Do You Remember This? :)

#GSCSpooktober Surprise Box.

Crossed it on twitter last night where when u bought horror movies
on this October u'll get the surprise box :)
Halloween thingy, of course.
Interesting, and the first thing that came into my mind
was what might be inside of the surprise box.
I've been thinking about this one kind of a toy
that I used to play, bought, had, looked etc when I was a little.
I still remember it, the black kinda cup, and even the awesome spooky shop.
It was spooky-slimy-colourful-thingy with a broken bloody finger
or an eyeball at the centre of it which been filled in a some like cup.
Well as for the 'filling', it's not only those bloody fingers nor eyeball, 
it could be ear, nose, etc.

Do u remember it too?
I know it's kinda spooky but it's fun though.
Well, it's hard to find those thing nowadays.
While googling for the images,
I found some other didn't-know-whether-they-still-exist-here
toys too from my childhood, and yeah that was fun :)
Cause it's rare, fun, funny, nostalgic and everything.
I'd love to hold it and have it again, well yeah cause if I wanna play
with it it'll be too awkward, idk.
Well, let's scroll some pictures shall we?
Drop me some words if u recognized / remember / experienced those too!

This is most likely the slimy spooky thingy toys with the fake body parts in it 
that I've told u about earlier.

While these are some of others cool rare 90's toys that I've found while googling 
for the spooky slimy toys earlier above :)

Tamagotchi (the Digimon species)

Yeap I still remember this fake poop. Yerghh.

Sticky hand. One of my fav :D

Transforming Power Rangers. Bahaha.

Basketball shooting game :)

Well we've got Furby, Creepy ball, creepy babydolls, monster in my pocket, 
and wayyyy much more to dig in. 
I'm not sure if they're still exists though. I mean here in Malaysia.
Even Digimon itself is hard to find, right?
Okay then, that's all for today.
Have a great nostalgic night guys :D

6 bubblynotes :):

  1. of all the thing u said i probably remember the sticky hand..hehe


    1. Hehe thanks Strider. Yeah that sticky hand, hehe I love to throw it to the wall, the higher the better. And, to squeeze it too. hehe.

  2. yay still fresh in mind..bnde ni old skol gile zaman kecik2..look real even just darah2 nye tanah liat tp stil disgusting lg la mase pegang..eyurcckks

  3. Salam perkenalan..

    jemput visit and follow me back :)

    1. Salam kenal :) thanks yea, done dear :D


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