Weekend Activities : S2 Hill Park, XCafe, & Port Dickson

Salam and Hi lovelies! 

Today I'd love to share some of the activities that can be done during off days or weekend at Seremban, which I bet everyone be it adults or kids, can enjoy doing it. 

So, as per last weekend, me and my family started our day early in the morning by heading on to the Port Dickson area, planning for a brief picnic by the beach. We had our breakfast outside, which around the Port Dickson (PD) area as well, just by searching for a stall via Waze app since we're not sure where to eat for breakfast that day heheh. Actually, we went to our fav place before head on to PD, but too bad the place was packed with people already, hence, we decided to just have our breakfast at PD. 

So, based from Waze, we chose to go to this Capati Kari Kambing Nani, as it managed to grab our attention and crave for the Capati Kambing as well heheh. The stall located around 1.7km away from the beach, we easily found it. We're happy with the food as the Capati and Roti Canai are fluffy, easy to tear and eat, while their gravy (Kari Kambing) is not that bad too, indeed such a satisfying pair with the meat truly cooked through as it fall off easily the moment we pinched for a bite. Their service are okay too as they're fast to serve and everything looks good. Only their drinks aren't quite suits us, but that's okay, no biggie for us. Oh and on the other hands, there are monkeys around and nearby, hanging out and waiting for food too it seems, yet no they didn't come near people or snatching anyone's food. Felt like such unique eating out experience to be honest hahah! Indeed, if you're afraid of monkeys, perhaps it's better if you choose to sit away from the trees, okayy? Overall, it's good there. 

Alright after having 4 pcs of Capati Kari Kambing in my tummy, chilling by the beach is perfect for our next move hehe. Mind you, don't forget to bring picnic blanket / mattress, sand castle tools, and your bathing suits etc too as per usual beach moment thingy. We're there for few hours while the sun is shining lovely still and cozy, the breeze greeted you happily and the water feels good too on your skin. In addition, the beach are not packed with people too during early hours of the day, well yeah I believe you know the drill, right? 

We went back home after the beach, rest a bit before we went out again later that day for some exercise and sight seeing by the park. Yes, here comes the S2 Hill Park to be ticked off the list heheh. If you guys noticed, we have variety of parks here at Seremban right? Indeed that include one of this famous Hill Park, the S2 Hill Park, located at S2 Heights area. In case you didn't know, visitors need to park their vehicle alongside the road before climb up to the hill park. I think it took around 15 minutes to walk up to the Hill, which we enjoyed too as we can admire the scenery while enjoying the fresh air during our walk. 

As for the Hill Park itself, I think it's great there and perfect for any kind of ages, especially family with kids. There are variety of things to try and play up there, including playgrounds, tracks to jog / walks, trees info guide, mini flying fox section, mini wall climbing, Dinosaur landscapes, etc. There are also public toilet and the entrance are free for all yea, in case you're wondering. We truly had so much fun there and such a great place for exercising while sight seeing indeed, feel free to watch my video below for full view or more clips of the hill okayy. 

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Okay after we done burning our calories while finding sunset at the Hill Park, we decided to have some dinner first at XCafe, XPark Bandar Sri Sendayan, on our way home. I actually had share about this one great coffee the other day on my IG & TikTok posting, which actually you can find it around the same place here at XPark okayy hehe. 

As for this XCafe, you can find variety of stalls and foodie all under one roof, like a cafeteria indeed. You can see it from my video above as well okayy as I included the snippet of when I'm at the cafe, showing you the ambience there heheh. There'll be buskers too entertaining you while you eat, and yes guys I totally recommended you guys to try the Ikan Bakar, so yummy! The drinks there are good too, we ordered juices to pair with our Ikan Bakar set, totally refreshing and we're happily full afterwards. As for desserts, we tried the waffles with ice cream there, but sorry we can't finish the waffles as it came out too hard for our taste, perhaps they mislook upon making the the batter or wrong oven setting or something, I'm not sure. Other than that, it's all good. I think we'll come again to try other stalls / foodie there another day, and overall this XCafe is a good place to eat. 

Well, I guess these sums up our day during the weekend. It's great to do these kind of activities regularly, together, as it can tighten the family bonding. We definitely are having such great time as well as manage to exercise too while enjoying such beautiful scenery and fresh air, definitely good for our body and mentally too. So, in case you're out of idea where to go or what to do, perhaps you can try these activities too! 

Hope my sharing here could help somehow. Thanks for stopping by lovelies. Take care and have a great day ahead to all of you! 

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