Friendship : The Movie & The Thoughts - inspired by Bridesmaid

Last night i've watched a movie entitled Bridesmaid. It is a great, fun movie,
somehow, it made me thoughts of few things.
Well, by watching it, it gave us some issue or few things that pop up which we might neglected nor never thoughts of them in our life, or maybe it's just not that boldly pop out while we're in our reality.
um, before i begin with these thoughts, guess i should go with the storyline first,
in case u didn't watch it yet right...
ok then, here it goes. :

Lilian & Annie were bestfriend, way from their childhood up till present
that they've reached 30's and unmarried.
One day, Lilian's boyfriend proposed her,
So she had stick in her mind that Annie is her maid of honor.
They're excitingly wanna plan & face through everything as Annie is happy & excited for her too.
Annie, though, didn't have any steady boyfriend, yet a dickhead jackass guy who were just using her
and taking her for granted. But still, she just stay & stick around with no choice.

On Lilian's Engagement party, Lilian introduces Annie to some of her fiancee's relatives
and also to her new bff Helen. At first, Annie & Helen were just going on fine,
they didn't felt any competitive or whatever bad feelings towards each other
but then when it's come to the speech giving moment, there goes the excitement.
It's started with a competitive speeches from them until the crowds feels awkward
with their behaviour that time. It is seems awkward.
Then, they're always trying to fight each other on each every angle
for who's the best bff for Lilian, trying to show off who can handle the best
for Lilian's wedding, everything, from the dining, dress, wedding theme,
invitation's way, bachelorette party ideas, etc.
It came up with dirty plays, emotions, etc, until it's ruined their friendship.
It became worst because Helen the new bff make it dirty with stealing Annie's
ideas about everything, make Annie looks miserable to Lilian and then win up & take in
charge for everything until Annie blow up badly at Lilian's bachelorette party,
until Annie and Lilian's bff-ship broke too.
So, okay, the rest i think u should watch it yourself,
 as u'll not regret it, i promise u, hehe.
It is a great, fun & cute story :)

Okay the point is, i mean,
the first thought is, actually Annie did mention,
"Do bestfriend will lasts forever? Forever, really?"
Yeah obviously it's when she had those kinda 'heartbreaks' on those incidents.
Then, "people's change" or "people can change but their heart would stay at something,etc,"
bleh bleh bleh something like that, umm yeah u know what i mean.
Yeah obviously it is about friendship, boldly, bff-ship.
such a big thing,.mm many thoughts can pop out from it
based on what situation u're in to, right? some may say experiences, etc. too.

Some bff stays even if they have their separate life, some may not.
Some bff will change when they have meet such new bff or having more time
with them, and it'll come up with few situation :
either they ( with the old bff ) still stay great,
they'll stay good but not that much bff anymore,
they'll far apart distantly with baby steps,
they'll just disappear
or maybe just anything else.

As for the competitive feellings towards the new and the old bff, do u think it's exist?
Yeah some will, some may not. or sometimes, it does, a little bit,
but u just acted like u're fine and didn't wanna follow it much. i guess.
Well, as for Helen, yeah, it's kinda a lil bitch to did those, but um,
Annie too, shouldn't blow up badly that way either.
Maybe they can be good friends / even bestfriend too,
or just settling it right, for Lilian, right?
but yeah of course mostly it wouldn't happened.
Mostly, the new one & the old one would just be fine,
fine but the new one winning more over
or whatsoever that a lot could be happened.

Hence, the best ending is when they all three going up great, cooping each other, right?
Well, the most greatest friendship or bff-ship ever is when u had reach true one,
where even if u're not spending time as much as u used to before, or rarely meet
or talk anymore but the hearts still felt the same & stronger, saying that the person is our bff,
and never lost, still caring etc for each other, well, that's the greatest of all.
No matter how many friends had changed, come and go, in our life,
no matter how far, the true one will always stay. Physically, and in our heart.

If u have someone who were like that, even one,
then u're lucky.
U really are.
Cheerish your life & your bff-ship! :)

Have a happy Friday and thanks for those who'd spare some time to read :)

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