P to the A to the S and T

Obviously there's a lot to tell.
Literally, it was huge. A huge thing that had happened in your life.
It could be the thing that made us today, or the thing that triggered us
to be how we are today. Or maybe, it's the thing that still live with us today.
It's your choices, though. Yeah, your Choice. Maybe u could say, 
"U didn't know a thing dude"  or  
"Yeap, talk's easy man"
Whatever the condition or situation is, still, like it or not,
it's your choices somehow.
Sometimes, we may be used to it until we didn't realized that we're already
make it as our choice.
Sometimes, we're just paranoid much till it came out as a habit that we 
think we couldn't change, as in other terms, still, it's our choice.
Well, there's lots more, and when u look at it closer, u'd find the relation of
the situation and the choices that I'm talking about.

Well, okay, I'm not telling u that u could forget your past.
Normally, if it's sucks, even how hard u tried to forget it, u just couldn't. Right?
Past is such a stickiest memory ever hold on in your brain, especially
the filthy nor worst one. But, buckle up lovelies, because the best choice is,
to live with your life today and think about your present / future.
Everything that happened in the past should became a history, and memory.
Embrace the time & opportunity that u have now. Start the brand new u.
Create a brand new history for your future.

Yeah I'm aware that some people might have some serious kind of thought
about "what if....."
Dear people, if only the 'what if ' is something for the future, I mean like "what 
if I make out a plan for this semester so that I'll be great and successful"
then Yes that's alright, waaaayyyy righteous thoughts than this kind of 'what if'
which is "what if I could turn back time and...."
Be careful there lovelies. Careful enough.
Yeah, even though  I guess we all did thought bout it, either u 'have', u 'does',
u 'used to', or maybe 'yeah just once though' or 'seriously just a glimpse once'
of course, sometimes it's just pop out, right? But like I said earlier, be careful.
The more manageable u are of that kind of thoughts, the faster u'd get away
from it, up until u wouldn't think about it anymore. Seriously u can.
It's not just about the think healthy thingy, but it'll dragged u more
negativity than else. Ok first of all, it's waaayyyy not going to happen, except
when u have His words of course. Then secondly, it's the past dear, it's
already happened. Is it good to still stuck in something that had happened?
U do have another choice. Seriously u does and u can live on with your current life.
No matter how bad, how worst, or how filthy your past was, it's already happened
and it's totally something that u need to leave behind. Just grab the lessons
that u've learned from it, have some faith,pull yourself together and walk, straight.
Reflect, repentance, motivate yourself to change bit by bit.
Embrace the opportunity of time that had been given to u. Excelsior in mind.
Every clouds has it silver lining. Everything happened for a reason. Trust me, it does.
I didn't just simply featured some popular wisdom or motivation quotes here
but it's just truly comes from me. From what did I've learned, watched, experienced, etc.
Life lessons and what I've listened and everything. I know, there's plenty that u could
say to me now, either to disagree or agreed, or more excuses, anything. It's okay.
One thing : There are always someone out there whose facing a lot more worst thing
than u do, or did (as it's the past) . And it's true. Try this : 
When u think u're facing / experiencing the worst, widen your vision, love.
Look around. Or just take a look at this :
Tell me, how hard/worst  is your life or ahem, your past, again?

The most important is, how u are with your god.
Rely on Him, always seek upon Him, stay connected.
Then InsyaAllah u'll find the peace and the strongest strength to live and moved on.
Love, do u know how blessed u are? No matter what your past were,
past is past. U are what u are now, today, present, and the future ahead.
U still got the time. U're still breathing now. Look around.
Can u count how many blessings that u have around u?
Obviously, it's not worth it to let u yourself to stuck in the past.
YOU. Don't u think u're special? Don't u know u're loved?
Embrace yourself, enlighten your life's ahead. Always remember Him, and u'll
surprised of how many pleasures that u'll see / have.
Believes that He knows greater than u do. He always have the greatest love of all.

No matter how wrong, how worst, u should just let it be the 'used to be'
and be thankful of His love, His mercy, the goodness around u, and be the new u 
to lead your new day. 
In fact, this world and life isn't lasts forever, love.
Set your goal and let the past be free. :)

Take the guide, make the rest a memory, 
Lead the ride and unchained the melody 

**There are a lot to talk about when it comes to the past. As the past itself have variety
of things. Sorry if this notes isn't suit yourself enough, cz this is just a roughly go through.
Yet, may we get something beneficial from it. Feel free to include yours or if there's 
anything that u want me to point out here, just let me know. InsyaAllah I'll try my
best to share my thoughts etc to benefit us all. Believe in Him & yourself.
Have a great day ahead. 

Wassalam :)

2 bubblynotes :):

  1. gambar budak tu paling menyentuh hati.. begitu tabah mereka

    1. Kan..memang sgt2 sesuai untuk kite muhasabah diri dgn tgk gmbr tu.


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