F I N A L L Y :D

Salam and hello again readers! :)

Well here it is, finally, I've got all of the results for the GA :D
Hehe.. Thanks for all of your sportingness and cooperation yea
lovelies..Thanks for making this happened. 

**These lucky winners are those who'd literally 
     completed all of the tasks given**

So, without a further ado, here's the announcement :D

#RM30 Domino's Pizza Coupon ( Top Referral ) x1

- number 17

# RM 15 Domino's pizza coupon x1

- number 28

#RM 3 Domino's Pizza coupon x1

- number 2

# RM 5 Topup x3

- number 20, 43 and 25

# Blog Review x4

- number 22, 13, 30 and 9 

Congrats to all of the winners and lucky bloggers.
For those who're not been spotted, no worries,
there'll be lots of other GA and segments coming up.
Don't give up, may the odds be in your favor for the next try ya?
Thanks a lot again to all participants :)

P/S : Dear winners for the coupons and the topup, please pm me
on the blog's fan page for your addresses and phone number asap.
Thank You.

Have a nice day readers!
Wassalam. :)

16 bubblynotes :):

  1. congrats to all winners :3 yang tak menang tu, lets nangis to-gether2 :D

  2. tahniah kepada semua pemenang~~

  3. Akk, yg menang dua kali tuh takpe eyh? (no kluar dua kali)

  4. oh yelah hehe sorry tak perasan ter taip dua kali :) no 2 kn yg 2x? jap akk check list td blik and betulkn ye. typooo pulak hehe :D thanks yee bgtau! :)

  5. no. 22 sebenarnya untuk blog review. hehe. sorry2.

  6. alhamdulillah, mng topup ~ tq kak Qeela

    tahniah kpd smua pmenang :)

    1. mohon pm no.phone di fanpage asap yee dear :)

  7. Alhamdulilllah! Thanks qeela. Baru hari ni baca post ni.
    Thanks yerrr. Nanti sy bagi address :)

  8. Yeay! Menang topup! ^^ Tenkiuu~ nanti sis bagi number.

  9. Asyik juga berlama-lama disini, karna lagunya enak didengar. :)

  10. Alhamdulillah.. thanks ye.. bru perasan hari nie menang blog review tu.. Tq ek..

  11. alhamdulillah saya dapat blog review..
    tahniah pada pemenang

  12. Aik.. Blog Aniq Bukhary pun dapat jg.. baru dapat online. bz kebelakangan nie.. btw thankz. :)


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