Contest Precious Prince and Princess

Salam :) hehe here's a contest by blogger Fira.

nak join? meh sini :) 

Disebbkn sy blogger yg random which akn post anything yg informative, awesome stories and 
mcm2 lg, so any contest and giveaway pon akn sy join jugk and update jugk biasenye.
Insyaallah nnt sy pulak akn buat ga sndr kn, but for now maybe bny join org pny jela
dlu kot. hehe. 

okaylah, sape2 nk join boleh click kt ats tu ye kt banner.

have a nice day! :)

2 bubblynotes :):

  1. Replies
    1. oh hehe okay here it is :

      1st: Tribal Shirt for Boy. Tribal Shawl for Girl.
      2nd: Superman Shirt for Boy. Superman Long Necklace for Girl.
      3rd: Top-Up RM 10 for celcom/maxis/digi user only.
      Consolation prize (for 3 people): Top-up RM5 for celcom/maxis/digi user only.


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