Are We Prepared Yet?

Salam and hello lovelies.
I know, it's been a while since I didn't update any in here.
It's not that I didn't have anything to share, 
but it's just due to the lack of proper time to update
since yeah, it's Eid and everything, so, u know.
Drafting and scheduling? hehe my bad I didn't prepared earlier.

Okay, nuff intro babbling.
Actually, I feel like wanna share something that I've felt.
Something that I saw and followed. I mean the news.
Well guess everyone knows, it's about the Egypt.
Yes everyone knows.
but does everyone cares?
Does everyone truly see it and feel it?
Nowadays, I often felt like some kind of guilt
whenever that I'm happy.
cause our brothers and sisters all over the world 
(Egypt, Syria, Gaza etc)
been slaughtered, been indiscriminately and ruthlessly killed.
Yet I couldn't do anything except for the least thing to do,
which to pray for them and try to draw awareness about them.

It's such a big disappointment and idk what to say, 
when some people manipulated the things that happened. 
They easily talked nonsense and bring other people's effort who cared
down, like they didn't even see what is going on out there.
Can u imagine that there are some people saying that doing the prayer etc 
that shows how we against the ruthless killing etc are wrong?
All the mujaheedin that fight back and bravely looking
forward for the precious Jihad are the terrorist?
Allahu.. and yes most of them were Muslims too!

What is the real meaning of this so called 'peace' when truth is
we're totally corrupted to the max?
Yes, they (Mr.One Eye's army) were succeed.
But no worries, believe in the words of Allah.
Islam will rise again. 
No matter how was their 'preparation',
Islam will rise and lead in the end of the day.
But meanwhile, are we prepared yet?

Reflect, reflect and reflect.
Be prepared, together we tried our best.
The day will come.
Be prepared.
InsyaAllah, aamiinn.

** here's our least weapon, but also the stronger as well.
     Meet Qunut Nazilah. Besides our prayer, this one is the best too
     and the least that we could do too in order to help.
     recite this every night and day. insyaAllah.

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