Everyday Things That Make You Dumb

Ever experienced a quick-forgotten moment? Or u find it hard to remembering your
notes nor focuses on your reading while u're stuck in a long massive jammed?
Well here's some facts about our brain and why those scenes happens :


Do u ever walk into a room only to forget why u're going there?
It seems doors themselves are to blame for these memory lapses.
Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame,US, have discovered that passing
through a doorway triggers what's known an 'event boundary' in the mind,
separating 1 set of thoughts and memories from the next.
Your brain files away the thoughts u had in the previous room and
prepares a blank state for the new locale.


We walk in circles when we traverse terrain devoid of landmarks,
such as the desert. Even though we'd swear that we're
walking in a straight line, we actually curve around in loops
as tight as 20m in diameter. German research from the Max Planck Institute
for Biological Cybernetics reveals why :
with every steps, a small deviation arises in the brain's balance (vestibular)
or body awareness (proprioceptive) systems. The deviations accumulate to send u
veering in ever tighter circles. But they don't occur when we recalibrate our
sense of direction using a nearby landmark.


If u can't concentrate during the irritating sound of a truck backing up,
blame an evolutionary glitch. Natural sounds are created from a
transfer of energy (say, a stick hitting a drum) and gradually dissipate.
Our perceptual system uses that decay of sound to figure out what made it
and where it came from. But beeps don't typically change or fade away
over time, so our brains have trouble keeping up.


Just a troll :)

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  1. Ok that's silly question just caught my attention! Sheldon is genius!


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