Giveaway by Zeera Lily

Salam bloggers, meh kite join GA ni !! :D

Seperti yang dijanjikan. Here there goes. First giveaway by zeera lily.

Syarat Penyertaan 

1) Mestilah follow blog ini telebih dulu
2) Buat 1 entry bertajuk 'Giveaway by zeera lily'
3) Copy banner diatas & back link pada entry ini
4)  Dalam entry tu, copylah semua info dalam entry ini
5) Lastly, tinggalkan link pada comment entry ini

Hadiah Utama

1) Hello Kitty Mini Perfume edt from Etude House 
2) Border Lace from Camicia Kurung & Border Lace 
3) Tribal Shawl form KLShop


1) Hello Kitty Plusher
2) Miniature or Samples from TheFaceShop & Shiseido

contest end 6 July 2013
Pemenang akan dipilih secara Top Referral & Lucky Draw
Wish u all the best! :D

9 bubblynotes :):

  1. dropping by from zeera giveaway...good luck n following u

  2. thanks aniq and hunny :) jom join yee semuaa :D

  3. tq sudi join ♥
    jmput lg kwn2, ada peluang nk jd top referral tw .. wish u luck =)

    1. thanks dear, aamiinnn hehehee :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Nak join boleh? hehehe, nmpak cm best je hadiahnya

  6. jom jomm joinn ye korangg :D Hadiah sume cmbest jee tu :D
    Qeela gile perfume so bile tgk hadiah utame die perfume, terus laa nk join, who knows ade luck plak kn, heheheee :3


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