The Private and Unprivate

Sometimes i ran into these kinda sentences:

1. They unprivate their accounts because they're the attention seeker!
2. Gotta private my acc cz it's dangerous to keep it public.
3. Are u crazy? Private, if not they can stalk u!
4. I'm cool and something, so i have to private my acc to keep them away.
Etc etc etc.

So.. Okay, first of all, private or not, it's totally your right. Your choice.
Depends on what do u share and what is ur intention on the media, whether it's beneficial, nonsense, nothing, bad thing or whatever, then there comes the circumstances. What other people think of u or labelled aren't important nor true, unless u stated or into it too. 

Well, social media isn't that safe either if u're talking about dangerous / wanna be in private etc. For example, fb. Every single pic that u upload, they have the right to use it too whenever wherever and however they like such as for the advertising etc. 
Yes every single pic! No matter u private or whatever, they still have it. 

That's why have u ever heard of be careful when u're about to upload something? 
And as for muslim, have u ever heard of this, 'please upload pic that only cover ur aurah, etc etc'. ? Yeah it's because of that thing people. It's on their terms&condition or something. Anddd, when it comes to the hackers, i mean real hackers, they just could ripped it off if u're their target, right. Passwords, for them it's just easy. 

In the other hands, yes, there are attention seekers etc, but u couldn't just judge them easily, right. Back to the intention and what they are sharing exactly. If it's simply ordinary, knowledge or anything that isn't annoyed or bothered others, then why not unprivate? 

Or let say they just them, i mean, they have nothing to hide or be afraid of etc, which lead to 'why private'? Right? Some say 'nahh who am i? I'm invisible man,' or 'nahh i'm not that kinda important people to private this shit dude, whose gonna stalk me? Duhh and i keep my private thingy private, not in my social media.' 

It's true somehow, cz some people define private not as same as others. Private for them are things that other people never know. Things that they didn't share, anywhere. Maybe if u're by their side all day then u'll know what are their private thingy. Or maybe u just don't. Cz it's private, remember? 

Just think back, u share it on social media. 
It won't be that private even if u're privating ur acc. Cz people knows. 
Don't tell me u just have 5 followers / friends in ur acc, right? U have ur friends, colleague, etc. Even 100++ is still a lot of others u know. 

Well, there are always pros and cons. Whatever that is, back to basic. What is your intention and what is it that u're sharing? So, put the judgement away, and just take a good care of yourself. Surf safe and free! ☺

4 bubblynotes :):

  1. i'm totally agree with this!

  2. Totally agree with this. My prof just told me that her family's friend's picture was used to advertise one product in Europe. They had no idea about it. Apparently the picture used was uploaded on the Facebook.

    1. Whoa that was far! kinda scary sometimes isn't it? :)


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