T H R E E .

3rd June..

It's been 2nd years now and still counting. Alhamdulillah, thank god for these beautiful
awesome blessings and magical gifts that You have gave us yet still, always, giving
and giving. Thank You for the loves, the happiness, just blessfully everything! :')

Second Anniversary. And all of the lucky thingy that You have gave me lately.
Ohh what a great blessed.
Thank You Allah. :')

Eventhough we're not literally celebrating our 2nd anniversary yet for now,
(hubby promises to have it after he get his wages, hehe)
It's okay, as I'm not expecting any too actually.
I'm grateful for all these years and everything.
Cause when I think back through times, I feels like
I'm not always giving back enough..
Well, I'm trying and will always be insyaAllah :)

Then again, thanks a lot for everything. Everything.
And thank you family, and all lovely people in my life.
I love you all with all my heart till eternity :)
May all of these beautiful and magical blessings continues,
Aamiinnn... :)

Have a great Monday evening sweet readers. Here's some of our pictures.
Just a little throwback moment and sharing the loves together. 
Wassalam :)

9 bubblynotes :):

  1. happy anniversary sis :') semoga Allah terus merahmati perkahwinan akak:'))

  2. Wah! Happy anniversary.. semoga berbahagia menjalani liku2 hidup.. :)

  3. Happy anniversary! may the marriage is filled with bless and love forever ^^

  4. hepi anniversary kak :)
    semoga sentiasa bahagia di samping keluarga tersayang ^^

  5. tahniah semoga hidup dalam kebahagian ye..heheheh

  6. wahh . may blessed . insyaAllah :D

  7. Tahniah. Semoga berkekalan ke akhirnya. InsyaAllah. Awak cantik sangat :)

  8. Happy Anniversary. It's hard to find a man who really loves a girl.
    he is lucky to meet you and you are lucky to meet him



  9. Thank you all lovely sweetie of mine! Aamiin! may the same goes to u guys! :)


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