A Visit to Melaka Crocodile and Recreation Park

Salam and Hi lovelies!

First of all, I wanna wish a Happy New Year
to all of you, may this 2020 would bring
much better in everything to all of us.

Indeed this is our first trip in 2020, well more
like a visit though since at first we just wandering
around Melaka city for shopping and foodie etc,
then on our way home later in the evening, we
decided to visit this Melaka Crocodile and
Recreation Park a.k.a Taman Buaya dan Rekreasi
Melaka, which is located at Ayer Keroh, Melaka.
You can simply waze for their exact location okay hehe.

My kids never been there and since they do loves
animals, so that’s perfect to visit. It’s been a while
that we haven’t go to any zoo or animal farm as well.
The ticketing are affordable too especially for MyKad
holder, since average ticket costs is just below RM20.
Kids 4 years old and below got free entrance, so the
total ticket entrance for us four that day was RM52 hehe.
You can see the full ticket pricing as per attached
below yea for more clarity :

Got this via their IG page, credit to : @tamanbuayamelaka 

Alright so upon entering, we decided to walk around
first, directly going to those crocodiles. There are various
types of crocodiles as well as others such as Emu Bird,
rabbit, and fish as well, but indeed mostly are crocodiles.

You can find around 10 or more, along with variety of
gates and surrounding for each, I guess it’s depends on
the types of the crocodiles. We’re indeed amazed and glad
that we went there as we learnt various things about
crocodiles too, especially the types and what each are like.

For example, there are crocodiles that can jump up to 5 feet,
which is the Frog Crocodile and also that’s how they got their
name. I mean, that’s amazing and scary at the same time right!
I never knew that haha and upon reading the facts there,
I’m basically withdrew myself a bit from their gate haha!

The Hunchback Crocodile. When you see it with your own eyes, 
you'll be able to clearly see their hunch at the back.

This is the Froggy one if I'm not mistaken hehe sorry 
as I kinda mixed up which is which already

Can you spot the differences with this one? 
YES it's their mouth shape!

Another unique types of crocodile is the Hunchback crocodile,
which they literally are got the hunch at their back. Yes for real
and I kinda swayed looking at their hunch! Visiting this park
makes me realize that crocodiles literally have different kind of
skin, colour, even mouth shapes and all.

One that we will never forget is this crocodile named Harris,
such a clever one really! If you wanna know what Harris did
that is so clever, feel free to watch this full video here as I’ve
compiled the visit there along with the amazing moment
with Harris there as well hehe :

Feel free to watch yeaa!

Before we ended our tour, we managed to get close to their huge stuffed crocodile
as well as more infos regarding crocodile’s life in this front section
there. There are displays of crocodile and anaconda fetuses,
along with their eggs, bones structures and everything. Those definitely are
informative and interesting, you can watch it in the video above as well.

This is the full pic of that stuffed crocodile

Close up pic of the stuffed crocodile

You can see more close up etc in the video as attached above okay 

If you must know, there are also a ghost house, deer farm, and
mini statues park as well inside (you can see them in the video as well),
and you can also experience the show provided by their team there during
weekend at several scheduled timing. It must be fun but too bad as we
missed the show since we got there late huhuu.

Yet still, we definitely are having fun and really glad that we pay a visit
there since we does learnt so much too and it’s such a great experience
to see those crocodiles and all up close too! The kids definitely enjoyed
their time there as finally they can see up close and learnt a lot
about crocodiles there.

Overall, that is such a great visit and perfect as family bonding
time as well for us over the weekend to go there.
If you’re planning on a road trip to Melaka or looking for
places to visit there, feel free to check this Melaka Crocodile
and Recreation Park, especially when you all loves animals
and nature.

May my sharing here is somewhat beneficial / helpful to you all.
Feel free to share what you think or if your own experiences
in the comment below or on my IG post on this in case you’ve
went there too recently, as I’d love to read them!
Till then, have a great start of this 2020 and thank you
all for stopping by yeaa! ❤️

25 bubblynotes :):

  1. saya jarang bawa anak-anak ke tempat macam ni.. dorang takut dengan buaya.. tambahan kat tempat kami dah puas nampak buaya (sungai batang lupar sri aman sarawak)..

    1. Ohh patotlaa tak perlu bawak pon takpe sbb area tempat tinggal mmg dh boleh nampak live kan..menariknyaa tapi yes takut jugak at the same time especially bagi yg tak biasa tu kan 😅

  2. wah..kalau bw anak2 suka la diorang. tmpt feberet ni kalau nk bercuti. harga tiket pun no bad la..besar jugak nampak buaya tu

    1. Hehe betul tuu, usually budak2 mmg suka kan kalau dpt tgk haiwan..mmg affordable nk masuk & yes mmg besar2 buaya tu bila tgk depan2 hehe

  3. Selalu pergi Melaka tak pernah singgah sini. Macam menarik! Boleh la pegi nanti.

    1. Oh I see, haah memang best tau maybe kalau dapat join show diorg tu mesti lagi fun hehe

  4. Sis suka untuk pelajari tentang famili binatang termasuklah buaya. Dulu minat sangat masa study Biologi. Tapi bila tengok depan2 sure kecut perut jugak. Lama tak ke Melaka, kalau ada rezeki boleh singgah sini.

    1. Ohh good to know! Hehe betul mmg best dpt belajar mcm2 kan, ni bila tgk depan2 rasa gayat pon ada sambil2 scary tgk tu sbb besar2 jugak buaya ni tp mmg interesting

  5. Hi, happy new year too.

    Huda pun kalau pergi Melaka mesti singgah one of shopping mall dekat sana, hehe.

    Lama tak singgah Taman Buaya, last singgah belas tahun yang lepas masa zaman budak budak hehe

    1. Hehe tula tu mmg dh lama betul tak pergi ala2 zoo vibes mcm ni, bila dpt tu fun jugak hehe

  6. Ya Allah lamanya kita tak pergi taman buaya kat Melaka ini masih ingat lagi last kita pergi sini rombonga sekolah waktu tu darjah 4.. Lamanya sampai sekarang taman buaya ini masih utuh dan juga menjadi tumpuan ramai orang bila ke Melaka...

    1. Fuhh mmg lama betul dah tuu tak jejak kat situu hehe. Betul tuu rasanya ada penambahbaikkan kat situ, tp mmg okaylaa staff pon bagus2 hehe

  7. berbaloi juga ye harga tiket masuk nya sekarang. dah lama betul tak pergi sana next time boleh lah melawat taman buaya tu lagi hehe

    1. Hehe betul mmg affordable untuk MyKad holder. Puas hati sbb bnyk info dpt selain seronok jugak dpt tgk mcm2 jenis buaya depan mata sendiri hehe

  8. It's kind of scary to bring my kids here. Oh well, it's basically because me, the mak who is scared of buaya hahaha

    1. Haha indeed usually the kids are the most excited to go and see for themselves kan! But no worries, the safety implementation there are good I reckon and the crocodiles doesn’t seems wild (that’ll go after you etc), as they just mostly minding their own business haha

  9. Aduhhhh seram plak tengok buaya ni... Kalau yg dekat ausie tu besar n ganas gila kan... Yang ni agresif tak? Takut plak kita ��

    1. Hehe betul mula2 mcm nervous jugak but definitely felt safe sepanjang jalan2 kat sana sbb buaya tu semua dalam sangkar / surrounding yg bergate dan extra precautions with added dawai thingy tu heheh. And diorg tak agresif pon so tu yg felt safer jugak hehe

  10. My husband side from Melaka, setiap kali balik kampung memang nampak jer taman ni bila keluar dari ayer kroh. hahahha tapi tak pernah singgah sbb malas nak berpanas... tapi nnt lah boleh singgah satu hari nnt

    1. Oh I see, hehe betul before ni if pergi Melaka mmg lalu je jugak xde singgah, haritu husband suggest nk singgah situ pulak so layan je, tengok2 eh best jugak masuk situ haha. Masa pergi tu mcm dh ptg2 so tak rasa panas jalan2 dlm tu hehe

  11. Selamat tahun baru 2020! Wah macam seronok je kalau bawak keluarga ke sini. Dapat tengok buaya depan2 terus! In shaa Allah nnti kalau ada perancangan nak ke Melaka bolelah singgah sini.

  12. Lama gila dah tak ke sini.. Dulu zaman budak2 lagi bolehlah selalu ke sini buat lawatan belajar skli. Hihi... Wawa jenis takut sikit nk tengok buaya2 ni.

  13. Last pergi pun 2-3 tahun lepas. Menarik la utk ambil gambar dan adpat pengalaman disini.

  14. I pernah pergi sini few years ago dengan kawan2. Not bad, kalau bawa kids lagi best. Tapi cuaca kat melaka selalu panas kan.

  15. Lama tak jejak kaki kat crocodile dan recreation park. Last pergi anak anak kecil lagi. Bawak anak anak datang sini memang diorang akan seronok kan.


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