Walk people, walk!


Some enjoy it, some aren't so.
Well, I guess this definitely fit that everything happens for a reason :)
Walking isn't can be just an exercise, simple exercise that we can do,
but it's also beneficial, way more than the exercise-greatness instead.
Okay, according to this info,
the organ of our body have their sensory of touches at the bottom of our foot.
If we massage these points, we will find relief from aches and pain.
It's indeed correct since the nerves connected to those organs terminate here.
This is covered in details in Acupressure studies, etc.
Furthermore, we do feels great when someone massage our feet, body, etc, isn't it :)
Now maybe we could stop wondering or complaining why we didn't have
the nearer parking, why we had to take a bus and run more blocks before we're finally there,
why we're always have to walk, bleh bleh bleh.
I used to reminds myself that it must be something great behind everything that happens.
When it comes to walking, i always think like, "it's ok, it can slimmed me down a lil bit"
"it's ok, I can keep on being such energetic", bleh bleh bleh.
When it's getting harder, just inhale deeply then calmly exhale,
and u'll be fine.
It's just a lil walking, though.

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