Why Did He Kept On Choosing The Sun?

Salam and hello lovelies :)
Today I would like to share a warm, lovely story with all of you.
All of the words and sentences were originally from me :)
Enjoy! ;)


Once upon a time, there's a lovely couple who often spend their times together at the park
full with beautiful flowers, have an exquisite fountain, breathtaking scenery, etc.
They do love the wonderful nature, as they're always find those kind of place to relax 
and regale themselves.

One day, as they're lying on the grass,  luxuriate those beautiful, wonderful butterflies 
and flowers around them, accompanied by gentle breeze and the warm lovely sunshine,
the woman asks the man about love & hope.
The woman said, " I wanna be the most exquisite flower in the whole world."
Then the man smiled and replied, " I wanna be the sun."

The woman didn't get it why the man repudiate to be something else such as the
butterfly or the beetle that will keep on accompany the flowers.
Hence, the woman surmise again, " I wanna be the moon",
but still, the man choose to be the sun.

It started to looks like muzzy died on top of her head. She knows that obviously 
the sun and the moon wouldn't ever get the chances to meet each other, 
but still, the man choose to be the sun.
So, as not to giving it up, she surmise some more, " I wanna be a bird that could fly
up above the sky and over off top of the sun"
but then still, the man replied, " I wanna always be your sun."

Hence, the woman bitterly smile yet frustrated. It had been like 3 times that
she's trying and surmising, but still, the man stubbornly choose to be the sun 
without compromising any in order to be with her. So, she left and never 
returns to the man without never asks him why he kept chose the sun as his choices.
The man wistfully brood over himself then stare upon the sun.

While the woman choose to be the flowers, he choose to be the sun in order to
make sure that the woman will continuously alive. The sun will give all of the rays so that
the flower will grow healthily, flourish bloom as a beautiful flower.
This is what we called with give unconditionally, with no intention of having 

anything as a return.

Then, as the woman wanna be the moon, he still choose to be the sun so that 
the moon can always shine beautifully and been admired.
The beautiful shine of the moon is just a reflection of sunlight. While everyone was 
admired and impressed with the moon, whom remembered the sun?
The sun is willing to give its own shine all over to the moon even though it couldn't
ever enjoyed the moonlight itself, honors been forgotten, and even lose its dignity
as a giver of light, just in order to let the moon get all of the dignity and respectability.
This is what we called with sacrifices, it's painful but it's highly worthy for these kind of love.

Last but not least, while the woman said that she wanna be a bird which can fly far 
above the sky and over the top of the sun, the man remains his choice as  to be the sun
so that the bird will be free to go anytime and anywhere that it wanted to as the sun
didn't wanna impede it. The sun is willing to let go of the bird to go and leave far,
but it'll always keep the smolder love in it's heart just for the bird.
The sun will always be there whenever that the bird wanna returns 
even when the bird isn't always there for the sun. There'll be no other creatures
that could go into it's heart and get the love, except for the only bird.
This is what we called with devotion, even abandoned, or betrayed, still,
it will always waiting and always forgive. 
Thus, the man was never regret to be the sun for his woman.

** Sometimes, true love may seems foolish and blind or even unacceptable, but
    we can't help it. No matter how painful u bear, if it's a true love,
    u just hold it tight to your heart and face it, swallow it, and also
    keep on praying and trying for it's best.
    Whenever that he/she is happy, somehow,
    u'll find some happiness in there too.
    No matter what, keep on living.
    If he/she is meant for u, then it'll be. If not, then there'll be someone else 
    out there who will suits u better, even greater.
    No worries, every cloud has a silver lining. 
    God knows what's best for u greater than u do.


6 bubblynotes :):

  1. moralnya. jangan mengharap balasan :)

    1. Yup, hehe, true love cenggitu laa kan :)

  2. wow, such a creative story of giving without accepting anything in return just for the sake of true love :) I love your choice of words but there are certain parts that may trigger the anger of a grammar nazi there :D

    1. Oh really? I must be overlooked then. Well, nobody's perfect. There ain't nobody have that 100% correct & perfect grammar, love. Especially when it comes to this kinda site. At least I know the differentiation of the words and it's meaning :) chill babe. Everyone have those grammar issues. Or misunderstanding, maybe? :) Yeap since we barely didn't know each other neither do their level of knowledge, right. :)


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