Wwow Alhamdulillah :D

It was soooo unexpected, actually.
Cause umm, yeah, about the voting thingy.
I thought the 50% from the voting would effected much -
which it couldn't make me step up higher in it - but well, 
hey, it's not! :D  Thank God  the other 50% from the judges
does existed though. Cause if it's only based on the voting,
well, I don't think I could make it to the Top 50 lists. :)
Yes again, thank god, Alhamdulillah, I'm on the 
Top 50 list of the DigiWow Award - Photo story of The Year. :D

Okay. About the voting thingy. Obviously it's about it.
Well, yeah, I'm not barely someone out there, not popular
anywhere etc , so, when it comes to get the votes I know 
I wouldn't get that much. Especially when I have to get voted 
for every each day. I mean, who would do that for me?
Who would vote me every each day? Err yeah my hubby does,
but umm I mean the others, other than my family.
The others who votes, yeap, but it's only be like once or twice, right?
So. I only could count on the very single vote from them.
Idk if there's others who'd voted me everyday too though. 
If that people does exist, thanks a lot too yea :D

Ow yeah, okay, back to the main story.
Top 50. Yup, I know it's not like I'm on the Top 5 or even Top 10 or 3,
but umm, it's just something for me, u know,. :)
Especially when u just felt like it to join for this year,
then been kinda shortlisted.

Totally unpredictable.
Literally unexpected. :)
Okay well thanks for the hunch You've gave me
dear Lord, where I just feels like scrolling over the site,
then found the great news :)
Such an appreciation.
Guess maybe the 'when u're not put any expectation nor hope
upon something, it wouldn't turned u down later' (insyaAllah)
suits me best at this very moment. Thank You Allah. :)

I do believed in my talent & skills,
and thanks a lot for Your love dear Lord.
This is such a great surprised appreciation from You.
Thank You Allah.
You're always here. Always Love. Always.
Alhamdulillah, syukran Ya Allah. :)

** Thanks a lot for those who'd voted me too. May God bless us all.
Have a great Friday readers!
Wassalam :)

8 bubblynotes :):

  1. wahhh.. tahniah!!
    mesti best

  2. wah! tahniah3x! *shake hands

    ngee =D

  3. heheee thank youuu semuaaa :D xx

  4. kalau sistem voting ni mesti orang popular yang akan menang, macam tak berapa adil kan. :/

    anyway congrats! :D

    1. Ahhaaa setuju2 :D That's why memang tak penah bermimpi nk dpt menang or even on the list if die gune sistem voting. Lagi suke if just gune judges, seriously. At least if tak dpt pun takdelaa terase keciwee sgt kan. Teehee. :3


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