Street Churros Malaysia Grand Opening at Seremban with Tomok!

Salam and Hi guys!

Alright another Seremban updates for you guys,
especially to those Tomok fans / Tomokianz and
also Street Churros Malaysia fans! This is
a Tomok and Seremban Foodie calling, hehee.

As you all can see from my ig stories shared last
Sunday (19/12/2020), I went to the Grand
Opening of Street Churros Malaysia
Seremban store, which located at
Aeon Mall Seremban 2, upon that day.

FYI, this Seremban store marks their 17th
outlet across Malaysia. In case you didn’t know,
Street Churros was actually started in Korea
where they’re crazy about Street Food, which in
this case, the perfect combination of the churros’s
yummy and crunchy tastes, hence, they started to
have this mission to elevate street food with premium,
hand-crafted, made-to-order churros in their own way.

I gotta say that it was such a great turnout, as the event
flows beautifully with laughter, joy and delish churros!
It started with intro (including Q&A) and performances
by MC of the day Muaz, and Tomok performing live
in front of his fans and visitors.

Tomok and Muaz while the Q&A Session

This is when he perform one of his song live

There were also a few of fun games slots which we can
take it as giveaway slots as well, since those whom
answered correctly or won the game got a special gift
prepared by Street Churros Malaysia.

After that, the event carried on with the ribbon cutting
ceremony as marking the Grand Opening of Street Churros
Malaysia Seremban by Tomok, the Street Churros Seremban
owner and Dato’ Joe Tan, the Managing Director of
Street Churros Malaysia. You guys can see the pics above
or feel free to view the video of this ceremony on my
ig story okay? I’ve already highlighted everything
under the “More Foodies” on my IG profile.

Snapshots for you guys during ribbon cutting ceremony

From left : Dato’ Joe Tan, Tomok and Ayu (Tomok's wife)

Then, the order queue line was opened for those whom wanna get their
hands on the churros, served by Tomok himself! There were
also this limited time offer as lucky customers got to bought
the Street Churros limited edition mugs and bottle, signed
by Tomok whom happened to took their orders at the time too.
Can you see how packed the line was?! Hehe.

First in line for a first limited edition order!

The supportive crowds!

These are the limited edition merchandises 
that I was talking about earlier

Below are the menu and prices for this Street Churros Seremban
that are available. I’ve managed to tasted some of them
and I gotta say I do like the tastes, especially the churros itself!
It’s crunchy on the outside yet soft in the inside, the sprinkles
tastes are balance as well and indeed, satisfying, even as simple
as these pair of churros serving in the pic.

These are coming soon to join the menu. In the meantime, 
you gotta try variety of other from the menu if you haven't yet okay! 

In case you haven’t tried any, feel free to try them okay!
The price are affordable, and you can opt for the Value Set
as well which some have includes drinks too. I’m indeed
looking forward to come again to treat my family later.

Congrats Tomok and thank you for choosing Seremban hehe!

Ladyboss in action

Well, I guess that’s all for my sharing regarding Street Churros
Malaysia Grand Opening including mini review for you guys
hehe. I hope it’s somewhat beneficial. Thank you to Street Churros
Malaysia for the invite and thanks a lot to you guys for stopping
by here and read (and share, maybe? Hehe). Feel free to follow
me here and on my social medias for more interesting and beneficial
updates around from time to time insyaAllah.
Till then, may you all will have a great week ahead!


15 bubblynotes :):

  1. waalaikumussalam. belum penah try makan lagi ni. hehehee

  2. Memang sedapkan Street Churros. Tak rugi beli banyak banyak ari tu.. Masa event tuh memang meriah sangat

  3. Street Churros is my go-to churros shop if I ever craves for one. The taste is very similar to the ones that I tastes in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia. And congrats Tomok!

  4. Wow thats good news!! Now I can enjoy my fav churros at Seremban too!! I even love the long fries...its delicious !!

  5. Street Churros my favourite! Street churros buat opening kat mana2 pun Mesti meriah.

  6. Kuddos tomok and churros... one of the best snack that i always looking forward

  7. Pernah makan churus ni di JB. Nice pulak nampak tomok. Apapun, artikel yang best. Teruskan sharing ye.

  8. Sis baru tau yang ini cawangan Tomok punya..tak pernah cuba pun, nanti nak gak laa try kalau ke area sana..

  9. I just love street churros. The crunchiness of the churros with their dips, oh my! And it is so goood seeing Malaysian Celebrities get involve in business! Kan!

  10. Suka jugak makan Churros kat Street Churros ni. Memang sedap sb ada pelbagai pilihan. Ni lama dah tak makan, nanti nak gi belilah..:D

  11. sedapppp. i love it.

  12. Bestnya dapat jumpa tomok n wife. Tak pernah cuba lagi. Jauh la plak. Huhu. Tunggula ada rezeki nanti.

  13. Seronoknya dapat jumpa tomok. Nanti kita nak try la rasa sebab tak pernah beli

  14. Ok.. Ni mmg sedap.. Pernah rasa. Jao nak tanya.. Yg branch ni tomok punya ke...

  15. tahniah untuk pembukaan. semoga bisnes tomok ni makin berjaya! :) tak pernah lagi nak cuba churoos ni.


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