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We have been living with Covid for this long now, I believe many had affected with this new normal, especially financially. Indeed economically we’re just about to try to stand up back again slowly now as we’re moving forward from phase to phase. 

Most of us have been working harder and trying the best we can in order to have some side hustle to live, and I think, joining business are what most of us have been into lately, be it as a dropshipper, or agent, or trying to sell our own products, via many channel. 

Hence, upon knowing about this Sell to China Programme by PG Mall, I do think that it’s such one of a great way in order to help the people here in Malaysia, as well as be truly in line with their own tagline, “Bridging Local to the World”

To those who didn’t know, PG Mall is the brainchild of Dato’ Wira Louis Ng, and it was established back in 2017, targeted at growing and bridging home-grown brands and products to the world under a unique sharing economy business model which emphasizes on the ‘Shop, Share, Earn’ philosophy under their very own ‘ConsuMerchant’ concept. This concept is where shoppers will be rewarded, apart from enjoying the best bargains in there. Below are some of what you can find at PG Mall :

Variety of sales, voucher and more!

Choose your desired categories, which are these and more!

A lot of stores to choose from!

Aside from that, PG Mall have been actively collaborating with the government to drive activities that support local sellers as well as products through the PENJANA campaigns, such as Micro and SMEs E-Commerce Campaign, Shop Malaysia Online (SMO), and Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia (KBBM). So yes, local sellers definitely have such strong supports and platform there at PG Mall. Can you imagine how vast the support go now, with the Sell to China Program that PG Mall have been officially launched - which is a collaboration with China’s largest online retailer platform, JD WorldwideJD.Com

In case you didn’t know, this JD.Com offers a high standard for online shopping through their commitment to quality, authenticity, as well as variety of products offering that covers everything from food and apparel to electronics and cosmetics. Due to that fact, I think our local sellers are in a good place, wether it is to start,  or even to widen their selling opportunities, right? 

JD Worldwide platform (JD.Com)

This programme is likely to provides a one-stop solution to satisfy all seller’s need. It’s also include brand registration on JD, product details translation to Chinese, marketing materials and campaigns, as well as local customer service. The streamlined process with official backing from JD Worldwide is a huge improvement compared to conventional methods of selling to China. 

In addition, by doing the opposite of mostly market China products to Malaysian market, their main objective of helping local businesses to grow up to one’s full potentials can be achieves, as well as enabling local sellers to proudly showcases Malaysian made products to the world. 

PG Mall has aggressively grown their business to such greater heights now, as they impressively ranked as Third Most Visited Online Marketplace in Malaysia. That is among two other long established foreign-owner online marketplace in Malaysia, by iPrice insights in 4th quarter year 2020, with a total monthly visit of 8 million visitors - making it the Number 1 locally-founded Online Marketplace in Malaysia. Isn’t that awesome? 

Apparently, China is not the only international market that PG Mall is expanding their reach to, as they’re also currently expanding to Indonesia, which is the largest e-commerce market in South East Asia. 

With all that being said, I do feel good to shop variety of things at PG Mall, and let’s us do so as it’s also in a way of supporting our local sellers, together. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you might had came across of my previous sharing regarding shopping at PG Mall too, which I shared lots of voucher codes with you guys at the time hehe. Indeed they’re always offering great bargains to us. As you can see below are some of the great on going deals that we can get at PG Mall okayy :  

For further information about PG Mall - as in their products / services, feel free to find out more via : 

Log in to their website : 

or you all can also 

Call their Customer Service Centre : 011 -10670916 

While if you’re a seller / business owners that are interested in participating in this Sell to China Programme, you can kindly register and find out more via this link : 

I gotta say, it’s great to grab the opportunities while you can. In the meantime, as for us the local buyers, let’s keep on supporting our local sellers okayy! I hope my sharing this time is somehow beneficial to all of you. Thanks for stopping by, take care and stay safe everyone! 


7 bubblynotes :):

  1. This is the latest window for us Malaysians to introduce our products and culture to the world. Good job PG Mall

  2. Masa untuj luaskan perniagaan ke luar negara kan. Bagus sangat program macam ni. Kita boleh kenalkan produk kita

  3. Bagus PG Mall ni. Buka peluang usahawan di Malaysia meluaskan empayar. All the best!

  4. PG Mall dah makin mudah dan makin maju lagi sekarang bagi ruang tuk usahawan tempatan pergi ke peringkat tinggi dab jauh sampai China tu...

  5. Bagi mereka yang bisniss, inilah peluang untuk mereka ketengahkan produk mereka ke China melalui PGmall ni.. bukan senangkan nak ke arah jauh sana..

  6. satu peluang utk rakyat Malaysia untuk memperkenalkan produk Malaysia ke negara luar.. smpi china

  7. Satu usaha murni PGMall untuk bantu para usahawan. Dgn cara ni pasaran boleh lebih meluas. Good job PGMall


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