A Song & A Poem

While i'm looking for a notebook, i've found a poem (maybe we can call it a poem) that i wrote way back when i'm pregnant,
around 7months of pregnancy if i'm not mistaken.
Yeah of course i do remember bout that poem.
i still kept it the way i first sketch it.
And i still remember that moment. :)
It's beautiful. (i mean the pregnancy)
Hence, this poem was thoroughly cames deeply from my heart. :')
Well, here it is, the poem.
Sorry for the writing though. i know it's baaaddddd  (^^!) 

" My little sunshine
  i can't tell how much i love u
  but i'll make and risks anything, everything,
  just for u.
 My honey sweet pea
 u always bring me back my smile
 even just by looking and holding your things
 u always hold up my tears
 and clean up my heart
 as like your hands were there on my face,
wiping my tears out
 and as like u're holding me tight,
fixing my broken heart.
My dear love
even without u around me yet
your strong presence had cured my lonely heart
u knew how to cheered me up
even within the inside
i love it when u moving around
i love it when u blub me and tickles me inside
and it's cute when u bump up and waving from the inside,
play around with my hands.
Oh my dear baby
i risk my life to have u
and every seconds i count
just can't wait to be with u
yes u
my life, my beloved, special miracle gift of my life. " - 1213, 11032012 :) 
Well. yeah it's not a good poem, but that's how i felt bout her, a lil. :) Pregnancy are beautiful, delivering, having babies, all those stuff, it's wonderful. miracle. it's more than an amazing gift dear friends. :')
Having her in my life, somehow i really felt connected to a song, probably u remember this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjnmICxvoVY [ I Knew I Loved U by Savage Garden ]
I used to think, what are this songs really says, really meant, when i'm a little. I used to think that
maybe it's about a couple who weren't never met, but they just felt the same, felt that they're meant for 
each other before they met. true love, probably. But then, when i grow up, it added up to maybe i can relate it on the love to our prophet, as yeah we never met him but we do feels the love strongly deep within. or maybe to our god. right? :) And then, when i'm in a mom phase, now it's really connected, the lyrics, it's just matched up with how i feels :) Especially the " i knew i loved u before i met u" . It really does! :)
Well, that's it then. It's just too beautiful :)
It wouldn't hurt if i shared some, right? Have a happy day dear all :)
I love my life & my family! Alhamdulillah :3

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