23 Countdown : Pampered & Surprised

Thank you sweetheart! :3

March 27, yes that was the date of the countdown.
But it all begin with the day before. As on that evening, my sister asked me to accompanied her
to the mall as she said she wanted to bought something more for the Pavlova making. 
Well, i'm just agreed as we're actually had planned about making the pavlova days before 26/3.
So, without any doubts, i just agreed. Then she said, "let's go to the cinema too, the epic movie had released u know". But i was like, ummm, idk, yeah cause i know that my hubby wouldn't be interested to joint us as he'd just came back home on that evening, so it wouldd be a nooooooo to go the cinema for the movie. Even if i knew he would be fine & just let me watched it with my sister, but yeah u know, it wouldn't be good that way..i'll just felt bad. so it's a no for the cinema & movies.
Still, i'm going to accompanied her for the Pavlova thingy shopping. So i went on to put on my clothes, changed my babby pumpkin Eva's clothes, then we're ready to go.
At first she said she wanna buy em at the Tesco, so, okay then, i just put up something reaaalllyyyyy simple and go. yeah cause obviously it will just take a while, not longer,.
but then, while we're on our way to the mall, she said she was starving, and maybe we could stop and had our dinner first before we're headed to the soooo Tesco. 
Again without any doubt and because of i was starving as well, i just agreed to dine first.
She brought me to The Windmill, where we've agreed to have western for dinner as she knew i had much TomYam before so of course i'd choose western for dinner.
When we entered, still, there's nothing fishy, but then when we're just entered the another inside corner of the restaurant, they just got me! They were all of my family members, already sat there waiting for us :D 
They're totally got me! i've never thought any of that could happened :)
So, the excitedness begun. As usual, we've ordered foods  drinks, bleh bleh bleh, then my hubby surprisedly came with the gifts & my baby camera, oh of course i was really happy with them! i felt so pampered yet totally surprised! So when the food was served, we ate, talk, laugh, bleh bleh bleh,
 then here comes the next surprise, my birthday cake!
Oh god it was my favourite, Red Velvet with cream cheese :D
All the way by my sister's friend, oh i love the ones from her, it's awesomely yummy!
I've never thought that i would got this cake on this day or until Eva's birthday next April.
Cause yeah at first we've planned that this RV cake will be the cake for Eva's birthday,
as my hubby said it'll be a joint celebration for me & Eva, which our birthday were nearer to each other,
i'm 27/3 while my pumpkin Eva on 5/4. So my hubby planned this year will be a join celebration.
But well, guess it's not anymore :) Heheheeeeee :3

gifts from my hubby :) thanks dear for this lovely watch & card! :3

i thought we're just finished with the dinner treats, but there're many more!
Oh god only u knew how surprised i was & how joyful & grateful 
god just everywonderthings i felt on that moment! :)
So they're sang me happy birthday , and brought me gifts, awesome gifts ahead :3
after those bubbly moments and we're finished our food and everything, it's time to went home.
but firstly of course we've been vainedly again for some crazy fun shots outside of the restaurant.
Then, we're happily find way home... :)
Dear god, thanks for the lovely & thoughtful yet surprisedly wonderful evening. 
Family, u guys really are my everything.
I love u guys from the bottom of my heart.
U guys had always made me felt damn special & needed.
Thanks a lot for the lovely, awesome, thoughtful, wonderful, bubbly night!
Alhamdulillah :)


**here's some of the pictures from that night. Beautiful moment captured! Enjoyyyy :)

It's us! except for our big sis :(
mommy's daughterssss :3

the main yummy-full-tummy course :3
my awesome sister :)

dear mamita & daddy with my sugarbug, Eva :)
Smells good gift. Thanks sis! :3

Another gift from mommy & lil sis. Thanks xxx :3
Last but not least, the legendary fav cake of mine! :3

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