"Everyone's But Me."

Sometimes u might felt left out.
Too small and too tiny.
Too nothing for everything.
While watching or facing with the facts 
and activities of the peoples around u,
sometimes u ran out of strength 
or motivation to gathered your own 
silver lining.
Then tend to comparing your life with them,
thinking of this and that, etc.
till everything went wrong.
Wait, seriously u wanna do that?

Come closer lovelies.
Come on nearer u special people..
I know how hard it is sometimes to fight
in your own battle.
Yes, it's your own.
Cause if u look back and think calmly,
there are nothing to be compare to.

Do u forget that u have Him?
He's the greatest planner of all.
Just choose faith over worry.
Choose grateful over anything else.
Whenever u feels bad, or down exactly,
That's the time that He misses u.
That's the time that u should change
the edge of your perspective.
And sometimes, that's the time that
the truth will be reveal too!

U feels like u're nothing, but truth is,
u do have the things that others didn't.
U feels like u have nothing, but truth is,
u do have things that others don't.
And don't forget all those blessing from Him
that u wouldn't ever could count on..
rather than others, u're always the luckier person.
Yeah even again, action speaks louder than words.
But trust me, u do wanna digest all of these words.
U do need them, really.
Not just it's for the comforting's sake,
but it's the truth, like literally.
U will see them, only when
u're allowing yourself to. :)

P/S : "What is it that u seek? 
Do u seek what is transitory? 
Or everlasting?" - IslamicThinking :')

~have a great night~

wassalam. :)


25 bubblynotes :):

  1. Allah sentiasa ada bersama kita ^_^

  2. Assalamualaikum.

    Well said qeela..

    I do believe..setiap kita, ada benda/ada uniknya yang takda pada org lain.

    Cuma, kita je tak mengenali kelebihan diri sendiri ^_^

    1. W'slm, yup dear, I'm agreed :) Biasalah manusia biasa, kdg2 terlebih pndg pd org lain smpai xnmpk diri sendiri kt mana..selalu jugk tgk 'kite nk jd dia, dia nk jd kite' ni..huhu.. :)

  3. It's like a poem behind the story or story behind the poem. Anyway, it's true deed. we'll go no where if it's too much comparing. After all, says alhamdulillah is the best as we are still alive till now.

    1. hehe yes indeed, we could say it's both ways :) and yup of course it is, it's just sometimes human couldn't control themselves. That's why I came up with this sorta poem-story thingy with the intention to make them feels good with themselves and their own life. Sometimes those kinda hearts do need some comforting / motivation so that if god's will they'll be fine & not onto worst. insyaAllah aamiinn. Oh while for the rest, can this be such a reminder to us? :)

  4. Allah swt sentiasa bersama kita. Semoga kita sentiasa dijalan yang benar.

  5. Have faith that we are not alone. Seek guidance if you feel lost of direction in life. I love you poem dear! Very meaningful.😍

  6. Kadang-kadang apa yang berlaku tidak seperti apa yang kita rancangkan sebab yang maha esa tu beri apa yang kita perlu bukan apa yang kita mintak. Tapi DIA tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita. Kadang2 kita tak sedar pun setiap sesuatu yang berlaku tu ada blessing in disguise.

  7. Normal..kita manusia biasa..harapkan yg terbaik utk kehidupan kita..jalan kita sememangnya kita yg tentukan tapi aturan allah tu adalah yg terbaik..same with me..dugaan demi dugaan after 13 tahun being single mom...in future x tau lagi apa yg akan datang..berserah dan mengadu dengan allah je

  8. Nasihat yang berguna untuk diri sendiri dan masyarakat kita tapi apa pun kita kena ingat Yang Maha Esa kerana segala ditentukan olehnya Qada dan Qadar.

  9. I agreed with you. Be grateful with everything that we have. Then we'll be more happy in our own life.

  10. Jika apa yang berlaku tak seperti yang dirancang ingatlah ada hikmah disebaliknya. Moga tabah dan kuat untuk jalani kehidupan mendatang

  11. Allah selalu ada dengan kita. Moga tabah dan selalu istikomah. Bila ia dah jadi macam tu mesti ada sebab mengapa dan kenapa. KIta yang berusaha memperbaikinya

  12. Satu peringatan dan nasihat yang berguna. Semoga kita sentiasa kuat dan tabah. Kena ingat satu perkara setiap apa yang berlaku dan terjadi kita kena percaya Allah itu sentiasa ada walau di mana kita berada.

  13. Terima kasih di atas kata-kata yg indah ini. Terkadang kita lupa utk bersyukur dgn nikmat yg kita ada. Kita sering nampak yg lain lebih tp xnmpk kelebihan yg kita ada. Allah is great n fair. Be always grateful and humble

  14. A good reminder untuk kita semua. Kena percaya ketentuan dari Allah. Selain itu jangan pernah berhenti berdoa dan berusaha

  15. We have to learn how to be grateful with what we have, God has created a path for everyone of us, it's the challenges that makes us stronger.

  16. Whatever things happened.. there is always reason in it. This the positive once and you will accept positively...

  17. Don't be sad. Something better is coming. Perasaan sedih selalu rasa. Life naik turun. Tetapi percayalah tak selamanya kita bersedih. Tuhan tak kejam biarkan kita. Ada hikmah di sebalik semua ni.

  18. Peringatan untuk kita semua dalam menempuh kehidupan di dunia ini. Apa yg kita lalui tidak selalunya indah, ada masa pasang dan ada masa surut. Terima seadanya dan bersyukur kita masih berada di sini

  19. Kehidupan memang banyak cabaran. Sama ada kita nak bagaimana itu yang mencorakkannya dengan berusaha dan sentiasa Mohon keberkatan dari Allah s.w.t Sebab kehidupan kita ni saling melengkapi. Perlu diketahui oleh ibu bapa apa yg kita ingin laksanakan. Agar mereka merestui. Perlu maklumkan Allah s.w.t supaya mendapat berkat. Jika sudah berkahwin, izin suami perlu di minta dan ditanya. Agar semuanya smooth dan ada pendapat lain kita boleh pertimbangkan. Indah kehidupan kita semua berlainan. Sentiasa bersyukur

  20. Betul. Kita selalu pening-pening urusan dunia, kadang people make you sedih and hampa. Tapi ingat, sebenanrnya tu mungkin peringatan dari atas untuk kita supaya jangan bergantung dengan manusia.

  21. indah bait2 kata tu. kadang kita sebagai manusia ni memang boleh rasa a bit lost dalam pada duk kejar urusan harian. Peringatan utk diri sendiri jugak bahawasanya semua benda pun berbaliklah kepada Dia.

  22. In sometimes, yes we may be alone. But look around, sometimes they are just people beside us that could be with us.


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