Pine & Dine : Full Review

Salam & hello lovelies!

This post is about food review actually, hehe. Dah lama simpan dalam draft actually, which I wrote this months ago before bersalin on April. So here we go --

There's this one new (on that time) western food place di Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, yang kinda viral here because of their plating and they said the food was good there. Yes, it's Pine & Dine, di Lavender Heights, Senawang.

So, since few of my friends dah ada update about that place, I and my hubs kinda terpengaruh jugaklah nak try their western food since we are such a true western food lover & of course, a foodlover kan hehe.

So finally last Saturday dapat pergi sana - kebetulan untuk sambut jugak my belated birthday on 27th March haritu and advance birthday treat for our sugarbug Eva which is on 5th April, and my hubs said as a treat jugak as we're expecting & counting the days je sekarang ni for me to deliver our second baby hehe. So this dinner treat kinda along with triple package to be celebrate lah kan.

Okay enough bout us, let's go on with the food review yea :)

We've ordered 3 different meals - Chicken Chop, Lamb Chop & Meatball with fries. Air pulak just Ice Lemon Tea for us both. At first plan nk order dessert/cakes if ada but kt menu takda, and since kt dlm pulak xboleh masuk sbb ada org reserved the whole are dlm tu for occasion, so takpelah kitorg xjd nk tny or anything huhu. Their price range kira standard jela murah jugak, our selection ni belas2 ringgit je each. Chicken Chop RM 11.90, Lamb Chop RM17.90, Meatball pulak alamak tak ingat pulak exactly berapa but below RM20 jugak if I'm not mistaken. Air Ice Lemon Tea tu pulak murah je RM3 each. If yg choc/latte punya beverages selection pulak around RM6 each.

Chicken Chop

This one comes with fries, salad, and blackpaper sauce. Ayam nya tu macam ayam goreng bahagian dada, not yang jenis ayam chicken chop biasa (boneless tight tu). Memang digoreng, and indeed plating diorg memang nice. Ayam okay, fries okay.


Comes with fries, a bit jam (kinda strawberry sauce) and kat each meatball tu ada a bit cheezy sauce or kinda thousand island, but i think it's more like yg cheezy tu mcm kt cheezy wedges tu laa uolls huhu. Fries okay, plating as usual mmg nice.

Lamb Chop

Comes with onion rings, salad & baked potato. Blackpaper sauce jugak. I think memang diorg just guna blackpaper sauce je kot sbb xde selction other sauce for every meal. Lamb cooked well, lembut, kira nice laa. baked potato & onion ring pon tasted okay. Plating mmg nice.

Okay here comes the but :-

It's just that their sauce tu, personally, not that to go for la. Sorry, but if u guys don't mind, I think if there's some improvements on that blackpaper sauce, it'll be nice & better, really. For me (us both actually) it tasted too bold - too much blackpaper, tasted too thick in other aspects, and with the extra kinda sambal (yes there are a bit of chillies thingy jugak in both chicken & lamb set - cili api rasanya - so combine both blackpaper & a bit of those chillies, memang jadi hot & spicyyyyyy heheh. Makan pulak kat area luar tu (sbb dlm dh ade org fully reserved) panas2 ni memang berpeluh wooo nk hbskan makanan tuu hahah.

And meatball tu pulak, actually it's a bit salty and not that meaty. Texture okay lembut, but just the taste laa boleh improve lagi kan. If ada workers or owner Pine & Dine yg baca this post, I truly am sorry if this is too direct, unacceptable or anything, but this is just my honest review on your food, and hopefully it'll be beneficial for you guys as for meningkatkan lagi kualiti kan, hopefully you guys didn't take this the wrong way yea huhu. As for readers, it's better uolls pergi try rasa sendiri, sebab yelah taste lain2 kan, who knows uolls suka, then it's great laa kan hehe. Sebab yes memang not bad laa their food, just bagi kitorg for now, actually biasa je, okaylaa not bad, but plating memang yes nice gilaa hehe.

Okay tu jelah review yg boleh based from apa yg kitorg makan that time. Menu lain maybe superb kot, korg try laa yea nnt boleh exchange share sini hehe. Apa2 pun, I'm sorry again, if this review isn't acceptable or too harsh or anything yea, honestly, I believe that with some improvements, memang boleh pergi jauh sebab service okay, waiter/waitress sopan & berpersonaliti menyenangkan, helpful, mknn pun cpt dpt even ramai, etc etc, so, there you go :)

Moga bermanfaat & have a great week ahead lovelies! Thanks for reading! :)

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