Dark Side of the Room

Ashley's fall. Down, till she feels like collapsing to the floor.
She feels too hurt, like the world is crumbling, tearing her apart.
She's lost, drowning in her own mind, own world, own memories.
And it's just hurting her more.
For once more after a while, the tears fall, running heavily like a waterfall.

She just couldn't believe it. They have been together like 7 years. with the kids and all,
through thick and thin, oh dear Lord, only U know how broken her heart was now.
It had been broken over and over, but she's finally get a rainbow upon her sky,
then now, it collapse again.

Now, all of the events keep running on her mind.
First, it all started again with the people from their memories.
The people that hurt her, hurt them.
Then, here come the bitches, and the most unbelievable scene.

He knew that the bitch hurt them. Hurt her feelings and all.
But what he had done was far more screwed than those.
Ashley feels like she's a fool, betrayed, fucking frustrated, upset, everything.
Screaming out loud silently in her heart,
saying I Hate You people.

Yeah, the messages. The dream, the conversation, the trip, everything,
fall back down, hunting her in the dark.
The one who'd laid on the back of her man,
The one who'd laid the ass on her man's lap,
Their fucking bitchy conversation, etc,
And his wrong moves, as well.
All, silently.
And the worst part is,
It happens, even they've married and have kids!
Because they have kids, yeah that's what hurting her deeply inside.
Not because of having the kids, but the fact that He's the father of Ashley's children,
yet still, like he's forget that fact.

When Ashley talked bout it, He's just mad, yelling and all,
like Ashley's the one who did it wrong.
But Ashley had used to it.
And for this time, her broken heart had became heartless.
Ashley just care less and pull herself together,
just neglecting whatever.

Ashley almost loses her faith on this tests though, as she kept asking why,
but then after several hours, thinking, calming down, then she felt fine.
She kept thinking of her late daddy, and her beloved families.
They're all there, in her mind, smiling, and wiped her tears so that she could feeling better.
She knew that she's a sinner, and she knew that her god loves her,
and maybe this is a test for her to be stronger than ever.
Ashley look at her children, her baby, she kissed them, and she felt stronger.
She realized, she had been too weak as she'd been slipped away by 'nothing' for sometimes,
so this is her time to be stronger. To think. To improves.
Whatever it is, she'll face it and she knew she'll be fine :)


** No matter what religions, how it is or whatever, just keep holding on our faith, even if it's only
to ourselves, and we will be alright. we will. And yes, when we've become a mom, we'll find that our baby / children will be the stronger source of our strength. That's the beauty of it. :)

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