition, insightful as well. I love how we’re able to choose our background sound as well if we like, for example, adding the sound of the waves crashing subtly to the beach, or the sound of the rain, which these two are my favorites by far as it gives me such idyllic feeling while listening to the talks or reciting. You guys can watch my video to get the full POV upon using this app including the sample sound on my IG or HERE okayy 😊 

I believe, most of us have experience stress, or depression, especially during this hard time on pandemic. For me, by listening to the contents in Mindful Muslim, does helps. I do suffer from anxiety etc and for me, besides water, listening to these calm and mindful content, totally calm me down and makes me grateful as well as more appreciative / positive towards many aspects. I can also feel the serenity and love. 

Besides that, this app is really easy to explore, and I think it’s great for parents to let the kids listens to it too. Those with babies especially can now easily play the Ruqyah and all while feeding their loved ones, or while putting the children to sleep, or anytime too, really. 

It’s also offers Sleep Diary, which we can pour our thoughts or adding some additional notes while listening to any in there before we sleep, but I haven’t try that yet hence can’t say how it goes. 

Anyway, as far as it contains much pros as I’ve mentioned above, there are indeed some cons in this app. Well not really bad things to be exact, yet just some minor things that I think the developer can improve or add on onto their next update, which are : 

1. Added the reciter’s sound sample, since upon choosing on the reciter, I’m too lazy to google how they sound like huhu hence a sample player (like the sound sample on guided talk down) will be truly helpful 

2. Fix to be more smooth generally while using the app - as I’m facing several unwanted things like the background sound stop halfway and sometimes can’t change to other choice, a lil bit difficult to add a new playlist to my saved playlist (hence by far I only manage to have 1 saved playlist but it’s okay I’ll explore more and will update if I suddenly manage to add another playlist heheh) 

3. Maybe can make the saved playlist available to be played offline? Since yes we need internet connection in order to play through all / using this app 

4. Um this might be not necessary but it will be nice if we can also have a theme / background colour maybe, for this app? Hehe. Or at least make it available in dark mode hehee. 

Alright so far I think that’s it, overall this is indeed such a great and helpful app to have. I’m glad that I install it, and I’ll explore more of it from time to time. Looking forward for more stories added into the guided talkdown, really. I do have books for stories from Al-Quran, and I can see how exciting it’ll be if it can be more stories in this app so I (and looking forward to let my kids too) can just listened to it everyday. 🥰 

These are how it looks like while listening to it. 
Can do / open other apps / things too while listening 

For me, this app isn’t just inclusive to Muslims, yet it’s also can be listens by non Muslims as well, if they want to. Anyhow, for those whom wanna try or check out this app, you guys can install it via these links below for both Google Playstore and Appstore okayy : 


Android : 

In case you guys have try it, feel free to share what you think or your experiences with me too if you like okayy, perhaps I could learn something new too from yours. Till then, thank you for your time lovelies and may what I shared can be beneficial someway to you guys too. Take care all! ❤️ 

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This is a good app. All Muslim should have this in their phone or tablet. Thank you for sharing your review. Btw, you have a very pretty and lively blog. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts, truly appreciate it! Indeed agreed with you, this is such a great app to have 👍🏻❤️

  3. I will play some surahs with background effect every night before I sleep just to clear my minds. So helpful.

    1. Awhh good to know that! Indeed same, this app have been really helpful to me too 👍🏻

  4. I am not Muslim by the way. But read your articles, this muslim app really same to my app on my mobile, Abide. Its help me to to find Bible nats every day, reading it with calmness sounds effects.

    Applications do help, but surrendering wholeheartedly to God is the most important kan? Salam dari Catatan Traveler from Indonesia:)

    All love, Cya

    1. Aww thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience here! Indeed that’s true, the app can be such a great help yet the heart always be the main important part ❤️

  5. apps yg sangat bagus. boleh menghidupkan jiwa yg mati. Insyaallah

    1. Betul tuu, insyaAllah, mudah-mudahan app ni dapat membantu ❤️

  6. Aplikasi Mindful Muslim bagus untuk bantu tidur. Sebab dengan keadaan risau pandemik. Ramai yang risau, stress, depress dan tekanan perkara lain. Jadi, sebagai umat Islam. Kembali kepada Allah. Baca surah dalam aplikasi ini. InsyaAllah membantu sangat

    1. Betul tu, app ni sangat membantu dari pelbagai segi, bila-bila masa pon sesuai untuk mendengarinya kan. ❤️

  7. Apss nie memang bagus, rasa tenang ja bia kita dengar zikir atau surah tak kisahlah sebelum tidur atau sambil-sambil buat kerja pun kan..

    1. Yes sangat setuju, macam-macam boleh dipelajari dari dengar content dalam app ni kan, sangat membantu pada bila-bila masa ❤️

  8. Wowww menarik apps ni. Yelah dah alang2 tangan selalu pegang phone bila install apss ni banyak faedahnya kan. Menenangkan sgt

  9. Sangat bagus apps ni, Sis sampai sekarang time nak tidur mesti bukak belek dan baca juga dengar, jadi terapi minda sungguh,,,

  10. Ramai orang kata teknologi banyak yg buruk dari yg baik tapi sebenar ia terpulang pada diri kita jer mcm mana menggunakan teknologi mcm aplikasi ni good...


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