It's Just Importantly Various. Do Take Note.

Salam readers.

Today all of sudden I'm feeling various.
Sad, shocked, confused (at first) , wonder, everything.

It's all about the vaccine.
When u're a mom, or even u're the baby,
I just couldn't imagine dirty ingredients/substances being injected into my body / my 
dearest little pumpkin's body.
I even felt betrayed.

Ok here's why.

do u know what's exactly inside the vaccine?
Do u ever being asked of ever u wanna proceed the vaccine injection / jab
to your loved ones?
Do u know that u have the RIGHT to choose?
Do u know that u have the right to know everything about the procedure, substances, and side effects of the jab?

Here in Malaysia, we (mom/parents) had this kind of setting in our minds that
we couldn't argue about those things.
we always trusts them that the substance are clean and good for our love's sake.
we always HAVE TO FOLLOWED the procedure.
obviously we have to agreed, or else they will mad / nag / etc
or even worst, they just already injected our loved ones before we knew it.

Here's the totally WHY. click the link below:
1. it's all about the vaccine (read all those links and comments for best understanding)
2. side effects education
This picture below is the real records that she get from her friend who works at a clinic.

Vaksin MMR - Measles, Mumps dan Rubella.
Antara kandungannya adalah sel MRC-5, WISTAR-RA 27/3.
Apa itu sel MRC-5?
Ia adalah sel janin (fetus) yang digugurkan pada tahun 1960.

Apa itu sel WISTAR-RA 27/3?
Ia adalah virus rubella yang diekstrak dari janin yang digugurkan.

Untuk membiakkan virus untuk vaksin ini, pembuat vaksin perlu mendapatkan sel dari fetus yang sihat, bukan dari fetus yang keguguran. Maknanya fetus itu perlu digugurkan dan kaedah untuk mendapatkan sel yang sihat ini adalah dengan mencari para wanita yang sanggup melakukan proses pengguguran secara sukarela. Mereka kemudiannya mendapat saguhati.

Turunan sel fetus MRC-5 – diambil dari tisu-tisu dalam paru-paru fetus bayi lelaki berusia 14 minggu.

Turunan sel fetus WI-26 VA4 – diambil dari paru-paru fetus bayi lelaki.

Turunan sel HEK 293 – diambil dari buah pinggang satu fetus. Sebelum dapat membina turunan sel yang seterusnya, sel di ambil dari 293 fetus. (*Pembetulan. Pencerahan dari Puan Ummu Hijrah - Eksperimen tersebut memang eksperimen ke-293, tapi tidak bermaksud seramai 293 orang fetus telah dijadikan sumber/dikorbankan. Kerana sel induk satu tapi telah dikembang biak melalui pelbagai kaedah dan akhirnya dianggap berjaya dalam eksperimen nombor 293.)

Turunan sel PER C6 – diambil dari buah pinggang fetus bayi berusia 18 minggu.
Those caption above were just some of the info. Do read more from the link that I've featured in this post.

Well, speechless right?
U should know and those who already did, great. try to spread it as I guess there are still
others out there who didn't know about this.

Research, asks, anything, for our loved ones. And educate ourselves that whatever they provide aren't always the best for us and we have the right to choose yet say NO.
The best is, just follow the guidance from our deen. Islam is the best way of life.
Take some time to reflect ourselves.
Seek for His guidance.

May this entry be beneficial to all of you.

p/s : thanks bro mr.iqhwan  for the information.

Wassalam :')

2 bubblynotes :):

  1. Thanks for sharing, walaupun belajar dlm bdg phamacy, sy x prnh plak dgr all sorts of these ingredients, nmpk nya kena lebih hati2 lps nie, plus, sy bru jer amik HPV injection, and dont know whats the igredients, ttbe risau pulak..

    Btw, nice to see your blog, i'm just started in blogging, please visit mine too. :)

    1. No biggie dear :) i pun bru tau, then check dgn my sis, she said yg die tau dlm vaccine unt cairkn drh kt hospital die ade kndungn piggie..but vaccine unt baby die xbrape tau cz it's not her department. mm since u're in pharmacy maybe u boleh dig in kot for the list of ingredients kn?if berkesempatan laa.
      anyways, best of luck :)


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