Swallow : Movie talk & Review

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Alright this time I wanna share about this movie that I just watched
earlier, Swallow. It's more into a psychological and drama genre,
since it's clearly shows those aspects a lot in this movie.
Before you proceed, I gotta warn you that this talk include such
massive spoiler regarding this movie okayy, so if you haven't
watch it yet and planning to, read at your own risk okay hehe.

Movie poster & info overview below, credit to Google

It's 6.4 on IMDb, so not bad yeah

Some of the casts

Alright for those whom haven't watch, this movie is about Hunter,
a stay at home wife whom married a wealthy guy. Soon, she's pregnant
but picking up with such strange habit of eating things that she shouldn't -
or having Pica - the eating / psychiatric disorder in more accurate terms.
She started with ice cubes, which I think is somehow normally relatable,
then going on with more strange and up to dangerous things, such as
a small marble ball, the pin it thing, battery, paper, even dirts and oh dear god
it's literally everything that you shouldn't be eating and can harm yourself.

One of the scene in this movie, credit from the official trailer

The visual for this Pica moment in this movie is great, I praise it really as
we can feel like she's really taking them, you know.
Like you get that uneasy feeling, the cautious feeling, the yucky and all that.
It might call up for some graphic disturbance for some people I guess
but as for me, nope, it's not that extreme but it's good, it's help you to
address the habits, like, not feeling fake or something, the urgencies, you know.

So I did some reading regarding Pica, I found that this disorder is actually
more common in children than in adults, but the exact prevalence in adults
is unknown. If it's occurs in adults, it tends to be associated with
intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia or pregnancy.
Other factors that said to be associated with Pica are anemia and low levels
of education, which also associated to the low economic background as well.
By far, the treatment that one could get if they're suspected with Pica is by
monitoring their eating habits, correcting the poor nutritions and cravings,
and also close collaboration with mental health team and more.

Alright back to this movie, hehe, I think it's brilliant because it showed us
many aspects in our life, or someone's life, that perhaps we don't know
or cared enough about, yet it's important. Indeed understanding the mental
health is really are important and could give such huge impact on one's life.
This movie definitely screams for mental health awareness, and the
acknowledgement of it is truly are the essence.

Everyone had their own past, their own beginning, and their own family issues.
Little that you know, those usually are the starter pack for wether a good mental
health or not or so, you know. He or she might seems fine, happy, content,
but always look out for their mental health.

In this movie, from the surfaces of Hunter's life, we might thought that she's lucky,
that we wanted to be like in her place and all, yeah the wealthy life, generally good in laws,
stay at home without worries, yada yada, but when we can see it deeper, for me,
I can see how lonely she is, how unhappy she is, and how she needed love and support
or compassion from the people around her, but that's not really what she get.

Watch out for her face expression during this scene. 
Her eyes, well, by the look on her face, 
definitely showed all of the exhaustion she bear.

The crunching the ice moment while she was 
having dinner with his husband and in laws

They (mostly the husband) often sounded like downgraded her, sometimes it's like she's nothing,
like, hmm I guess you'll get it when you watch it. Then when her past been revealed,
it feels like it came more to the pieces, you know. The connection of what happened, then
how was she throughout that until she got married and everything.
Yeah I hope u get what I said when you've watch it later yeah hehe.

So, from my point of view, in order to regain her own motivation, her own self confident
or you know, the feeling to wanna feels like you've achieve something, you're someone special,
you can do / control things, yeah things like that, urge her into that Pica disorder.

Instead of trying to understand or getting close and helping in a fruitful way, they
tend to drove her away more - like when her husband scolded her after
they (he and his family) found out about her Pica eating habits, and even blackmailed
to divorce if she refuse to follow their plan upon going to stay at the psychiatry house
for many months. I know that's not really a bad thing but the way they handled it
or approach is not right, you know.

Well the husband wasn't really a good husband from the start, as he often neglected
her emotionally, like not really paying attention during their conversation or
spend time together, and the most bitchy thing that her husband did once they knew
about her condition is that he told everyone at his office about his wife's disorder,
and, trying to own it like he did the right thing.
Yeah you gotta watch the birthday party's scene huhu.

Dinner with her husband at home. Seems gloomy 
and lonely right, even with company. 
This reminds me of that Modern Loneliness song by Lauv. 

that moment when she's trying to have a nice conversation

The birthday party moment

Indeed, basically, the way of the approach, help, is like, they didn't know about
mental health, like, guys, they should have different approach in order to help.
Like even the helper / bodyguard Luay seemed more compassionate to help
her, as well as the gentle, talking method by her psychiatrist in each of her visits.

I gotta say bravo to Haley Bennet (starring as Hunter) because she carried her character
well enough. This Hunter character had developed smooth and great throughout the movie,
as well as others. The ending is understandable as well, not sure bout what you guys
will think of it but I gotta say, that's understandable as in perhaps her way of starting
a new life. In addition, somehow, I kinda stand with her decision before the ending scene
of which she's not falling for her husband speeches right before he went mad again
after that haha but yess, good for you girl.

Well, overall, it's a great movie indeed. Might be heavy for some people but it's not for me.
The issues aren't like the usual indeed yet that's what I like about this movie as well.
Kinda reminisce me of the Joker movie (which I don't find it as heavy as well),
but this one is more into marriage vibes. If you love a movie that can make you think
wether a lot or yeah a fruitful of it, be it during or after watching,
then yes I think this one can suits you too. I'm indeed basically a fan of psychological
genre, indeed especially psycho thriller but this kind of psycho is definitely on my list too.
One can learn a lot from such psychology related movies or series, and even books too.

Okay this seems like a lot right haha gosh thanks to those who stayed till the end!
I think these tidbits here are fairly enough right, and hopefully got lots of great or beneficial
insights and sharing that you guys get from my movie talk here this time too.
I usually shared little review on my ig stories as well if you notices but indeed, had shared
some here too, like for years now. Feel free to scroll and read my previous movie talk
here okayy in case you haven't or new to my site here hehe.
Till next time, stay safe and have a great week ahead lovelies!

P/S : All of these pictures of the movie's scenes and moments are sources from the official trailer of this movie by IFC Films. While other pictures are credited to Google. 
Watch the official trailer of this movie HERE okayy.

26 bubblynotes :):

  1. We can never predict how one truly feels.

    1. Precisely indeed. I think, conversation is key. Gonna reflect upon how we treat the people around us as well, since I guess sometimes we could care less about others too.

  2. Erkkkk apa ke pelik mengandung makan benda tu...ngeri plak nak nengoknya..tapi takpe nanti nak try gak tengok...nasib laa Sis preggy dulu takde nak makan pelik-pelik huhuhu

    1. Tulaa tuu kan, selalu dgr / tau yg mengidam mkn pelik2 pon at least jenis2 yg mmg boleh dimakan laa, tp dia ni masuk brg2 yg merbahaya tu yg fuhh jugak cite ni heheh..those yg tak tahan ngeri tu better careful jugak la if nk tgk movie ni huhu..

  3. isu mental illness banyak sangat sekarang ni. kalau nak tau, penyakit ni kedua tertinggi di Malaysia sekarang. Dengan menonton cerita seperti ini, kita dapat mudah mengenal pasti orang yang ada gejala. Pandai dia mainkan watak

    1. Yup betul tu, it’s good to see now kat Malaysia ni dh mula banyak awareness & open up regarding mental health, since kalau tak dulu2 krik2 je, siap dicemuh bagai like it didn’t exist kan. Moga now lebih ramai yg confident unt check / dptkan help & treatment.

  4. itu filem yang hebat. Mungkin berat bagi sesetengah orang tetapi bukan untuk saya.
    Isu-isu tidak seperti yang biasa tetapi itulah yang saya suka mengenai filem ini juga.
    Kinda mengingati saya filem Joker

    1. Exactly macam yg saya katakan di atas. Thanks singgah yea 😊

  5. ishh seram pulak baca makan benda2 pelik tu. Kesian dia, patutnya hussband dia kene bg attention dekat dia :D

    1. Betul tu, susah jugak kan bila dpt pasangan yg x berapa nk empathy or memahami semua tu..

  6. Yayy masuk list nak tengok filem Swallow. Weyy pelakon Haley Bennett ni sebijik muka macam Jennifer Lawrence. Dedua dah la berlakon best.

    1. Hehe betul tuu, qeela pon mmg suka both of them berlakon hehee. Indeed for me cite ni mmg worth it tgk. The issue yg diketengahkan pon mmg bagus kan.

  7. za mmg ada baca habit pica ni lagi2 time preggy..ada siap makan sabun buku la, minum syampoo..ada yg makan kertas... pelik2 kan sbb kita yg normal ni buat benda2 tu walaupun mengidam pelik2.. tapi its an illness, ada yg lepas preggy dia stop , ada yg teruskan makan pelik2 lg .. kaca lah , paku tekan.. serius kesian dan seram... but kita kena supportive ...takleh down kan dorang ..nnt lagi teruk... so cite ni za nak tgk sbb bole relate..

    1. huhu betul tuu, kalau sampai dh mkn kaca, paku bagai tu mmg kena take it seriously la kan jgn dibiar..indeed approach tu penting kena supportive juga in helping them kan.

  8. Should have this in the movie list. Who's into thriller ke heavy movie surely need to watch this

    1. Yes precisely. Those yg thinker person sgt sesuai watch this one. But those yg into action je tu maybe tak sesuai kot huhu.

  9. Thanks for your review. It's time for me to catch up with movie by staying home with family la

    1. My pleasure! Indeed having movie night with family at home during this mco time is the best hehe

  10. thank for the review. this movie looks interesting! i will take a look on this movie later :)

    1. Alright my pleasure! May you’ll enjoy it too hehe

  11. Macam menarik je cerita ni..nak tengok gak lah nanti, sis suka le cerita2 macam ni

    1. Indeed mmg layan hehe, lagi2 kalau mmg jenis yg suka psychology thriller, or jenis movie yg buat berfikir, haa ni best masuk list hehe.

  12. Thanks for the awesome review! Gotta get some time to relax myself~

    1. Hehe my pleasure, thanks for stopping by yea!

  13. Wow tht is strange. I never heard about this craving before for pregnant women. Reading the synopsis makes me want to watch the movie

    1. Strange and scary indeed huhu, I kept thinking about her baby! Such a great movie to watch, especially if u’re into psychology thriller.


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