The Incident & The Huge Something

It's like somewhere out of the blue.
It may feels & seems like nothing,
but it just get me something.
Huge, actually.

It started with this one little incident;

A few nights ago, while my hubby was alone in the living room
played the games in his laptop, all of a sudden 
the Al- Insyirah (Quran,verse 94) popped-up & played,
even though he didn't have any of the verses in it.
Shocked, of course.
Later when I've awoke, he told me about the incident.

He said, maybe the great is yet to come.
Yeah hopefully soon, I've prayed for that too,
but I'm more likely to take it as a reminder.
A little friendly reminder / motivation for myself.
Thus I think it would be great to share it.

Okay maybe some of u didn't get it, right..
Here's the thing:
The Al-Insyirah was about the hardship and ease.
The great thing, after every burden and everything.
Subhanallah, lovelies. If only u could imagined how I felt.
How meaningful this is. I mean, yes, I'd rather took it as a 
reminder, a great daily wisdom, which I might had been overlooked 
upon it. Dear readers, let's just go thoroughly this verses shall we?

In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

1) "Have we not expanded for u your chest (ya Muhammad)?"
2) "And we removed u from your burden"
3) "Which weighed u down your back"
4) "And we exalted for u your reputation"
5) "Then surely with hardship comes ease"
6) "Surely, with hardship comes ease"
7) "So when u've finished (with your tasks), still strive hard, (then toil),"
8) "And to your Lord turn (all) your attention."

Subhanallah, lovelies. Seriously.
It's like cried on someone's shoulder, then he/she
rubbed our back & calm us down.
It's like u're having a great day, then u've watched or
listened to a great talk, and felt like motivated much 
and happier indeed.
It's such a great reminder, really.
It tells us not to grumble nor grieve for any sorrow / hardships,
but to be patience, be strong, and most importantly is to BELIEVE,
that every hardship, every trouble, every test, there WILL BE an ease,
dalliance, even much blessings and everything that lies behind it / next to it.
That is the type of person that we should be - to believe, and to have the faith in Him.
Everything happened for a reason. Excelsior, believe,and have faith.
Allah is the Greatest Planner of all, and unto Him we shall rely and asks.

So dear lovelies, wrap up your heart with comfort and peace.
Feels the love within.
Enlightened your life.
Laa Tahzan, Surely Allah is with us. :)

Yeah maybe it's easier said than done, but trust me,
take your time, and listen, nor u could perhaps just say some.

"Verily, Only in the remembrance of Allah will your heart find peace"..
(Quran 13:28)

May we'll always do, InsyaAllah, aamiinn.. :)


5 bubblynotes :):

  1. wonderfull word..masha allah...dear please view this..byw thanks..i already sent mst to u at google.please check it darl..

  2. tazkirah jumaat.. terima kasih


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