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Salam and olla lovelies :)
I've just run through the mail and the news,
and that is the hottest search that I've found on Yahoo sites.
Okay here's the story :

An archeologist in Turkey believes that she has uncovered a piece of the ancient 
relic but experts are skeptical about the claim.
They digging in the ruins of church near the Black Sea found a piece what they say 
might have been part of Jesus's famous cross.
The relic was discovered at the seventh-century Balatlar Church, in Sinop, Turkey, 
inside a stone chest. Here's the image of the archeologist and the stone :

"We have found a holy thing in a chest," said lead archaeologist Professor Gülgün Köroğlu.
"It is a piece of a cross."
"This stone chest is very important to us," said Köroğlu, who is an art historian and archeologist at Turkey's Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. "It has a history and is 
the most important artifact we have unearthed so far."

The project has unearthed more than 1,000 skeletons and the chest in question 
has been taken to a lab for study.
The Sinop discovery is hardly the first alleged piece of the cross on which Jesus 
was crucified, and many churches claim to have discovered a piece of the "true cross." According to legend, St. Helena found the cross in Jerusalem and distributed the pieces to churches in Jerusalem, Rome and Constantinople (now Istanbul).

Well, The lab tests may be able to link the cross to Jesus crucifixion but experts warn 
that religious believes should not hold their breath. 
The main criticism against the claim is that Jesus cross has been found before. 
Several times. John Calvin, a famed theologian from the 16th century, once said that 
if all of the pieces that reportedly came from Jesus’ cross were brought together there 
would be enough material to fill a ship. And that was in the 16th century. 
The Christian Post has another reason to be skeptical of the claim. The CP reports that 
St. Helen, the mother of Emperor Constantine, claimed to have the cross of Jesus 
sometime between 306-307 AD. She reportedly split the cross into pieces and sent it to church leaders in Rome, Jerusalem and Constantinople. St. Cyril of Jerusalem, a 
4th century theologian, claimed that St. Helen sent out so many pieces that the 
entire world “had been filed with with pieces of the wood of the cross.”
They had featured a video altogether but unfortunately the video
was been restricted or removed idk why.

Well, as for me, I think it's just a piece from the old church itself since they were
digging in there. But well, truth is, as for Muslim, we believes that it's not Jesus
who had been crucified cz he had been replaced with someone else while 
they wanna crucified him.
Not literally replaced but it's that they've got the wrong person who they think
it was Jesus while actually only God knows where Jesus was really.
Just check up on our Quran. - Q 4 : 157, the verses bout Jesus wasn't been crossed
nor crucified, which they've got the wrong person.
Q 4 : 157 - 159, the moment bout Jesus & the crossing thingy. 
The Nasranian said that they have got Jesus but actually they got a man
called Yahuza who'd just look alike Jesus and Jesus was nowhere to find cz
God had saved him. When the time is come, Jesus will come down to this earth
and tell us all the truth and altogether with Imam Mahdi and all, well,
that's about the end of the day, the eye and all, u know, another story. :)

Oookay, just wanna share this news thingy with u guys.
Since then, have a great Saturday dear readers.
Wassalam and take care :)

**news source from Yahoo, this and this. Edited by me. :)

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