May 17, 2013

Into Deep.

Sometimes, all you need is love.
Sometimes, all you need is attention
What makes you feel secure?
What makes you  feel strong?

We're all weak. Fragile.
Sometimes, empty.
But the heart and soul will live,
according to what you feed them really.

The righteous presence will arise,
Just do not forget the rhythm.
Hold on to the book of love
Just not seldom.
Feed them right 
And you'll be allright.

Get right in track
May you not lose the steps
Do cleanses your heart and check
Get down to your knees
Take special care
May the stains will vanish
Disappeared and away.

Feels the love
Catch the attention
It's invisible
Yet you can see
And be thankful.
Remember that you're just never be lonely. 


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