Those Little Disappointment That's Fine

It's been a while since I didn't write any.
And yeah, those slight disappointment here and there,
especially with the one about the very important things that
I've just shared before.
It's okay though.
I knew it would be hard. bloody hard.
Suddenly I remembered my hubby said this morning,

"Kalau kite berjuang di jln Dia ni, mesti akn ade bny cbrn, either from family ke kwn ke, ape2 jelah. But if kite berjuang, xde cbrn lgsg yg dtg kt kite, mknenye kite ni ade mslh la dgn perjuangan tu." 
Huhu. Deep. And niceee :)

Yeah I couldn't agreed more and I do know about it.
Of course. those challenges. Those hardship, etc.
That's just the golden improvement for us.
Yeap I've talked bout that earlier right.
The point is, for that, it's okay.
It's really are okay. I take it. I swallow it.
It's ok. I knew it would be it. :)
At least I've spread the news again, I've tried again,
and most important is I've told u guys.
Those who can see it could change or prepared or something, right.
Even though it takes 1/1000 for it.
It's okay. and the rest, it's just a constant reminder for me as well.
I'm reminding myself and everybody else as how that I could.
Okay, it's okay.
Just get going with it. No matter what. :)

And for the another disappointment,
it's okay too.
Maybe I'm too sensitive and take it too far while it's just nothing.
I've been too fragile lately and don't know why.
Still, i'm fine.
That's just normal from them. I knew them well.
and it's okay.
Nig nag noooggggg :)
Whatever yawww.
Just let it go :)
It's nothing, really. :)

So, that's all for the babling today.
The thing is, it's nothing really.
There's more important thing that u should think of
than letting these thingy lingering on your mind :)
Pooof Pooffffff, move away u craps! :)
Now it's better :)

Keep on your faith and be totally grateful and try to improve better.
Live your day fun and whatever but increase the thing u do for the Hereafter.
Always remember those reminders. Try.
Try to be better and better each day.

Have a nice day and wassalam.


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