My Iron Deficiency Anemia + Vertigo Story


Anemia strikes again, this time with a vertigo that banged. Okay yes that’s the red line. 

To be honest, I’ve noticed (totally can feel) that my hemoglobin decreased day by day for a while now, and this vertigo kinda hard proves it. Oh indeed I’ve never told / wrote about this publicly before, but I have an iron deficiency anemia, since my teen years. 

In my case, sometimes I could experience the vertigo as my blood count decreases to such emergency level, yet usually I can notice / feel the symptoms from time to time, hence usually I’ll get on with quick precaution to prevent it from becoming worse - ie to start on iron tablets prescription + try to consume more foodie that’ll help my anemia till the doctor says that my blood count’s stable again. 

The first and common thing that the doctors and others notice on me throughout my anemia journey is my pale lips. Then when my blood count is at a good level again, the doctor will seem rejoice while commenting how they can see the blood flourish upon my lips again, as it means that the blood is pumping happily and flowing nicely around my body, sending enough oxygen. Yeah I do love that particular moment upon my check up 🙂 

As for now, it’s been years that I haven’t experience this kind of vertigo, since sometimes it’ll be just that mini, usual unbalanced one. I think it’s safe to say that vertigo is actually rare for me, since mostly it’ll be just that getting up or sudden unbalance / poor vision for a seconds thingy. If you have anemia specifically iron deficiency anemia like me, I think you can relate upon what I say here, right? 

So this vertigo earlier today kinda shocked me actually, thank god it didn’t became terrible. Indeed it’s my worst vertigo attack for now but yeah I accepted it as that’s how the body tell you and give you the warning. I guess they done with giving me the mini warning, now goes the red alert 😳 so that I won’t hushed them with such word pleaser like “nahh it’s okay, this is nothing”, “nothing worse, you’ll be fine, try to eat more red meat, more greens, yada yada ok”, “you’re fine girl just keep on moving”,  in order to keep my heart up huhuu hmmm 

I was about to do my shooting work, then suddenly I feel lightheaded and slowly can’t stand the merry go round that happened inside my head. Felt like my brain became The Flash, running in circle at that time huhu. I lost my balance but I quickly sit down, control my breathing, drink some water and lay down in a bit. 

At first I thought I was about to have an anxiety attack, but then it’s clearly a vertigo attack. I kept repeated “I’m fine, I’m fine” to myself while taking a deep breath and do a deep, slow breathing, in order to avoid panicking huhu thank god my brain still functioning well that time as it received the fine command and projected it right, hence the panic didn’t took over heheh. 

You see, I despise to get anxiety attack especially when I was alone with the kids. It felt much like a reluctant death, like it’s the harsh end of my existence, really. Totally not gonna do you good during the attack and even after. Ah but that’s different story and attack huhu sorry, okayy let’s get back to my anemia story. 

I still remember, the first time I have this kind of vertigo was when I was in high school, yet that time I was collapsed. It was during the assembly, I thought it just the usual mini unbalanced but it all happened swiftly as I didn’t realized that I just out, while my friends were shocked but they automatically help and brought me to lay down in the nearest classroom. After resting for some time, I felt fine again that time. Not really fine but yeah just the usual iron deficiency anemia girl kinda fine. 

I wasn’t officially diagnosed that time, not until my early first pregnancy actually. Indeed I’ve even been hospitalized for this disease before, and still on and off experiencing this anemia & the unbalance thingy. Well like I said earlier, I rarely got vertigo that worries me like today, so yeah okayy I gotta get my iron tablets asap and check my blood counts 😣 

The last recent time that my anemia hit me hard again was about 2 years ago, well I hope this time it wouldn’t be like that again, may I manage to stop the decreasing count. Everything’s linked like a spiderweb, but I’ll try my best. 

This exact post, was actually the moment I felt better after slight fever at first, then goes down to the anemia and all. Seriously that daily blood count check procedure isn’t fun and I’m not looking forward to do it again huhu.

Whoops been pouring too long now, perhaps I should excuse myself now. Not sure whose gonna stop by and read this but yeah, God bless you all. Thank you and take care lovelies ❤️ 

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