Which One Are You? :)

Life's full with variety of things.
Sometimes we might feel depressed, sometimes happy,
sometimes disappointed & lots more.
Life's like a wheel, right?
Sometimes u're up, sometimes u're down.

Well, actually I just wanna pinch a little bit of events
from life. It's about us ourselves with others.
Yeah as we all know there's no way that it'll be perfect.
No matter how great it is, there must be something,
at least a little tiny thing that ruined it.
Not literally ruined, though. Huhu.
I mean, nothing perfect in this world.
No matter what it is.
Siblings, friendship, relationship, anything.

As for someone closer, some people might feel awkward or
find it hard to say / come clean with them when there's 
something came up. For example, A's having a little hard feeling
with B about something from B him/herself.
But due to their closeness, furthermore A didn't know how 
to talk bout it to B as A afraid B would hurts too,
so A just kept it in silence and to him/herself and
always told him/herself that it's just nothing,
it's just a small matter, etc. So A just kept doing it
him/herself without telling anyone.

But as for some other people, they might go up front with
the other and come clean, which actually for them 
the closer they are the easier it will be to talk or reprove anything
to each other. So there'll be no hard feeling towards them and
no dissatisfaction occurs inside themselves.

So, which one are you? Or you're facing both situation too? :)

Well, it's normal, right.. :)

For the first situation, just kept in mind that u might been bothered with 
the devils. U know, as my previous entry I've featured the names
of the devils and their tasks or mission upon us.
Do u remember there's one of them (Dasim) who'd sow hatred
in our heart towards others or specifically someone who close to u,
such as your siblings, etc. Need some refresh? CLICK HERE :) 
And, just kept in mind that if u keep the disgrace of others,
Allah will take care / hide yours too. That's the advantages of letting go,
be patient, trust, or else that are connected.
On the other hand, when the times's come then they'll knew how
u feels, as maybe they will face it themselves, a.k.a karma.
Or I can say it's just life, u know. U might experienced it first / earlier
before the other does. So, just let it go, give them a chance because
when they didn't experience it yet, it's likely that they didn't have any idea
of how it is. And last but not least, u're not perfect either.
There must be something that u're not good in it or something that
mess up with their heart / mind/ self too. So, just chill and take it as
it's your own kinda karma. I mean, can u see? U both have your own
kind of deficiency and 'mess' with each other, so isn't it fair enough? :)

Ok now, the second situation.
Of course, it's always the best. Always.
When u both just head up and come clean to each other,
u both could take the opportunity to change yourselves to be better
and suits everything better. I mean for good.
So, there'll be no more misunderstood nor hard feelings, neither do the not fair 
or dissatisfaction thingy, and those things would get better and better 
in time. ( if both do take the conversation & change for good)
Umm u got me?

Well, whatever it is, just keep calm and don't forget Allah.
Expressed it to Him, as He will heal your soul instantly InsyaAllah.
He always know better and greater. :')
Till then, may we could get something beneficial from this thingy.
 Feel free to share your point of views.
Have a great Friday readers.
Wassalam :)

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