Movie Facts Digestion - The Famous Haunted Dolls

Salam & Olla lovelies!
Today I would like to share some interesting facts behind some horror movies, 
especially the latest hit entitled 'The Conjuring' :)
Well, if u're a horror movies fans, u might be familiar
with these two hits : Annabelle (The Conjuring), and Chucky (Child's Play).
Okay let's start with the Annabelle first shall we? :)


This doll made her 'film appearance' and been named Annabelle, while her
real name is called 'the Raggedy Ann doll'. If  u have watched The Conjuring,
then I believed u knew the Annabelle story, right?
But here's the original doll - the Raggedy Ann doll's story.

Raggedy Ann is a fictional character created by American writer Johnny Gruelle 
(1880–1938) in a series of books he wrote and illustrated for young children. 
Raggedy Ann is a rag doll with red yarn for hair and has a triangle nose. 
The character was created in 1915 as a doll, and was introduced to the public in 
the 1918 book Raggedy Ann Stories. A doll was also marketed along with the book 
to great success. A sequel, Raggedy Andy Stories (1920) introduced the character of her brother, Raggedy Andy, dressed in sailor suit and hat.

Gruelle created Raggedy Ann for his daughter, Marcella, when she brought him 
an old hand-made rag doll and he drew a face on it. From his bookshelf, he pulled a 
book of poems by James Whitcomb Riley, and combined the names of two poems, 
"The Raggedy Man" and "Little Orphant Annie." 
He said, "Why don't we call her Raggedy Ann?"
Marcella died at age 13, shortly after being vaccinated at school for smallpox without 
her parents' consent. Authorities blamed a heart defect, but her parents blamed the vaccination. Gruelle became an opponent of vaccination, and the Raggedy Ann doll 
was used as a symbol by the anti-vaccination movement.

Raggedy Ann dolls were originally handmade. Later, PF Volland, a Gruelle book publisher, made the dolls. In 1935 Volland ceased operation and Ann and Andy were made under Gruelle's permission by Exposition Dolls, and without permission (during legal limbo) 
by MollyE's Dolls, resulting in Gruelle v (Mollye) Goldman.
It appears that many books were released and credited to Johnny Gruelle after his death, regardless of who actually wrote and illustrated them. 
Noted artist Ethel Hays illustrated most of the stories that were published 
beginning in 1944 by the Saalfield Publishing Company.

Gruelle's home town, Arcola, Illinois, is the former home of the annual Raggedy Ann & Andy Festival and the Raggedy Ann and Andy Museum. 
The museum was closed and the festival discontinued in 2009. Some of the museum's contents were donated to the Strong National Museum of Play; other parts of the collection are still in Arcola at Rockome Gardens theme park.
On March 27, 2002, Raggedy Ann was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.
In October 1986, Raggedy Ann, The Musical Adventure, starring Ivy Austin, opened on Broadway at The Nederlander Theater.

Raggedy Ann was parodyed on the stop-motion, comedy show Robot Chicken by 
depicting a fictional suicide by steam press.

*Below is the real Annabelle on the left while on the right is the Annabelle 
from The Conjuring appearance. While the next single image is the full pic of 
Annabelle in Lauren and Ed's place.


Another doll equally as disturbing as Annabelle lives in the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Fla. In the Child's Play movie it's named 'Chucky' while the real doll
was 'Robert the Haunted Doll' - which was said to be the inspiration behind Chucky
who tried to kill his owners in attempts of becoming a real child.
Here's the story of Robert the Haunted Doll :

Robert the Haunted Doll used to be owned by Robert Eugene Otto. 
The doll was allegedly a gift to Eugene in 1906 by a Bahamian servant who was skilled in black magic and voodoo and was displeased with the family. Soon afterward, it became clear that there was something eerie about the doll.
Eugene's parents first thought nothing of the doll until they heard their son talking to the 
doll and Robert talking back in a deep and sinister voice. 
Although at first they assumed that Eugene was simply answering himself in a changed voice, they later believed that the doll was actually speaking.

Neighbors claimed to see the doll moving from window to window when the family was out. The Otto family swore that sometimes the doll would emit a terrifying giggle and that they caught glimpses of it running from room to room. In the night Eugene would scream, and when his parents ran to the room, they would find furniture knocked over and Eugene in bed, looking incredibly scared, telling them that "Robert did it!". 
In addition, guests swore that they saw Robert's expression change before their eyes.
Out of options, Eugene's parents locked Robert the doll in the attic.
Eventually, Eugene grew up, married and sold off the estate leaving the doll in the attic. 
A new family moved in with a 10-year-old daughter who found the doll in the attic. 
It was not long before the girl began screaming out in the night, claiming that Robert moved about the room and even attempted to attack her on multiple occasions. More than thirty years later, she still tells interviewers that the doll was alive and wanted to kill her.

Like Annabelle, Robert the Haunted Doll is kept in a glass case. 
Anyone wanting to take a photo of him must ask for permission, if not, 
they said that the person taking the photo would eventually be cursed.
Erk. Okayy well, enjoy some more pic of them below and have a great day!



** Raggedy Ann seemed more cuter and innocent right? Well, 
wondering if the Rory's music box in The Conjuring is real. Been searching
for the real one but still couldn't find any news bout it. For me, the music
box is crazyyyyy too! hehe. James Wan, is there any real story / pic of it? :D

2 bubblynotes :):

  1. Salam.

    Doll yang asal, dua2 lana rsa takda nampak menakutkan.

    Tapi bila dah difilemkan, chucky tu qeela, filem tu ada bbrapa series kan..dah lama kan citernya..

    Tak pernah tgk habis pun, smpai skrg takut. huhu

    1. w'slm Lana, hehe betul tu, bg Qeela yg Raggedy Ann tu comel je kan..
      due2 bile masok filem jauh beze rupe diorg jdnye, yela maybe saje nk bg tmbh lg mood seram tu kan, hehe.
      Haa betul2, chucky tu bnyk series, tp Qeela ade jumpe ade yg lg takot dr tu, hehe..maybe sbb Qeelaa mmg suke tgk cite2 psycho cmtu kot. hehe.


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